Washington Township News


Thursday, September 17, 1908


Mr and Mrs Loomis are entertaining their daughter Mrs Ethel Sulivian and family of Nebraska. Mr and Mrs Ed Sinn are rejoicing over the birth of another little daughter this is their fifth daughter. Mr Galbrath sold out at auction last week and will move to Nebraska. Mr Jno Hazelett has gone to South Dakota to look after his land there. Born to Mr and Mrs A M Kelley a second son, weight thirteen pounds. Mr. Clarence Hawk of Hopeville is teaching at No 2, Miss Winnie Stevenson at No 5 and Miss Laura Williamson at No 6.


Thursday, Nov. 19, 1908


MARRIED   W. H. Budick and Sarah J. Burdick were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John McDaniels in Washington Township Monday evening November the sixteenth at eight o'clock.  A company of neighbors, intimate friends and relatives were present.  A splendid supper was served, after the ceremony which was preformed by Rev. A. Q. Garret.  They will probably reside here.  The groom who was originally a Clarke County man, is recently from Knox County, Nebraska.   




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