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Mayor Joe Burnea


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The chief executive of Atlantic, Joseph Burnea, whose cut appears herewith, has long been a resident of the city and county and during all the years that he has called this his home has ever been a booster for Atlantic and the splendid county of which it is the capital.

Mr. Burnea was born in Detroit, Mich., January 3rd, 1869, and came to this city with his parents in 1870. His father was of French nativity and his mother German.

Mr. Burnea attended the public schools in this city and moved onto the farm in Washington township where he and his father farmed and lived there till twenty-four years ago, when they came to this city and embarked in the department store on West Sixth street, conducted now by the subject of this sketch, his father having died a number of years ago.

Mr. Burnea was elected mayor in March of 1911 and took office the first Monday in April of that year. He was elected mayor by a majority of two to one and the record he has made in the office has demonstrated that the confidence of the voters was not misplaced. During Mr. Burnea's administration the new water and light plant has been completed, 32 blocks of brick and asphalt paving have been laid and many things of value to the city done.

The health of the city has been exceptional during Br. [sic Mr.] Burnea's administration, there having been but eleven quarantines in that length of time, four for diptheria and seven for scarlet fever. The loss by fire has been small and in all other ways the city has prospered with "Joe" Burnea at the helm.

Mr. Burnea is always on the job. The welfare of the city, in its every department, receives his careful attention and the result has been a city government clean and capable. The city is free from drunkenness and immorality, the curfew ordinance has been enforced and in every way the law has been upheld with impartiality and in a manner calculated to inspire the respect of all her citizens.

As stated elsewhere in this article Mr. Burnea has been twenty-four years in business in this city and during that time he has always been found boosting for the town and lending his aid to everything which augered for her good. Before he was elected mayor he was for seven years a member of the council and was a participant in the legislation which resulted in the installation of the sewer system. For over twenty years Mr. Burnea has been a member of the Atlantic Fire Department and his time and money have ever been at the disposal of the fire boys. By virtue of his office Mr. Burnea is President of the Board of Health, Chief of Police and President of the Council.

In his own business and as mayor Mr. Burnea has made a success and has ever done well each duty assigned to him.

Atlantic is proud of her chief executive and he is entitled to the confidence of his constieutncy. [sic constituency]

The councilmen and city officials who with Mayor Burnea, have helped along the movement for progressive things are:
Jas. G. Whitney, City Treasurer.
T. E. Nichols, City Clerk.
Tom C. Whitmore, City Attorney.
J. S. Harlan, E. Crawford, James Stier, W. D. Lowe, J. D. Goff and Jake Christensen, councilmen.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 82. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, February, 2015.

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