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Given to him by Esther V. Morse on Feb. 26, 1918
352nd Regiment, 176th Brigade, 88th Division.
Transferred to 130th Regiment, 65th Brigade, 33rd Division.

February 26, 1918

Left New Hampton at 2 o'clock. Got in Camp Dodge at 9:15.

Was examined March 2, 1918.

Got vaccinated and inoculated March 4, 1918.

March 10, 1918

Went to the base hospital with mumps and got out March 25, 1918.

April 5, 1918

Left Camp Dodge for Camp Logan, Texas at 5:30 p.m.

Arrived in Kansas City Saturday Morning.

Arrived in Topeka, Kansas at noon Saturday.

Had a Red Cross lunch at Herington, Kansas Saturday night.

April 7, 1918

Sunday morning. Got off for a little march around town at El Reno, Oklahoma - a pretty little town.

Crossed into Texas at 3:45.

Stopped at Ft. Worth, Texas Sunday night.

Got at Camp Logan Monday morning at 9:30.

Slept in tents down at Camp Logan.

Sunday, April 21, 1918

Was transferred from the 2nd Regiment to the 130 N. G. U. S. A. Co. D.

Left Camp Logan Saturday May 4, 1918 at 10 a.m.

May 5, 1918

Got off at Fort Smith, Arkansas for exercise.

The Red Cross were there with Apples and smoking material Sunday evening.

May 6, 1918

Went through St. Louis, Missouri about 12:30.

Got off and went into the YMCA.

Got off at Shelbyville, Ill at 6 p.m. to parade. It was some of the officers home town.

May 7, 1918

Went through Indianapolis, Ind. sometime Monday night.

Went through Cleveland, Ohio at 12:30

Got off at Conneant, Ohio at four p.m. to parade.

Went through Erie, Penn. about 6:30.

May 8, 1918

Went into Buffalo, New York about 9:30 a.m. and got out of there at 12:30.

Got off at Scranton, Penn for exercise at 9:30 a.m.

Got into Hoberkon, New Jersey at 4 p.m.

Got onto a ferry boat and was transferred over to New York.

Got into Camp Upton at 9:30 that evening.

May 14, 1918

Left Camp Upton at 2:30 in the morning.

Got in New York city at 6 a.m.

Got on board the ACMEMNON at about 10:30 a.m.

Left New York Harbor May 16, 1918

Port Brest, France May 24, 1918

Unboarded May 26, 1918

Walked from three to four miles out to camp.

May 30, 1918

Left our camp at Brest for another camp farther north.

Went in freight cars - 40 men to a car.

Got off the train Saturday June 1, 1918.

Hiked nine or ten miles to a small hamlet where we stop for some time.

Slept in barns or any place where we could.

June 9, 1918

Changed camping places and marched all day Sunday.

The name of the town where we camp was Incheville.

June 15, 1918

Was detailed over to the Supply Co. the 1st B. Pernament

August 23, 1918

Loaded up everything at Vignacourt for the American sector.

Unloaded Sunday morning at Ligny.

Was on the Ameins front the last day of July and the first of August.

Pulled into the American Sector on the Verdeen front.

Sept. 7, 1918.

Moved farther up

Sept. 16, 1918

Had a few bombs dropped at us - pretty close.

Sept. 26, 1918

1st Batt. went into the lines at the Verdeen Front.

Changed fronts about the middle of Oct. for the Metz front.

Went up in front of the town.

Bulgaria surrendered.

The last of September 30, 1918

Turkey signed an armistice Oct. 31, 1918.

Austria, it was reported to have signed peace terms Nov 3, 1918.

November 8, 1918

In 5 weeks all Germany's confederates have laid down their arms as the result of disastrous defeats in the field. The order of surrender has been -

Bulgaria; entered the war October 1, 1915

The armistice took effect on September 30, 1918.

Turkey; Entered the war November 5, 1914. Armistice in force October 31, 1918.

Austria; Began the war July 28 - 29, 1914. Armistice in force November 4, 1918.

December 15, 1918.

We stayed all night in the following towns on our hike from Ranziers to St. Maurice to Conflans to Norry-Le-Sec. Villerupt to Mercy-La-Pas. Senningen to Oberbillig to Bourglinster to Manternach.

December 7, 1918

Hiked from Ranzier to St. Maurice.

December 8, 1918

From St. Maurice to Conflans

December 9, 1918

From Conflans to Norry-Le-Sec.

December 10, 1918

From Norry-Le-Sec to Mercy-La-Pas

December 11, 1918

From Mercy-La-Pas to Villerupt

December 12, 1918

From Villerupt to Holzen

December 13, 1918

Laid over for a rest.

December 14, 1918

From Holzen to Sennigen

December 15, 1918

From Sennigen to Oberbillig, Germany

December 16, 1918

From Oberbillig to Mantermach

December 17 & 18, 1918

Laid over for a rest.

December 19, 1918

From Manternach to Bourglinster

December 20, 1918

From Bourglinster to Bettendorf.

January 1, 1919

Had a big horse show for the whole regiment. The 1st Bat. got three firsts and five seconds and one third prize out of it.

1918 - 1919

From Dec. 22 to Jan. 13 stayed in Bettendorf.

From Jan. 13 to April 18 stayed in Touhren.

From April 18 to April 26 stayed at Gilsdorf.

From April 26 to April 29 enroute to Brest.

From April 29 to May 11 in Brest

From May 11 to May 20th Sailing for America

From May 20th to May 27th in Camp Mills.

January 29, 1919

Went down to Diekirch and bought a watch, cost 80 francs

From May 27th to May 28th

Enroute for Camp Dodge.

Discharged May 29th, 1919

First Address: Pvt. Clarence V. Jensen, Co. C. 352nd Inf., Camp Dodge, Iowa

2nd Address: Co.5 2nd Prov. Rec. Rigt, Camp Logan, Houston, Texas

3rd Address: Co. D.130 U.S. Inf, Camp Logan, Houston Texas

4th Address: Co. D. 130 U.S. Inf, Camp Upton, Long Island, N.Y.

5th Address: Co. D. 130 Inf, A.E.F. Via N.Y. Somewhere in France.

6th Address: Supply Co. 130 Inf. A.E.F. Via N.Y. Somewhere in France.

Contributed and Transcribed by David Jensen, Grandson