History of Leslie Christian


Very little of the history of the Leslie church has been preserved. It is believed that the record books were all burned. The church was started around 1890 and was served in the early years by itinerant ministers who were travelling through.

Charlie Johnson writes:

"Many of the children attending Leslie School went to Sunday School and church in Leslie. My favorite Sunday School teachers were Billie Hughes and Nora Eddy. We had for the Sunday School lesson a postcard-size card with a Biblical scene and a Bible verse printed at the bottom. ..They gave a prize at the end of the year to the one who could recite the most verses. It was 'nip and tuck' between Ollie Thurlow and me."

"I can see the Wilson girls, Lucille, Pauline, and Roberta, coming down the aisle, hands joined, Lucille in the lead. I was baptized along with others November 7, 1910."


Source: "The Four Trails And a Tale or Two" by Margaret Reeves, p. 23.



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