Webb, Iowa, March 27 (Special to the News-Herald). Webb will have the youngest mayor in Iowa, it is believed, when Howard G. McMullen takes office here. Young McMullen, who was 21 years of age about three weeks ago, defeated B.G. Spiess for mayor in the election here yesterday, 57 notes to 32. Spiess is about twice the age of the winner. The mayor-elect is a son of Mr. and Mrs. D.A. McMullen, a prominent family here, and he attended the Webb schools. He has been active in DeMolay circles here and is now clerking in the Munson general store. The elder Mr. McMullen has been prominent in town affairs at Webb for years, having served both as mayor and as alderman.

Source:  Spencer News Herald, Spencer, Clay County, Iowa; Marcy 29, 1928.

Spring 1922 Election Results
Town Results

Dickens Royal
Mayor: C.E. Newton Mayor: W.G. Anderson
Council: C.B. Bailey Council: J.O. Jones
Council: Lee Moore Council: A.C. Hjelm
Council: W.C. Crane Council: James Morgan
Council: Z.C. Platt Council: Harold Jensen
Council: O.R. Henderson Council: H.P. Hendrickson
Treasurer: Elmed R. Flint Treasurer: R.A. Miller
Assessor: Horace Drake Assessor: Z.T. Holdren
Everly Peterson
Mayor: Jacob Wunn Mayor: J.F. Fastenow
Council: George Ewoldt Council: Chas. Stipp
Council: Frank N. Wood Council: Joe Sawyer
Council: Charles Scharnberg Council: S.W. Tillinghast
Council: Otto Thiel Council: S.H. Wareham
Council: R.J. Wegner Council: A.H. Tigges
Treasurer: E.H. Breitsprecher Treasurer: G.F. Tumler
Assessor: H.F. Moeller Assessor: Clyde Kirchner
Fostoria Spencer
Mayor: E.E. Blecker Mayor: J.E. Knudson
Council: F.P. Riley Councilman at Large: P.J. Cilley
Council: J.J. Allen Councilman at Large: W.Z. Long
Council: George Huisman Councilman 1st Ward: L.H. Foster
Council: W.C. Noehren Councilman 2nd Ward: R. Buchan
Council: L.H. Bleeker Councilman 3rd Ward: Olaf Hofstad
Treasurer: Harry Munson Treasurer: E. Taggart
Assessor: F.H. Ashburn Assessor: W.C. Titus
Park Commissioner: W.S. Bemis
Greenville Webb
Mayor: W.J. Skewis Mayor: E.A. Howe
Council: Dr. C.C. Winter Council: B.G. Spiess
Council: F.A. Olson Council: A.E. Birdsall
Council: Jas. Alexander Council: W.P. Ney
Council: R.K. David Council: J.W. Murray
Council: H.L. Collins Council: W.L. Binkhard
Treasurer: C.C. Chute Clerk: D.P. Floren
Assessor: Wm. Lundt Treasurer: E.H. McMullen
Assessor: F.W. Hadley

Spencer City Elections Results, April 1926

Mayor: A.H. Avery
Alderman, 1st Ward: E.M. Culbertson
Alderman, 2nd Ward: J.C. O'Brien
Alderman, 3rd Ward: O.R. Kenyon
Alderman, 4th Ward: R.O. Shumaker
Alderman at Large: G.R. Spletter, J.C. Glenson
City Treasurer: E. Taggert
City Assessor: W.C. Titus
Park Commissioner: Wm. P. Woodcock

Spencer City Elections Results, April 1928

Mayor: Eugene E. Bender
Alderman, 1st Ward: E.M. Culbertson
Alderman, 2nd Ward: W.N. Bowman
Alderman, 3rd Ward: N.A. Funk
Alderman, 4th Ward: R.O. Shumaker
Alderman at Large: Geo. W. Moeller, R.S. Brown
City Treasurer: E.Taggert
City Assessor: Jens Thompson
Park Commissioner: W.S. Bemin

Greenville Elections Results, April 1928

Mayor: W.J. Skewis
Council: R.K. David
Council: C.C. Winter
Council: Carl Browman
Council: C.H. Peterson
Council: J.J. Welle
City Treasurer: Wm. Lawson
Assessor: Harley Alexander

Spring 1930 Election Results

Dickens Royal
Mayor: C.E. Newton Mayor: J.O. Jones
Council: O.W. Derry Council: John Veerberick
Council: T.J. Hurt Council: R.A. Miller
Council: L.H. Knight Council: J.F. French
Council: Z.C. Platt Council: G.W. Adams
Council: S.D. Frad (tied) Council: Z.J. Santage
Council: Chas. Good (tied) Treasurer: W.M. Bailey
Treasurer: L.A. Carter Assessor: Z.T. Holdren
Assessor: Ralph Jones
Everly Peterson
Mayor: D.C. Boles Mayor: E. McMillan
Council: P.H. Thiessen Council: J.H. Holck
Council: H.P. Frydenburg Council: J.E. Allison
Council: R.J. Schoelerman Council: John Baier
Council: George Swanson Council: J.M. Grapenthin
Council: William Moermond Council: H.G. Morrison
Treasurer: E.H. Breitsprecher Treasurer: G.F. Tumler
Assessor: J. Smith Assessor: R.B. Anderson
Fostoria Spencer
Mayor: F.P. Riley Mayor: W.H. Lewis
Council: J.W. Eggers Council: N.A Funk
Council: George Huisman Council: R.S. Brown
Council: J.H. Barton Council: G.R. Spletter
Council: J.J. Allen Council: E.M. Culbertson
Council: J.W. Belles Council: Clifford Bowman
Treasurer: L.H. Bleeker Council: L.R. Mason
Assessor: C.E. Johnson Treasurer: E. Taggart
Assessor: Jens Thompson
Parks Commissioner: Jens Thompson
Greenville Webb
Mayor: Carl Browman Mayor: A.B. Wessman
Council: J.J. Weile Council: Osmond Anderson (tied)
Council: Wm. Vansycle Council: J. Williams (tied)
Council: Carl Peterson Council: J.H. Stewart
Council: R.K. David Council: A.E. Birdsall
Council: R.A. Lundt Council: Dr. E.A. Rust
Treasurer: Wm. Lawson Council: H.C. Bittenger
Assessor: Harley Alexander Treasurer: D. Addington
Assessor: Harry Stowe
Mayor: C.R. Cate
Council: T.W. Messenger
Council: A.G. Anderson
Council: Chas. Wild
Council: W.H. Holiday
Council: E.G. Mortenson
Treasurer: E.A. Mathisen
Assessor: Mrs. Ora Black