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Servicemen Of Nashua And Surrounding Communities
Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice During The
Second World War

Delbert E. Allison: Navy, Seaman First Class; killed in accidental explosion, April 29, 1945; s/o Russell Allison, Nashua

Eldon Boerschel: Army Air Corps, Sergeant; lost on flight over Leyte Islands, Phillipines, Nov. 27, 1944; s/o Mrs. Edna Boerschel, Nashua; h/o Mrs. Lillian Steel Boerschel, Caldonia, Iowa
Frank D. Borchers: Army Air Corps, Private; killed at Clark Field, Luzon, Phillipines Dec. 8, 1941; s/o Dick Borchers
Ernest H. Bork: Army, paratroops, Sergeant; KIA in Italy June 4, 1944; s/o Emma Bork, Nashua
Harry Bradshaw: Navy, Seaman; killed on board tanker Neosho, sunk in Battle of the Coral Sea, May 3, 1942; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bradshaw of Belle Plain; h/o Mrs. Jeanette Scoles Bradshaw, Nashua
Fernly Bush: Army; Died of injuries received in action, in France, June 6, 1944; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Bush, formerly of Nashua

Edward Cero: Army, Private: KIA in Germany, Jan 25, 1945; s/o of Mr. and Mrs.Joseph Cero, Bassett
The following additional information is provided by Contributor Eugene Box and his family: Eddie was killed during the battle of the bulge in France. He was in the Third Army and is buried in Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France. View Photo..
Floyd S. Chamney: Marine, PFC; KIA on Iwo Jima, March 13, 1945; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chamney, Nashua
Lyle Cook: Army, Chief Warrant Officer; killed in auto accident at Marseilles, France, Oct. 1, 1945; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Claude Cook, Nashua; h/o Mrs. Jeanette Brockman Cook, Waterloo
Robert Louis Crandell: Navy, Fire Contolman 1st cl.; lost on USS Maddux sunk off the coast of Sicily on July 10, 1942; s/o Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Crandall, Bassett
Robert L. Crooks: Army, Staff Sergeant; KIA in Holland, Feb. 26, 1945; s/o Mrs. Laura Crooks, Rolfe, Iowa formerly of Nashua

Donald Dean: Army, PFC; KIA in Italy, April 26, 1944; s/o Warren L. Dean of Nashua

Donald O. Fisher: Army, PFC; KIA in Germany, April 6, 1945; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fisher, Nashua; h/o Mrs. Margaret Fisher, Clear Lake
Lawrence Fisher: Marines, Sergeant; KIA in Okinawa, May 10, 1945; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fisher, Nashua

Duane Hayes: Navy, Aviation Radioman 3rd cl.; missing Oct. 6, 1942 over Pacific; s/o Mr.and Mrs. George Hayes, formerly of Nashua
Warren Huffman: Navy, Seaman 1st cl.; presumed dead on USS Rowan, sunk off Palermo, Italy Sept. 13, 1943; s/o Mrs. Fannie Huffman, Ionia
Francis J. Huggard: Army, PFC; drowned in New Guinea, August 8, 1944; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Huggard, Plainfield

Albert Idler: Army, Staff Sergeant; KIA on Luzon, Phillipines, April 7, 1945; s/o Mr. and mrs. Frank Idler, Nashua

John M. Lindsley: Navy, Aviation MM 2nd cl.; died in seaplane accident, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1943; s/o of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsley, Nashua

Donald Nees: Army, Private; drowned in Burma, July 14, 1945 s/o Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nees, Nashua
Eldon G. Nichols: Army, Private; KIA in North Africa, Apr. 9, 1943; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Nichols, Plainfield
Ralph W. Nicholson: Army, paratroops, Private; KIA in France, June 6, 1944; s/o Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Nicholson, Nashua

Richard Ostermann: Army, PFC; died in India of typhoid fever, May 28, 1944; s/o Mrs. Elna Ostermann, formerly of Nashua
William Padgett: Army Air Corps, 2nd Lieut.; missing in flight over Gemany, Nov. 2, 1944; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Padgett, formerly of Nashua
Clyde Poe: Navy, Fire Controlman, 3rd cl.; KIA on Guadalcanal, Aug. 9, 1942; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Homer Poe, formerly of Plainfield; h/o Mrs. Clyde Poe, Minneapolis MN
Robert J. Prudhon: Army Air Corps, 2nd Lieut.; KIA in flight over Germany, Dec. 27, 1944; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Prudhon, Nashua; h/o Mrs. Mariam Kennedy Prudhon of Iowa Falls

Bernard Springer: Army, Private; KIA over Germany, Oct. 8, 1944; s/o Amos Springer

Keith Usher: Navy, Aviation MM 1st cl.; KIA on USS Ticonderoga, Formosa, Jan. 21, 1945; s/o Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Usher, Nashua

Harvey Eugene Wilson: Army, PFC; KIA in Belgium, Jan. 6, 1945; s/o Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wilson, Nashua
Bernard Winter: Army, Staff Sergeant; KIA in Italy, Feb. 21, 1944; s/o Joe Winter, Ionia
Klair Wright: Army, Private; KIA on Cebu island, Phillipines, April 9, 1945; nephew of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Good of Plainfield