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DR. L. M. TAYLOR. pg 208

Dr. Taylor was born at Waterloo, Iowa, December 18, 1862. Graduated from the High School in Waterloo after which he studied medicine at the Chicago Homeopathic Medical College from which school be graduated March 6, 1884. He located at Fredericksburg January 8, 1885 for the practice of his profession. He was married December 3, 1885, to Miss Genevive Buckley, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Buckley. To this union two children have been born, Ferne and Margaret. Dr. Taylor purchased the drug business of E. S. Parrot & Co., September 1888 and has been constantly in business to present time. At different times he has had competition but after a few months experience with "the buzz saw" they quit the business. Today he has the only drug store in the town and it is a first-class one. He is a progressive hustler in business and as a consequence he is in a position to take things easy any time that he sees fit to retire.


In the fall of 1867, one Captain Tazwell, of Elgin, Illinois, came here and built a house on section 15, the northwest quarter. Here he lived during the winter of 1867-8. His family came here the spring of 1868. The Captain did not remain here very long. He and a girl that they had raised went away, and the last that we knew of them they were living at Grand Junction, Iowa. The wife disposed of the farm and herself and family went back to Illinois. The farm was bought by a Mr. Muir father of Fred and Charley Muir.


Allen D. Thomas was born in the state of New York in '41. Son of George and Mary (Mashawn) Thomas. Lived in that state until eighteen years old, then went to Columbia county, Wisconsin. Married in '61 to Louisa Swanger. Went to war in '62: returned in 65. First wife died leaving one child, girl, Minnie. Married second time in 1867 to Mellisa Alexander. Came to Iowa in the fall of 1869. Located on section 22, 120 acres. Children by second wife, George and Frank. Moved from farm into town in '89. George married FIossie Smith and lives in town. Frank married Vesta Wesp and lives in town.


F. E. Thorne was born May 21, 1861 at Pecatonica, Illinois. Son of Julius P. and Elizabeth [Golly] Thorne. Came with his parents to Iowa in 1877, locating in Stapleton township, Chickasaw county, on a farm; remained here eight years, then returned to Pecatonica where he worked in a dry goods store until January, 1895, when he came to Fredericksburg and in company with Frank S. Sloan opened a general merchandise store, May 16, 1895. Continued in partnership with Mr. Sloan until January 1, 1903, when he purchased Mr. Sloan's interest and continued the business under the name of F. E. Thorne. Married December 30, 1896, to Miss Lucy E. Sanborn, of Pecatonica, Illinois, daughter of George W. and Grata N. [Emory] Sanborn. Two children born to this union: Bertha Elizabeth, born April 22, 1900, and Grata Lucille, April 26, 1908. Mr. Thorne occupies the double store on the corner of Main and Washington streets; does a large and successful business.


Julius P. Thorne, son of Hiram W. and Aurelia Thorne; born in Oneida county, N. Y., April 26, 1826; grew to manhood in his native place. The 18th day of January 1852, he was united in marriage to Elizabeth Golly. In 1854, with his wife and daughter Lillie, he came to Winnebago county, Illinois. Six children were born to this union: Lillie, Clarence, Everett, Frank, Martha, Janellie and Winfield. Came to Iowa September 14, 1877 and to Fredericksburg township in 1884. Lives on section six, owns a quarter section of land. Lillie, the eldest daughter, and Janellie, wives of David and Clarence Lowry, live within sight of their father and mother, and can go to their home within fifteen minutes. Their son Clarence lives at Redlands, California; he married Hattie Howe, daughter of LaFayette and Mary Howe. Frank is engaged in the mercantile business in Fredericksburg; he married a Miss Sanborn of Pecatonica, Illinois. Everett lives in Illinois. WinfieId married Miss Eva M. BenThuysen, he lives on the home farm. J. P. Thorne and wife spent the winters of 1901-2 and 1905-6 in California with their son Clarence and wife.


Gilbert J. Tisdale came to Chickasaw county somewhere about 1857. He married his cousin, Emelina Tisdale, daughter of Rufus and Nancy Tisdale, of Dresden township. The spring of 1861 he enlisted in Co. B 7th Iowa Volunteers. This regiment was mustered in at Burlington, Iowa, July 21, 1861. He shared the vicissitudes of the regiment. Was wounded at the battle of Pea Ridge; was furloughed and spent several months at home. He returned to the regiment and in 1864 when the regiment was reorganized and many re-enlisted he came home. In 1865 he ran for county representative, defeating D. A. Babcock; Tisdale 489, and Babcock 409. In 1867 he was again a candidate, but was defeated by Wm. Tucker. When Mr. Tisdale came home from the war he was popular and could get nearly anything he asked of the people. He crushed himself; moral laxity was his undoing. Women was the rock upon which he foundered. He went away from here in '71 or '72. Last heard from was in Wisconsin.


Mrs. Mary Trainer lives on sections 2 and 3. We can give but little about her or her family as they seldom come to Fredericksburg, Lawler being their trading point.


Thomas Trewin was born in England in 1842, and was the eldest son of Henry and Mary Trewin. When eight years old he left England with his parents and came to America, locating in Illinois. In 1872 young Thomas came to Iowa and settled in Chickasaw county. He was married to Martha Cornell the same year. They have five children; Ada A,, Ervin, Guy, Earl and Howard. His farm of 160 acres is located on section six. One child of this family, Elmer, died January 4, 1878. Mr. Trewin, for some unknown reason, lost his mental balance and in a moment of cloud, took his own life, March 11, 1894. His widow still lives on the farm.

DR. S. S. TROY. pg 53

Dr. Troy was born in Greenville, Penn., June 24, 1832, son of H. W. and Elizabeth (Hendrickson) Troy. Was married February 2, 1858 to Emma C. 'Baldwin. Came to Fredericksburg in December 1858. Profession, physician and surgeon. First child, a son, born at Fredericksburg, January 8, 1859, name Horace W. Linna, daughter born at Chickasaw, Nov. 30, '61; Willis B. at Bradford, July 8, '65; Kittie B. at Nashua, Feb. 12, '69. Horace W. is pastor of the M.E. Church at Mt. Vernon, Iowa; he was married October 17, 1882 to May R. Hurlbert, they have three children. Linna is single, lives at; home. Willis H. lives in New York City, is married, has two children. Kittie was married June 17, 1891, at Nashua to H. C. Wilbur, they reside in Waterloo, have two children.

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