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MAIL. pg 209

The first settlers received their mail from West Union and Auburn. When the Fink & Walker line was put on, Frederick Padden made application for a Post Office at Fredericksburg. His petition was granted and he was appointed the post master, F.Woods Barron deputy.


Ferdinand Malzahn lives on the southwest quarter of section 17. Came to this township from Bremer county somewhere about the year 1882. Worked far John and Lorenzo Mark on their farm for about seven years. He then bought of Loren Padden the farm on which he lives. March 1, 1894, he was married to Lucy Mark, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Mark. To this union four children were born, Francis, Albert Henry, Frederick L. and an infant which died a few days after its birth. Mr. Malzhan is a very successful farmer.


George R. Manchester was born in the state of New York. Spent the years of his minority there. As early as 1855 he came to Dubuque; was in the employ of the Key City House for two or three years. In 1856 or 1857 he came to this town. He married Roxy Ann Robinson, of Fredericksburg. He worked at farming until 1864 when he was drafted into the army. Came out in 1865. He then went to work for Nichols & Cotter driving stage from Fredericksburg to Nashua. He also worked for John Dixon in the Dixon house in Nashua, and for the same Dixon in New Hampton. Five children were born to this union, Carrie, who is the wife of Henry Buckley of Esbon, Kansas; two children died in infancy; William, who everybody here knows as Will Manchester, is married and lives in Oklahoma; also Fred, the youngest, is in Oklahoma. Mrs. George Manchester died here March 28, 1897. George went to Oklahoma to live with his son, where he died in 1899. Mr. Manchester drew a pension from the United States Government. He was a great story teller, and many of his sayings were very pleasing. There will never be another like him in this town, and I doubt if there will be in any other town.


William March was born in Ohio. He married Lottie Potter. The first five years of their married life they lived in Ohio; they then removed to Kansas. From there they came back here locating in Dresden township. Sold his farm and went to Cedar Falls where he lived two years or more. He lives here at this writing. Four children graced this union: Pearl, Pansy, Ethel and Earl. Pearl is the wife of John Padden; Pansy married at Cedar Falls; Ethel is single; Earl is married and carries on a barber shop in Fredericksburg.


Calvin Mark, another of our pioneers, was born in Chatauqua county, New York and was a brother of Lorenzo and John Mark. He went to Dubuque in 1847 and remained there ten years, coming to Fredericksburg township the fall of 1858. He owned and lived on the place known as the Wilcox farm. They had two children, Rosy and Lucy. Calvin sold his farm in 1866 and moved to Missouri where Lucy died in November 1868.

JOHN MARK. pg 28

John Mark, the first son of Phillip and Lydia Mark, was born in Pomfort, Chautauqua county, New York. On May 21st, 1855, was married to Sarah L. Van Guilder, and started for Iowa the following day. Their first stop was at Dubuque, where they remained until the fall of 1855, when he came to Fredericksburg township and located on section 31-94-11, 200 acres. They remained on the farm until 1893, when they sold the farm to S. S. Slocum and moved to town. Four children were born to them, Emily in '56; Ella in '58; Belle in '62 and George in '65. Emily married Charles Hubbard. Ella married Ellis Eastland a farmer in this township. Belle married John H. Johnson and lives at Dexter, Minn.

Mr. Mark died July 25, 1902. His widow lives with her daughter Belle.


Lorenzo Mark, son of Philip and Lydia Mark, was born in Chatauqua county, New York, July 29, 1826. He left his native state in 1847 and came to Dubuque, where he lived eight years. He came to Fredericksburg township in October 1855, and bought a farm of 230 acres. He married Margaret Hamilton, of Stephenson county, Illinois, at Freeport, November 26, 1865. Four children were born to this union: Mary, Martha, Lucy and Phoebe. Phoebe died February 13, 1876; Lucy married Fred Malzahn, a farmer; Mary and Martha live in Fredericksburg.

Mr. Mark died October 10, 1892. His wife died October 16, 1903.


Samuel Marsh came to Iowa from Ohio. He came to Fredericksburg township in the year 1855 and located on land two miles east of town. Built his shanty on the bank of Plum creek. Lived alone for nearly two years and then built a house on the road in 1857. His family came on that year. His wife's name was Julia. Children: Alfred, Fidelia, Hannah and Eliza. Mr. Marsh raised the first field of corn grown in the township. He went to Pike's Peak for gold, also to California. Returned from California in 1862 driving a pair of Spanish mules the entire distance. He died at Salt Lake City. His remains were brought here for internment in Maple Grove Cemetery by the side of his wife and daughter, Eliza. Hannah married R. W. Kidder; she died at Salt Lake City September 12,1901. She too was brought here for burial. Alfred lives in Ohio. Don't know where Fidelia lives. She is married and at one time lived at Charles City, Iowa.


