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E. C. Karsten was born in Sumner, Bremer county, Iowa, April 19, 1876. Son of John and Caroline (Friday) Karsten. His parents died when he was nine years of age. Learned the trade of harness making with John Mueller of Sumner. Carried on a harness business in Denver, Iowa, seven years. Married to Louisa Clausing, of Denver, Iowa, daughter of Conrad and Charlotte (Mohling) Clausing. November 14, 1901. Came to Fredericksburg, July 8, 1903, purchased the harness business of Earl Pond, and the real estate belonging thereunto. One child born to this union, Norma, born November 17, 1902.


Theodore Lyman Kendall was born in the town of Stafford, New Pork, February 17, 1835, son of Orator H. and Laura (Lyman) Kendall. Received a common school education. Left New York in 1866 in the month of November, came direct to Fredericksburg. In 1863 went south; in 1864 was in the employ of the United States government in the Commissary department. Went with cattle across the plains to New Mexico. Returned to Fredericksburg in '66. Bought 160 acres of land south of town two miles, on section 24; paid $5.00 per acre for it. Married December 23, 1869 to Phebe, daughter of Erastus and Cassie (Eggleston) Kain. Went onto the farm. Six children were born to this union: Charles A., Roy W., Bertie, Laura, Frank and Laurence Lyman, nicknamed "Tinker." Charles A, married Blanche McFall; he Is in Earlville, Iowa in the drug business; has one daughter. Roy W. married Alma Pond; he is in the drug business at JanesvilIe, Iowa. Bertie, Laura and Frank are dead. Laurance lives with his parents. Mr. Kendall now owns 227 acres of land with good buildings thereon; this he rents. He left the farm March 4, 1901 and bought a residence in town.


Valerius H.Kendall was born in Genesee county, town of Stafford, New York, in 1826. Son of Orator H. and Laura (Lyman) Kendall. Came to Fredericksburg in September, 1855. Boarded with Fred Padden at the Fountain House. Left Fredericksburg the December following, and after a few days at Decorah went to West Union, where her remained until February, 1856. Then he returned to New York. In October, 1859. he came back to Fredericksburg. During the time of his first coming here he bought of D. B. Hanan the northeast quarter of section 7-94-11. The spring of 1860 he broke thirty-five acres on said land and fenced in forty. April 21, 1861, he married Helen Charlotte Warren, daughter of Asheal and Eliza Ann (Robinson) Warren. In 1865 he went into business with Mrs. E. A. Warren and W. S. Pitts; firm name Warren, Kendall & Co. Sold his interest to Warren & Pitts in 1869 and moved on a farm south of town. This land he bought in 1866 at $5.00 an acre. Mrs. Kendall died November 18, 1871. In 1873 he went to Nashua where he remained a short time. The 9th day of September with his son Wallace, he went to Superior, Nebraska, and went into the drug business. Here he continued in business until the time of his death, July, 1897.

Wallace Warren Kendall, son of V. H. and Helen C. (Warren) Kendall, was born in Fredericksburg, February 6, 1862. He lives at Superior, Nebraska, is a prominent druggist and one of the leading men of that thriving city.

JOHN KENNY. pg 106

In the early seventies John Kenny came and bought the southwest quarter of section 14. This was a fine tract of land, where but a year or two before 500 herd of cattle were pastured. Mr. Kenny built a house, and if rightly we remember went away and got himself a wife. On this farm he lived until 1900. He erected a fine barn and a fair house, and sold for $65 an acre. He went into New Hampton township and bought. He was a very fine man.


Russell W. Kidder was born in Vermont, in 1833; the second son of George F. and Clarissa Kidder. When five years old he was brought by his parents to Cook county, Illinois, where he remained twenty years, then coming to Iowa, Fredericksburg township. In 1860 he was married to Hannah Marsh, daughter of Samuel and Julia A. Marsh. In 1862 he enlisted in the 38th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company "C." and was discharged at Houston, Texas, in 1865. He returned to Fredericksburg township and went to farming, and at one time owned 240 acres of land.

Nine children were born to these parents, five of whom are living. The living are Edwin G., Alice, Samuel, Kitty J., and Ralph. The dead were Georgia, Charles, Harry and Willis E.; they all died under two years of age and are buried at Maple Grove cemetery. Mr. Kidder sold his farm and moved to Park City, Utah, where on June 29, 1895, he came to his death by accident, falling from a wall in front of his home, breaking his neck. His body arrived here July 4th, and the services were held in Padden's grove July 5th, the platform and seats being used that were erected for the exercises of the fourth. He was buried by his children in Maple Grove cemetery. After his death, his widow moved to Salt Lake City, where she died September 12, 1901. She was brought back here and buried by the side of her husband and children.

Edwin is married and lives in Salt Lake City. Alice married Jas. Cullings, they live at Wahoo, Nebraska. Kittie is married and lives at Park City, Utah. Samuel and Ralph are single and also live at Park City.


