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The "Atlantic Candy Kitchen" is one of the best known business houses in Atlantic. This is not because its proprietor, F. G. Taylor, is an old resident of Atlantic, for he has been in business here less than a year, but because he is a hustler for business and possesses the knack of keeping the customers he is constantly adding to his trade. He came here from Red Oak, Iowa, and his store is located on Chestnut street, close to Sixth street. He has furnished it in mahogany, the effect giving the store an artistic appearance, putting in a handsome fountain and a full line of home made candies and handling the well known "Lowney" make in packages, thus enabling him to do a retail and wholesale business. He has recently had built an addition to the building for the purpose of increasing the output of his favorably known Velvet Ice Cream, an increasing demand for which is manifest in this part of the state.

Mr. Taylor is a member of the Commercial Club and stands for the best things in this community. On the 4th of January, 1910, the subject of this sketch was united in marriage to the charming and well known Miss Jane E. Owens, who comes from an old family of Red Oak. Mrs. Taylor has made a host of friends during her sojourn in Atlantic. She is an assistant to her husband and by her pleasing personality has added greatly to the success of this business.


Ten years ago W. N. Franks came to Atlantic from Perry and embarked in the drug business in the Nichols building where the store has since been located. When Mr. Franks came here the store was an old one, the fixtures were worn and the business was not the best, but it was not long after he took hold of the business that he commenced making improvements until today the store is one of the finest in Southwestern Iowa.

A few years ago the business was incorporated and the style of the firm changed to the Franks Drug Company, by which name it is now known. Mr. Franks is ably assisted in the store by his wife and their efforts have been directed to building up the business and improving the store and its service.

The handsome soda fountain, the attractive furnishings, the good service accorded each customer and the splendid stock carried in all the lines handled are some of the reasons why the store is popular and is adding to its clientelle every day. Mr. and Mrs. Franks are both personally popular and have a host of friends in and out of business.

Mr. Franks is a member of the Commercial Club and is affiliated with the Elks and in both himself and wife everything for the good of the town finds ready response.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 86. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, January, 2015.

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