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Alpheus Adams came with his family to Fredericksburg township in 1855. He located on the east half of the southeast quarter of section 10-94-11. Lived there until 1880 when he sold his farm to John Dayton. Besides farming Mr. Adam worked as a stone mason. He had a bad foot and knee which prevented him from doing heavy manual labor. He died at Nashua, July, 22, 1904. Mrs. Adams is living with her children. They had five children: Alzina, Amenzo, Clystea, Anthony and Ida.


George W. Adams came from the state of Illinois to this township in 1857. We think he was in the old Fountain Hotel that year with Lorenzo Carter. The next season he bought a farm one mile north of town. He made his home on this farm until I868 or 1869, when he sold it to Thomas Malloy and moved into Bremer county. His wife died suddenly of heart disease January 6, 1873, at the home of Mr. and James Linderman, where they were visiting. He sold his place in Bremer county, bought a farm in Dresden township, where he moved, and shortly after married Mrs. Lillibridge of Williamstown. He died June 12, 1880; was buried by the side of his first wife in the west cemetery. By his first wife he had five children: William, David, Julia, Martha and Elizabeth. William lives in town; David in Dickenson county; Julia is the wife of J. L. Merriott, they live at Swan Lake; Martha is the wife of Otis Legg and lives in Richland township, this county; Elizabeth married William R. Tully; she died March 5, 1871; was buried in west cemetery.

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Guy Adams came here from Fairbanks, Ia. Be was born in the state of New York, Cataraugus county. Son of A. B. and Roby [Howe] Adams. Married at Fairbanks, Iowa, in 1862, to Mary West. Came to Fredericksburg in 1886. Children born to them: Charles, Julia, Earnest, Eva and Walter. Charles is married and lives in Nebraska; Julia married W. T. Waggoner, they live at Waverly, Iowa; Earnest married Daisy Brace, they live at Hayfield, Minnesota; Eva married John Freemire, he is dead, she is a widow; Walter is single, lives at Hayfield, Minnesota. Mr. Adams is a carpenter by trade.


William L. Adams was born in Tompkins county, New York, February 6, 1827; son of George W. and Anna (Linderman) Adams; brought by his parents to Ohio in 1833, Lorraine county, and from there to Boone county, Illinois.

Mr. Adams was married in 1846 to Elizabeth Linderman, daughter of Henry and Dianah (Hamill) Linderman. They came to Iowa in 1855 and located on sections 22 and 24-94-12, Dresden township, 240 acres. Seven children were born to this union: Sarah Louisa, Augusta, George, Frank, Cora, Etta and Elizabeth. The first four were born in Boone county, Illinois, and the last three in Dresden township, Iowa. Sarah and Augusta died in Illinois. George married for his first wife Emma Jones of Franklyn county, she died and he married for his second wife Luna Kearney and moved to Minnesota. Frank married Sylvia Proctor, daughter of E. W. Proctor of Williarnstown, she died; his second wife was Mate Hanan, daughter of Reuben Hanan. Cora married Will Simmons, Etta married Silas Potter. Elizabeth married Leburn Russell. All live here.

Mrs. W. L. Adams died March 11, 1893, buried at Rose Bill cemetery. October 1895, Mr. Adams married for his second wife Mrs. Allen Randall. In 1892 he rented his farm and rnoved into Fredericksburg. Sold his farm in 1899 for $40 an acre.


Benjamin Alcott, son of Amos and Louisa Alcott, was born December 17, 1826, in Chenango county, New York. Married March 2, 1852, to Polly Pg. Went to Illinois in 1555. They came to Fredericksburg township in the fall of 1861. Bought a farm on section 16, in 1866. Eight children were born to these parents: Luverne, Hobart H., Gilbert E., Russell E., Eva R., Hettie A., Earnest B., and Alice M. Luverne lives in Nebraska; Hobart is dead; Gilbert lives in Nebraska; Russell E. at Fredericksburg; Eva is the wife of Wilfred Haugh; Hettie married Frank Chamberlain; Earnest lives in Iowa; Alice is the wife L. F. Gitsch, resides in Dresden township.

Mr. Alcott came to his death in a tragic manner while he and his wife were visiting at the home of their son Gilbert who was living on a ranch near Mitchell, Nebraska. The 10th day of November, 1905, in the absence from home of his son, Mr. Alcott (who, by the way, was nearly blind,) started out for a walk about 1:00 o'clock p. m. After he had been gone from home about two hours the women folks started out to find him. The search was kept up until the next morning when a posse was organized, being augumented, until fifty people were scouring the hills in the search. They were misled by a lone hunter's trail and for three days and nights the search proved fruitless. On the third day they found where he had lain down to rest on the prairie, from which place they traced his footsteps as he wandered to and fro. Soon they found the steps growing shorter and shorter, giving evidence that he was becoming worn out and exhausted. All were now intently watching, when the pet dog that had accompanied him, raised himself on his haunches, giving the anxious searchers the first intimation of the whereabouts of his dead master, who was lying naturally, as if sleeping with the faithful creature by his side. The body was brought to Fredericksburg and interred in Maple Grove cemetery. Mrs. AIcott now makes her home with her children.


Frank M. Appleberry was born September 10, 1837, in Vigo county, Indiana. Second son of Jesse F. and Mary Ann Melvin (Blenco) Appleberry. Came with his parents to Iowa in 1851; settled at West Union, Fayette county. Came to Chickasaw county in 1854 in the month of April. His father entered his land the fall of 1853 in Yankee precinct. When the townships were organized this land lay in Dresden township. Frank was married May 8, 1866, to Mary Maria Searl, daughter of 0. H. P. and Lucinda Searl. Six children were born to this union: Teresa May, born May 31, 1867, died the same day; Esther Lucinda, born Nov. 17, 1868; Anna Lavina, born September 20, 1871; Clara Emaline, born February 19, 1874; Robert Henry, born May 20, 1878; Jesse Oliver, born September 8, 1879. Clara Emaline married Pitt Donnely, November 3, 1895; Anna L. married Leonard Moody, June 28, 1896; Esther Lucinda married G. A. Ellis; Jesse O., married Myrtie G. Keplar, June 14, 1905.

Mr. Appleberry's war record is as follows: Enlisted August 10, 1862, 38th Iowa Volunteers, Company "C". Went with the regiment during the war. Mustered out at Houston, Texas, August 17, 1865. Discharged at Davenport, Iowa in September, 1865. Receives a pension of $14 per month from the government.

The spring of 1906, he traded his little farm in Dresden township for property in Fredericksburg where he moved May 10th, same year.


Jesse P. Appleberry was horn in Virginia, in the year 1805. At his majority he was married to Mary Ann Blinco of the same state. Their first child, Ann Edna, was born there, He moved to Tennessee. After a short stage there he moved to Indiana where he remained for a good number of years, then moved to Iowa, first locating in Fayette county. He came here in the fall of 1854. Nine children were born to these parents: Ann E., Luther, Frank N., Christiana, May F., Edward G., Nicholas B., Lucian R. and Virginia L.


Since the years 1853-4 there have been a goodly number of families that have come, remained a short time, and then passed on. We desire to mention them, to say to their heirs, that we have not forgotten these people. Nelson Ayers and family, wife died here; Jack Cole and Wife; the Haleys; the Coryells; J. H. Michener; the Fales family; the Goldsburys; the Fowlers; the Chapmans; Wm. Johnston and family; 0.C. Mann and family; the Giffords: the Impsons; the Fullers; the Freemans; the Farnahms; the Stevens, Farchilds and Kelleys.

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