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E. S. Harlan

If the News-Telegraph were deciding as to the most genial gentleman in Atlantic, and one whom it is always the most pleasure to meet, it would find E. S. Harlan, or "Ed" as he is known to his hosts of friends in the city and county, a strong candidate for the honor, with the chances in favor of his receiving the decision, for Mr. Harlan is one of those men who has learned that it does not cost anything to be courteous and that the man who finds the time to scatter a little sunshine along life's pathway, no matter what the calls upon his time, gets more out of life and enjoys the respect of his fellows in a higher degree than the man who is merely successful. And he has, too, learned the lessons of success, for, though yet on the sunny side of the meridian of life, he is on "easy street" financially and his business enterprises are in a thriving and prosperous condition. Mr. Harlan, who is at present the receiver in charge of the affairs of the Atlantic, Northern and Southern, is vice president of the Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, of which his father, J. S. Harlan, is the president, and he is also president of the Cumberland Savings Bank, at Cumberland.

Mr. Harlan is a native of this city, having been born in the Fourth Ward in March of 1875. He has lived practically all his life here, having been graduated from the Atlantic High School in the class of 1892. He commenced in the banking business in the old Commercial Bank with his father and R. G. Phelps and it was not long before he forged to the front to the extent that when the health of Mr. Phelps began to fail he was made the cashier. He held that position till January 7, 1905, when he became president of the Cumberland Savings Bank, and in 1910 he and his father, J. S. Harlan, bought the Bruce interests in the Iowa Trust and Savings Bank, and came into control of that institution.

Mr. Harlan is always a booster for Atlantic and demonstrates his love for the old town with his time and money, always at her disposal.

Mr. Harlan's estimable wife was Miss Ethel Waddell, daughter of the late Wm. Waddell, a long time prominent citizen of this city and county, and they and their charming children occupy the beautiful home on south Chestnut street, shown elsewhere in this edition.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 74. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, March, 2018.

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