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Ralph B. Gardner was born in Steuben Go., Pennsylvania, in 1836. In boyhood removed to Manchester, Boone county, Illinois. In 1855 went to Wisconsin, in 1856 came to Iowa, bought land in 1858. In August 1862 he enlisted into the 38th Iowa Volunteer infantry, was afterwards transferred into the ninth Iowa, served with that regiment until July 28, 1864, when he re-enlisted with the same regiment at Woodville, Ala. mustered out at the close of the war at Louisville, Kentucky, discharged at Davenport in the fall of 1865,when he returned home.

Mr. Gardner was married in 1857, to Miss Elizabeth Tisdale, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Tisdale. Eight children were born to this union: Ida, Austin, Emeline, Nettie, Riley, May, Kate and Clifton. Mr. Gardner proved himself a good financeer, owned a large farm with good buildings, fine stock of cattle. Sold the farm at a good figure. Lived in Fredericksburg a few years, was a member of the city council. The fall of 1901 he moved to Great Bend, Kansas.


Eldredge L. Gilbert, son of Lovell R. and Clarissa Gilbert was born in Rock county, Wisconsin in 1841. When a youth of fifteen he left his native state and came to Clayton county, Iowa, where he lived fourteen years. In 1875 he married Rebecca M. Bishop. They located on 80 acres, section 7, where they lived for several years. This farm is now owned by Wm. Case. At the time they left here for Wisconsin they had three children living: Louie, Lovell R. and Walter B., and one dead--Mattie A. who died June 3, 1883. A strong love for the Iand of his birth and some other circumstances, took the man and his family to Wisconsin. He was a sharp man, but one of the best deals he ever made was when he married Rebecca M. Bishop.


Harvey Gillam was born in Carroll county, Indiana, December 4, 1855. He was the son of James Wesley and Elizabeth Gillam. At four years of age he came with his parents to Jackson county, Iowa, where he lived until 1880, when he came to Fredericksburg township; he was married to Ada Fowler, March 14, 1880. After renting farms for one or two years he bought the west half of the northwest quarter of section 15. They have two children living--Bessie and Gayland. Howard, the youngest, is dead. Mr. Gillam is a minister as well as a farmer; he is a German Baptist or "Dunkard.” The family moved away from here several years ago.


Spencer Gillette, was born in Cattaraugus county, New York, in 1828, son of Joseph and Candace Gillette; was married to Maria Pratt of Allamakee county, Iowa, in 1858; came to Fredericksburg township in 1869, and settled on section 22, west one-half of the southeast quarter. He sold this farm to Levi Miller in 1877, and then went to Kansas. He returned here seven years later. In the meantime he had taken up the practice of dentistry. He died at the farm of Lemuel Pratt a few years since, leaving no children. His wife married Henry Beaver and went to North Dakota where she now lives.


Frank Gitsch, son of Gotleib and Hannah Gitsch, was born in Prussia, in 1842. He came to America in 1861, and in April 1869, he was married to Eliza Schutz at Minneapolis. He lived at McGregor one year, then moved to Plainfield, Iowa, coming to Fredericksburg township in 1989. He bought a farm of 160 acres known as the James Potter place, one mile south of town. He sold this place to Charles A. Moody and bought on section 20. In the fall of 1900 he rented the farm and moved to his present home in town. Ten children came to this union: Frank, Edward, Oscar, Dora, Lewis, Ina, Nina, Chris, Mamie and Johnnie. Two are dead, Mamie and Oscar. Frank married Kate Eygabroad; Edward married Eva Cornell; Dora married William Eygabroad; Oscar married Alice Alcott, he died during the winter of 1901-2; Ina married Amil Block; Lewis married Alice Gitsch, widow of Oscar Gitsch; Nina married Roy VanTassel.


George Greiner was born in Pennsylvania; married there to a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilcox. Came here in 1858 and, located on section 19-94-11. They had three children: William, George and Hattie. The first one bas been reported dead; George lives in Pennsylvania; Hattie died there. George Greiner, Sr., after his wife's death went to Pennsylvania, remarried and still lives there. His first wife died in Omaha in May 1881, as they were on their way here from Kansas. She was brought here for burial.


George Grems born in Oneida county, New York, 1833. Came to Iowa 1866; married in 1854 to Emma Lizer; two children, Charles and Alice, they reside in New York state; wife died 1864; came to Fredericksburg spring of 1869. Engaged in the hardware, blacksmith and wagon business until the year 1883 or 1884. Married Mrs. Caroline Goldsbury, widow, in 1873. In the year 1884, he removed to Emmet county, Iowa, where he now lives.


William R. Grems was born in the town of Western, Oneida county, New York, March 6, 1841. Son of George and Nancy (Vanvolkenburg) Grems. Lived in New York during the years of his minority. Came to Fredericksburg the fall of 1868. Engaged in the hardware business with his brother George. Married September 1869 to Mary Annette Warren, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Warren. Moved to Nebraska May 1871. Returned to Fredericksburg fall of 1874. Five children born to this union: Bert W., August 18, 1876: Maude, December 24, 1878; Mabel J., October 10, 1880; Jessie M., November 14, 1885; Karl W., April 17, 1893. B. W. Grems resides in Manchester, druggist, married November 1902, to Emily Martineau of that city. Maude died February 24, 1901. Mabel J., resides in San Jose, California. Jessie and Karl live at home.

Mr. Grems enlisted August 3, 1863 at Utica, New York, Company "H" 76th N.Y. Vol. Inft. Served with the 76th; transferred to the 147th N. Y.; transferred a second time to the 91st N. Y.; mustered out at Balls Cross Roads, Virginia, July 3, 1865; discharged at Albany, N. Y., July 20, 1865: receives a pension from the U. S. Government. He has served as township clerk for twenty years; has held the office of Justice of the Peace, and for several years has been town Assessor.


Lemi Grover was born in the town of Machias, Cattarangus county, New York, in 1835. Son of John and Sarah (Burbank) Grover. His parents moved to Harrison, Winnebago county, Illinois, when he was three years of age. Here young Grover grew to manhood. His father bought his land of the U. S. government and lived upon it a11 of his days. The father died May 11, 1864; the mother October 13, 1859. The winter of 1856, Lemi spent in Michigan. In the year of 1857, he went to Pike's Peak, returning the same year. The winter of 1858 he spent in Illinois at the old home, where he married Eliza M. Stewart in 1860. They remained on the old farm until 1865, when with his family he came to Fredericksburg, arriving May 11. He purchased of F. Woods Barron and Mrs. Polly Pond, 80 acres in Dresden township, section 13, and 21 acres on section 18, Fredericksburg township. He also bought several pieces of timber land. Four children born to them: A. P., Lottie B., Lura V. and Charles L. A. P. is single, lives in town. Lottie married Oscar Judge; Lura married Wallie Benedict; Charles married Alice C. Dillon of Belle Plane, Iowa.

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