Veterans of Foreign Wars
of the
United States

By authority of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States:
Be it known that comrades:

William S. Baird
Joseph W. Cain
Hans R. Clausen
Ralph E. Creger
James E. Critzer
Ralph Cutshall
Miller Dahkgaard
Harvey M. Eccles
Paul Eninger
Luther H, Foster
Lee Clare Hagerty
Christian Hansen
Raymond Henrikson
Harley M. Jones
Edward Morrow
Merrill Moulton
W.A. Olmsted
Stanley M. Pearson
William L. Richards
James C. Rousseau
Charles P. Rubel
J. Chris Sorenson
William J. Schmitz
Earl L. Shaw
Arthur B. Taylor
Charles W. Tyson
Lewis A. Vanderhoff
Ashford D. Williamson
Lawrence E. Wright
Frank E. Wenig
Roy Young
Vernon Wade

Having served humbly in the Army Navy or Marine Corps of the United States of America in foreign wars of the United States of America, are hereby authorized to organize and are constituted to a post in the city of Spencer in the state of Iowa to be known as Clay County Post No. 3159, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. In witness whereof, we have hereto have set our hands and the official seal of the association this 7th Day of November 1934


1934 William S. Baird
1935 L.H.Foster
1936-37 James Rousseau
1938 Charles Tyson
1939-40 Paul Enninger
1941-1951 B.D. Wischmeyer
1942 W.A. Harris
1943-44 Kenneth R. Rowley
1945 Gustav A.Hinterberg
1946-1961 Ross Dean
1947 Marshall M. Myers
1948 Darrel Hein
1949 A.G. Kirkwood
1950 Robert G. Clark
1952-53 Fred Stoll
1954-55 Gerald W. Dean
1956 Gordon Wilson
1957-58 Percy E. Montgomery
1959 Roy R. Nielson
1960 Robert Zweifel
1962 Robert Drake
1963-64 Virgil Naber
1965-66 1971 Milton B. Geidl
1967-68 Alex H. Paul
1969-70 Orv Jobe
1972-75 1989 Ivan Eninger
1976-81 Robert F. Yungbluth
1982-83 Robert Youde
1984-1986 Wayne Ginger
1987-88 Gerald W. Dean
1990-91 Frank Weier
1992-93 Keith Grover
1994 LeRoy E. Spears
1995-96 2000-01 2005-06 Lee L. Shatto
1997 Bob Franker
1998-99 Sam Straub
2002-03 Larry Winther
2004-05 Martin Foote
2006-11 Ronald J. Darnell
2011-13 Terry Heinrichs

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From and Used with permission of VFW No. 3159, Spencer, Iowa.