Julius Mattke was born in Germany, August 18, 1828,and came to America in 1862. He went to McGregor where he worked five years for Sol Clemans, making lumber wagons. He settled in Fredericksburg township In 1870, on a farm two miles east and two miles south of town. He worked for Tom Bradford of Nashua, altogether 15 years making wagons. Mr. Mattke was married in Germany and was the father of four children: Charles, Gustoff, Augusta and Henry. Mr. Mattke died several years ago in Fredericksburg. His wife married again but is now numbered among the dead. All the children are married.


Daniel McFarland, son of Peter McFarland, was born in Ohio. He was married in Wisconsin, to Sarah Rutledge, of Monticello, Green county. Came to Iowain 1873, and settled on 160 acres, located on sections 2, 11. Mrs. McFarland died February 14, 1888 at the home farm. Mr. McFarland died at New Hampton, Iowa, April 15, 1888. Four children; Mary, dead; Marvin L., married Susan Clark, lives on the home farm; Walter married Bertha Farnum and lives in Missouri; Wellington married and lives in Dakota.


William McQueeny was an early settler. He was located on section 31. He died years ago. His widow and two daughters live in Chicago, Illinois.


In 1882, Alexander McRae located on section 13. He was born in Wisconsin, near Milton Junction. His parents are scotch. He married Orlie Reed, of Stapleton township, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reed. They remained on the farm until 1892, when he sold it to Jacob Selig. He removed to Estherville, Iowa.

J. L. MERRIOTT. pg 71

J. L. Merriott was one of the early comers here. IHe married Julia Adams, daughter of George W. and Anna Adams. He lived in Dresden township for several years, also lived at Fredericksburg. He now lives at Gruver, Iowa. They had three children: George, James and a daughter.

S. G. MERRIAM. pg 65

S.G. Merriam came here in 1858 or 1859. He sold goods here for nearly two years. He was from Vermont; his wife's people lived there. He was County Judge the year 1864 and into the year 1865. In October of that year a resolution was brought before the board of county supervisors and by them passed appointing as judge, G. A. Hamilton, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal from the county of S. G. Merriam. He went with his family to Nebraska. Lived near Lincoln at a place called Seward. We heard a few years ago that he had moved to Lincoln. He had a son by his first wife that came here occasionally. A few years since he lived in Charles City. Mr. Merriam was a singer and we believe to some extent a music teacher. His wife was a very pleasant woman and had a good soprano voice. If I remember rightly they had two children, a boy and a girl. Their stay in our town was not long enough to hardly entitle them to rank with the early settlers.


Charles Mikes, junior member of the firm of Mikes Bros., butchers, was born in Bohemia, January 28, 1877. Son of Mathias and Antoinette (Hansel) Mikes. Came to America in 1894, settling in Dumont, Iowa. Worked with his brother Joe in the butcher business for one year, then went to Chicago where he worked in the butchering business until 1896, when he went to Elma in same business. Remained in Elma until the spring of 1900, when he came to Fredericksburg and became a partner in the butcher business with his brother John. Married July, 1903, to Tenia Hruska, of Howard county. One child born to this union: Rudolph Theodore, born April 2, 1905. Mr. Mikes is a thorough going business man.

F. J. AND J. J. MILKES. pg 113

F. J. and J. J. Milkes, lived on section 35. They have sold their interest in the land they had, and the last we knew of them they were living at Waucoma.

JOHN MIKES. pg 173

John Mikes, senior member of the firm of Mikes Bros., butchers, and general dealers in meats, was born in Bohemia, May 15, 1867, son of Mathias and Antoinette (Hansel) Mikes. Came to America in 1890, locating at Bristow, Butler county, Iowa. Came to Fredericksburg July, 1894. Bought out the business of Churchill Bros., butchers. Married Rosanna Randl, April, 1897. She died April, 1898. Built a brick block the summer of 1898 at a cost of $2,500.00. Second marriage to Rosa Hruska, April 10, 1901. Three children born to this union: Frank Joseph, November 25, 1902; John Peter, April 30, 1904; Rosa Antoinette, June 30, 1906. All living. Mr. Mikes is a very successful business man.


