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Local/Area Funeral Homes & Newspapers
With Recent Obituaries Online

Some Locations Are In Neighboring Counties


Rieken Duhn Funeral Home (Griswold)
Recent obituaries are online.

Hockenberry Family Care Funeral Homes (Atlantic, Adair, Anita, Audubon)
Obituaries begining in 2006 are online.

Roland Funeral Service (Atlantic)
Obituaries begining in 2001 are online. Also, for funerals prior to 2001 and at least back into
the 1920's (probably to the establishment of Roland's) the birth and death dates of the deceased
are provided - just click "Past Obits" and enter the name into the "Search" field (e.g. John Smith).

Steen Funeral Service (Greenfield, Fontanelle, Massena)
Obituaries begining in 2010 are online.


Atlantic News Telegraph Obituaries
Obituaries begining 6/12/2009 are online.

Audubon County Advocate Journal Obituaries
Obituaries begining 6/12/2009 are online.

Des Moines Register Obituaries
Obituaries begining 4/11/2006 are online.
(State-wide distribution. Often prints obituaries from outside the Des Moines metro area.)

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