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R. H. Parker


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Is associated with the Conrad Shoe Company as Secretary and Treasurer, his cognomen among shoe drummers is "show me" -- chargeable to his nativity -- Missouri.

To fit the feet is a feat that requires the services of an adept in this line of work.

Mr. Parker came to Atlantic in August, 1909, and in December the tenth of the following year became a member of this company.

His inclination for the shoe business is traceable both to heredity and environment, as his father conducted a store of this character for many years at Brookfield, Missouri.

He is a member of the Iowa Shoe Dealers' Association and stands for the best that this organization represents.

Mr. Parker's fraternal connections are with the Elks, and he is held in cordial regard and good will by all his friends and business associates.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 84. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, February, 2015.

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