A special meeting for the purpose of organizing a woman's auxiliary was called by the Dickens Post No. 194 on the 30th of March, 1922. With the help of the American Legion and of Mrs. Cory and Mrs. Pitcher of the Spencer Auxiliary, our auxiliary was organized with membership of sixteen and the officers elected were president, Mrs. Evelyn Fingerson; vice-president, Mrs. H. Marquette; secretary, Mrs. Bernice Hall; treasurer, Mrs. Helen Ried; chaplain, Mrs. C. Varney;historian, Mrs. Ida Watkins; executive committee, Mrs. G. Van Hoven, Mrs. Ray Ingram, and Mrs. Edith Jinks.

REgular meetings are to be held the first Thursday of every month. The auxiliary are planning on sending a representative to the convention at Sioux City April 5, 1922.

A delicious hot supper was served after the meeting at the basement of the M.E. church to the Legion, the auxiliary and to Mrs. Cory, Mrs. Pilcher and Mr. John Cory Jr., the supper being served by the Misses Lois Flindt, Lily Damon and Berta Thompson.

We appreciated very much the help given us in organizing by Mrs. Cory and Mrs. Pilcher and the Ladies Auxiliary wish to thank them for their kindness.

From Spencer Reporter April 5th, 1922

From Spencer Reporter April 5th, 1922