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Considering the fact that Chickasaw was one of the newly organized counties in the state,  and further fact that county was sparsely settled - - the population being less than 5,000 at the beginning of the Civil war - - there was no county in the state that contributed  more, according to the measure of ability and opportunity,  in giving  to Iowa a high place of honor among the states of the Union for services in the Civil war,  than did this sparsely settled county of Chickasaw.

At the outbreak of the war Chickasaw County was without a railroad and without telegraphic communication with outside centers of information. The mail facilities were of the primitive sort and the daily newspaper was a rare exhibit.  For this reason several days elapsed before the news of the fall of Fort Sumner, and the call of the president for volunteers for the suppression of the rebellion,  reached the people of Chickasaw County. The county had given a large majority for Lincoln in the presidential election of 1860, and the people were united for the suppression of the rebellion by force of arms. But the quota required under the first call had been filled, and more than filled,  before the patriotic young men of Chickasaw County could offer their services.

The opportunity came when the second call  was made. There is no brighter page in the annals of Chickasaw County than is the record made by the service of her loyal sons in the Civil war.


The first company of volunteers organized in Chickasaw County was composed of eighty-seven men.  Of these fifty-four were from Chickasaw County; twenty-four from Floyd County, four from Howard County,  and five from Mitchell County.

Following are Chickasaw County names and places of residence:

From Bradford,  Chickasaw County - D. A. Babcock,  Thomas Bigger,  D. Campbell, D. L. Campbell, G. W. Dodge, A. J. Felt,  C. W. Foster,  E. A. Haskell,  Truman Horton,  John Laird,  George Morse,  William Newman,  L. C. Pettit,  J. A. Rutherford,  William Tannahill,  Jefferson Thomas.

From Chickasaw - Allen Case,  Fernando Albertson,  Daniel McTaggart,  John Thomas,  Mathew Witted,  Rev. J. G. Witted.

From Fredericksburg - George Pease.

From Jacksonville - Robert Mills.

From Nashua - Henry Bean,  Levi L. Bean, I. M. Fisher,  O. A. Holmes,  Frank H. Hurley, John McConnell,  H. W. Montrose,  D. H. Shannon,  Charles H. Trott.

From New Hampton - George S. Arnold,  Frank Bordwell,  Levi Carkins,  Gideon Gardner,   A. D. Jackson,  B. E. Morton,  J. H. Powers,  John Magee,  A. H.  Morton,   J. H. Powers,  Thomas E.  Rollins,  G. J. Tisdale,  H. S. Wisner.

From Williamston - Meltiah Nye,  J. P. Bailey,  Zelotus  Bailey,  W. W. Birdsall,  F. D. Bosworth,  William H. Jackson,  B. H. Poppleton,  H. P. Smith,  Edward J.  Taylor.

It is not to assumed that this is a complete list of names of all who were member of this company.  There were several recruits added,  from time to time,  to fill vacancies caused by discharges and other causes of depletion in the ranks. This is given as the most accurate list obtainable of the original muster roll of the first company organized in Chickasaw County.


The organization of the Chickasaw Company was completed and under orders to report to the camps at Burlington, Iowa., where the regiment  to which was  assigned was being organized.  The company was mustered into service as  Company B, of the Seventh Iowa Infantry, with Gideon Gardner as captain. All the other officers, and nearly all the enlisted men,  were residents of Chickasaw County. The day of departure was the 14th of July, a day  fraught with hope and fears, and with anxiety and tears.  On the 4th of July,  previous to the departure of the Chickasaw company, there was a celebration which brought  together nearly the whole county.

There was to be a gathering of the company at Bradford, on the morning of the 14th of July, and squads of men who had enlisted in other counties, came on the 13th.   The night before the company was to start three of the boys were married:

At Bradford, on the 13th instant, by Rev. Mr. Nutting, Mr. George Morse to Miss Adelia Bird,  all of Brandford

At New Hampton, same date,  By G. A. Hamilton, Esq., Mr. F. D. Bosworth to Lizzie Smith,both of Bradford.

Also at New Hampton,  on the 14th instant,  C.O. Case, Esq.,  acting county judge. Mr. G. S. Arnold to Miss Lois Gillett, both of New Hampton.  (Note:  G. Sheldon Arnold never saw his wife again, as he died at Iron Mountain,  being the first of the company to die).


Of those who enlisted in this county the following held commissions:

Major- George W Howard

Captains - Gideon Gardner,  J. H. Powers,  H. C. Baldwin,  D. E. Bronson,  S. S Troy,  C. W. Foster,  D. McTaggart and D. C. Crawford

Lieutenants - G. J. Tisdale,  Albert E. Rupe,  John A. Green,  F. W. Barron,  George W.  Dodge,  F. D. Bosworth,  E. A. Haskell,  W. W. Birdsall,  Charles Trout,  J. A. Albertson,  R. W. Foster,  O. O. Poppleton, 

Assistant Surgeon - Dr. S. C. Haynes (Captain)

History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties
by Robert Herd Fairbairn, Published 1919
(S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois)
Excerpt from Volume I, Chapter Seven
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