Nathan W. King and family came here in the spring of 1854. Located on section one, Dresden township. Here they lived, toiled and reaped their family. In the year 1863, Mr. King met with an accident, getting a foot crushed in a threshing power. He suffered amputation above the knee, the limb did not heal and he died from blood poison August 29, 1863. They had four children: Amos, Jonas, Frances and Arvilla. Jonas died December 6, 1866; Arvill, the wife of Nathan W. Randall died February 3, '81. Mrs. King is dead.

C. O. KINGSBURY. pg 167

C. O. Kingsbury and wife came here from the state of Massachusetts in 1857. They run the Hotel Juliann for three months the fall of 1857. In 1859 they moved to a farm on sections 10 and 11--160 acres. In 1862, he enlisted in the army, Company "C" 38th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. Mustered out in 1865. He then returned to his farm, where he lived until his death which occurred August 10, 1876. Mrs. Kingsbury remained a widow until the spring of 1887, when she married Seth Martin of New Hampton. She died at New Hampton, August 31, 1903.

FRED KLOTZ. pg 129

Fred Klotz (German) came to this township in the year 1890. He bought of Mrs. Sarah Ellsworth 82 acres of the southeast quarter of section 17. Here he lived for several years. This farm he sold and bought of Edmund Elliott, 80 acres in the southeast corner of section 9, and 34 acres in the northeast corner of section 16, making him a farm of 114 acres. On the 80 he has built a comfortable dwelling house and barn. Five children were born to these parents: Herman, Will, Carolina, Emma, and Gustave. Mrs. Klotz's maiden name was Lenow. They are frugal, industrious and a prosperous family.


Albert Knight, son of Daniel and Lydia Knight, was born in Alleghany county, New York, February 18, 1827. He spent his boyhood days in the township where he was born. August 20, 1850, he married Miss Fannie D. Wilcox. To this union was born three children: Caroline C., who is the wife of Sam Barker; Adeline S, the wife of August F. Ladwig; Anna M. the wife of William D. Purdy. These children were born in New York state. In the year of 1861, Mr. Knight removed to Freeport, Illinois. Here his wife died in 1862. April 19, 1863, he married Mrs. Mary Squires, a sister of his first wife. The fall of 1863 he came to Fredericksburg township. He lived in a small house which stood on the east side of the highway going south from town, nearly on the line between the land of Loren Padden's and the Lemi Grover farm, about 100 rods south of the four corners of town. Here his second wife died with small pox, January 3, 1864. All the family had it but one of the girls, and it proved afterwards that she was the only one who had been vaccinated. Mr. Elbert Eastland was there and he shows the marks very plainly upon his face. November 1, 1865, Mr. Knight married Mrs. Louisa Eastland, sister of his former wives. Moved to his farm three miles south of town on section 36, northeast quarter, Dresden township. To this marriage one child was born, Mary L., January 19, 1866; she is the wife of Ross Printup. In 1890, Mr. Knight sold his farm and moved into town. January 25, 1892, his third wife died, and January 25, 1903, he was married to Mrs. Mary Jane Spencer, of Bradford, Iowa, daughter of John and Elizabeth Allinson.


J. K. Kroninger was born in the state of Delaware in 1817. His parents moved to Berks county, Pennsylvania, in 1821, where he grew to manhood. Be then moved to Delaware county, Ohio, where he was married in 1842 to Miss Sloanacker. In 1854 he left Ohio and came to Iowa; his first stop was at North Elkader; here he left his family and pushed on westward; he made his find stop in Chickasaw county, and pre-empted 120 acres of laid on 36-95-12, New Hampton township. This was in 1854 and there were but few settlers here. There were seven families in the vicinity and they banded themselves into a "Pioneer Association," agreeing to stand by each other in sickness end adversity; the seven were John Morton, E. Collins, Alvin A. Brown, N. D. R. Cole, Nathan King, Tim McCarthy and J. K. Kroninger. Mr. Kroninger built a log house and began improving his farm. After being here one and one-half years, he brought his family from North Elkader.

In connection with farming he did blacksmith work for the early settlers, and in fact followed it to some extent until a few years before his death. He participated in the organization of the first school district in the county; it included a part of Dresden, New Hampton, Stapleton and Fredericksburg townships and it was called District No. 1; the school building was of logs and was situated at the corner of the four townships. We remember this school house very well and of seeing children going there to school; the time of building this house antedates all others in Yankee precinct; the first teacher in this school was Edward Tisdale; the first school directors were Thomas P. Vokes, N. D. B. CoIe and J. K. Kroninger. In the county records we find the name of Mr. Kroninger as township trustee for 1860; in 1865 as county supervisor; he was school treasurer for four years and in 1873 when they organized an independent district he was elected treasurer, which office he held for years. They had five children, three of whom we knew: Joseph H., Albert J. and Sarah. Mr. Kroninger died May 27, 1874 and Mrs. Kroninger died March 18, 1898.

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