Levi Miller was born in Stark county, Ohio, in April 1834, and when he was a boy went to Stephens county, Illinois, with his parents. From there he came to Allamakee county, Iowa, and married Sarah Ogg in 1858. They came to Fredericksburg township in 1865, buying the farm then owned by Spencer Gillette. They have two children, Adeline and Elmer. Adeline is the wife of Rev. Oliver Beaver. Elmer married May Muir, they live in this township.

J. A. D. MILNE. pg 140

James Alexander Duncan Milne, was born in Cattarangus county, New York, August 27, 1850. He was a son of Alexander and Patience Jamima Milne, and left New York in 1863 for Clayton county, Iowa. The 16th day of February, 1873, he married Sarah Elizabeth Hansel, daughter of John and Mary Maria Hansel. They came to Fredericksburg township in March, 1875, locating on a farm of 160 acres, on section 11-94-11. They have five children: Patience Maria, born January 25,1874, in Clayton county; Hattie, born in Fredericksburg township, July 13, 1879; Jessie, born March 24, 1881; Minnie, born October 12, 1884, and Alexander, the only boy in the family. Patience married Will WhitnabIe, they live on the farm once owned by Samuel Steadman. Jessie married Edwin Ott, they now live on the Cornell farm, which we believe they own. Hattie married William Klotz; Minnie married Warren Hubbard. Mr. and Mrs. Milne are members of the German Baptist church. They own 160 acres of land but do not live on it as Mr. Milne has an implement business in Fredericksburg.


Christian A. Mohling, senior member of the firm of C. A. Mohling & Son, general merchants, was born in Apelern, Germany, December 11, 1841. Son of John and Wilhemina (Poock) Mohling. Came with his parents to America, in 1852; located at Bloomingdale,Illinois. Came to Iowa in 1857; located in Jefferson township, Bremer county. Enlisted in 1862, Company "B" 14th Iowa Infantry. Mustered out at Davenport, November 21, 1864; pension $10 per month.

Mr. Mohling was married in June 1866, to Wilhemina Weideman, daughter of Henry Weideman, born April 19, 1844; occupation farmer. Four children by his first wife: William H., born December 12, 1868; John F., March 15, 1870; Carl C., November 20, 1874; Martha, November 19, 1877. Martha died April 9, 1878. His first wife died Nov. 10, 1879.

His second wife was Wilhemine Sophia Westendorf, daughter of Frederick and Sophia (Zelk) Westendorf. Married May 13, 1880. Five children by second wife. Maria W., born November 3, 1881; Elizabeth R., July 21, 1883; Everett C., July 21, 1886; Elmer F., October 1, 1889; Ervin C., November 18, 1895. Everett C., died February 12, 1888. Maria married Phillip Bloser, live at Denver, Iowa; Elizabeth R., married Theodore Steege June 1903, lives in Dresden township; John F., married, lives in Bremer county; Carl, single, lives in Bremer county. The firm of C. A. Mohling & Son occupy the west store room in the Padden block, north side of Main street, and are doing an excellent business.


W. H. Mohling, junior member of the firm of C. A. Mohling & Son, general merchants, was born December 12, 1868, in Warren township, Bremer county, la. Son of C. A. and Wilhemine [Weideman] Mohling. Lived with his parents during the years of his minority. Married June 15, 1892, to Louisa Sohle, daughter of Christopher and Maria [Hitzeman] Sohle. Came to Fredericksburg, August, 1895. Opened a general store under the name of W. H. Mohling, continued the business until the year 1901, when his father, C. A. Mohling entered the firm. Two children born to Mr. and Mrs. Mohling: Lydia, born November 11, 1894, and Eveline, born April 29, 1904, both living.


Richard Montgomery came in 1855 and lived in a tent the first summer, on the farm since known as the Zoller place in New Hampton township. He built a log house which still stands there. He was from Ohio. They had two children, David and Polly. Two children died here; they were buried on the farm. There are a few graves there beside these.


S. P. Moore was born in Milford Center, Union county, Ohio, June 9th, 1849, son of Thomas and Emily (Payne) Moore. Came with his parents to Clayton county, Iowa, in 1856. Came to Fredericksburg the fall of 1866, married the 7th of January 1883 to Miss Jennie Parks, daughter of Ben B. and Marinda [Hinton] Parks who was born October 23, 1861. Seven children born to these parents: Walter, August 7, 1885; Ben, March 22, 1888; Clinton, July 22, 1890; Hallie, November 7, 1892; Linn, November 5, 1894; Winona, Oct. 27, 1898; infant son born May 22, 1900, died before named; Hallie died October 3, 1900. Mr. Moore is now serving his fourth term as Justice of the Peace. Was appointed Notary Public in 1903.


