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1853 To 1919 - Organizational Proceedings

Source: Summarized From History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties
Chapter Four, County Government

  At the time of the organization of Chickasaw County the statute provided that the financial and controlling authority in the management of county affairs should be vested in the county judge an elective officer of the county.

  The county judge was clothed with supreme authority--at least he exercised that authority in his decision on a question in which there was ground for reasonable doubt.

  As a rule, the man who exercised the function of county judge in the early times,  was a man with limited education and with no legal qualifications. The county judge at that time was not inappropriately call "County King", as he had full charge of everything in the county, including roads, bridges, the poor, county buildings, the levy of all taxes, except local and school taxes, and the disbursement of all funds. 

  There were county judges who made up in good common sense, and with ability to see the right and wrong side of a question,  what they lacked in legal and educational qualifications. See early court proceedings 1853 - 1859.