Charles E. Hughes is the third from the left in the photo below.

Trusty, Young, Hughes, Cagley, Channer, Waite, Tucker, Conklin




West Half

  The west half of Chickasaw Township was taken care of during the Liberty Loan campaigns by a commitee of eight men of which Walter Trusty was chairman for the Third Loan, and R. R. Cagley for the Fourth and Fifth Loans. In the Second Loan, Bassett took $2,050 worth of bonds. The township was organized for the rest of the loans, and the people of the west half of the township took bonds of the Third Loan totalling $22,550; $29,700 of the Fourth Loan, and $18,267 of the Fifth Loan, making a total Liberty Bond subscription of $72,567.



Third, Fourth and Fifth Loans

Walter Trusty, Chairman, Third Loan
R. R. Cagley, Chairman, Fourth and Fifth Loans

John Channer
W.B. Waite
C. E. Hughes
L. L. Young
O. A. Conklin
Fred Tucker


Credit: Kathy Christensen, Oct. 2016