Thomas C. Moore came to Iowa from Ohio and settled in Clayton county, at Postville. He afterwards lived at Hardin and came to Fredericksburg in the year of 1866. He located on the northeast quarter of section 7, 94, 11, and left the farm in 1873 when he bought the Julien House which he kept during the year 1874. In May 1875 he moved to Kansas and settled in the Soloman Valley at Delphos. He was married in Ohio and was the father of six children, Sumner, Abagail, Frank, Benjamin, Aurilla, and Mary. Frank and Mary are dead. Sumner is married and lives in Fredericksburg. Abagail was married in 1869 to Henry French and they now reside in Portland, Oregon. Benjamin married Julia Parks of this township and now lives in Junction City, Kansas. Aurilla married in Kansas. Mrs. Thomas C. Moore died in 1863. Mr. Moore married the second time, Miss Hnnah Puckerin in 1865. Three children were born to this union, William, Grant, and Mary Belle. Mr. Moore is now dead. Old Mrs. Puckerin died at the Moore farm in 1872, and Richard Puckerin in Kansas in March 1885.

JOHN MORF. pg 161

John Morf was born in Switzerland, October 20, 1848, is the fourth son of Henry and Margarette Morf. At the age of twenty-five years he came to America, settling in the state of Iowa, Stapleton township, Chickasaw county, where he remained four years, then locating in this township on section 24, in 1877. He was married in 1874 to Lena Weber, also a native of Switzerland. Mr. Morf was a very successful farmer, and owned over 400 acres of land. He was well known to many by his celebrated cheese, which he put up in the shape of a brick. He kept Swiss cattle. Nine children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Morf: John H., March 10,1876; George, October 2, 1878; Rudolph, February 24, 1880; Louise, December 24, 1882; Paul, May 4, 1884; Alfred, September 16, 1887; Eliza, December 21, 1889; Felix, May 13, 1893; Albert, April 17,1894. John H. married May 10, 1898, to Lorinda Miller, lives on a farm near Fayette; George married in 1901 to Anna Brown, lives in Fredericksburg township ; Louise married May 2, 1906, to Sherwood B. Zoller, physician, graduate of Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago--class 1905; Rudolph married July, 1906, to Cora Squires in Colorado. The balance of the children are at home. John Morf died September 21, 1904, of heart disease. At the time of his death he was one of the county supervisors, elected from Fredericksburg, Stapleton and Dresden townships.


George S. Morris was born in Beaver county, Pennsylvania, in 1827. Son of Thomas and Mary (Benward) Morris. From his native state he went to Wisconsin, Grant county, in 1853. Married to Anna Barmore, in the year 1857. Came to Fredericksburg in 1870. His wife died December 23, 1899. Married second time to Miss Catherine Thornberger October 25, 1900.


Joseph Mourer was born in Union county, Beaver township Pennsylvania, July 6, 1826. Was the son of John and Elizabeth Mourer. He lived in Pennsylvania twenty-three years, working on a farm. April 15, 1849, he married Amelia Swanger, daughter of Christian and Esther Swanger, of Union county, Pennsylvania. They emigrated to Wisconsin and engaged in farming near Columbus. They came to Fredericksburg township in the month of October 1869, locating upon the north half of the northeast quarter of section 15. Eleven children came to this union: Almira H., born at Columbus, Wisconsin, August 17, 1850, and is now the wife of John Waggoner, living in Fredericksburg; Angelina was born May 8, 1852, and died September 26, 1855; Charles A., born in Wisconsin, March 31, 1854, married in March 1874 to Ada Kingsbury of Fredericksburg, he is now a widower and lives here, his wife having died in Des Moines; Arlista V., born March 16, 1856, she is now the wife of Daniel Potter of Fayette county; Adeline is the wife of A. Fortney of Sumner, Iowa; Asterline, is the wife of Frank Courtney of this place; Carrie Bell was born January 2, 1862, and is the wife of George Harding of this township; George F., born December 29, 1864, he married Miss Flora Vail; Florence Estella, was born in Fredericksburg township, February 16, 1871, she is single; Dora Eldine was born in Fredericksburg, July 19, 1873, and is the wife of Frank Kirkpatrick, lives at Oelwein, Iowa; Walter J., was born in Fredericksburg township, March 1, 1876, and died of consumption at the old home the fall of 1901. Joseph Mourer died Sunday, February 19, 1893. Amelia, his wife, died June 12, 1901.

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