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Soldier Boy at Nogales Writes Interesting Letter.
Contributed by Claudia Groh
From Nashua Reporter, 16 August 1917
March 28, 2013 newspaper clipping was transcribed by Beverly Witmer

Co. D. 35th U. S. Infantry,
Nogales, Ariz., July 29.

Dear Aunt and “Speed:” – Your letter of the 13th at hand and I was very much pleased to hear from you.

In regard to the country here, will say it is mountainous and mostly sand and rock, but it surely has changed since I first came. At first there was nothing but sand and rocks and a few cactus plants, but now the hills and everything is nice and green. It rains here every day and that is the reason. The other evening we had a regular cloudburst and one of the ditches running along across town, which was formerly dry, had six feet of water in it.

We took another hike out into the hills again last week. We dug trenches, patterned after those in Europe, had bayonet fencing, drill, etc. In spare time we caught tarantulas. They live in the ground and we dig them out, first using a little water to bring them to the top. They are poisonous and we do not monkey with them with our hands. We also caught a black snake and coach whip snake.

Our company was on guard Monday night and go on again Thursday night.

Nogales is about 5,600 population and is like all other towns. Of course there are some things different. Most things are higher priced than at home, and they sure do try to soak the soldier. A great many of the people are Mexicans or Spanish. In the number of autos here they have got other towns of their size going some. Also the stores have their advertising and signs printed in two languages, United States and Mexican. There are three movie shows here, all 10c, and they are sure good shows.

The Army Y.M.C.A. is the place that does the entertaining for the soldiers. They have moving pictures three times a week, which are free, a small library and reading material, also other lines of entertainment.

This is all I am able to write at this time. Your loving nephew and cousin, Talsey F. Fink.