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G. E. UEHRAN, D. V. S., and
L. M. GETZ, M. D. C.

These gentlemen are in love with their profession and keep in touch will all its advancements and improvements. The success they have acheived is the result of the experience in active practice. The list of their patrons is large and growing and as extensive as could be expected.

Dr. Geo. E. Uehran


Dr. Uehran has been established in Atlantic for over 18 years; on the 28th of March, 1910, was appointed assistant State Veterinarian by Gov. B. F. Carroll, reappointed to this office on the 22nd of June, 1911. His chief is Dr. J. I. Gibson, State Veterinarian, who succeeded Dr. P. O. Koto. During this period there have been several serious outbreaks of infectious diseases in this immediate vicinity that were energetically stamped out to the entire satisfaction of the department of the State government. In 1911 Dr. Uehran entered in partnership with Doctor Getz, a graduate of the class of 1911 of the Chicago Veterinary College, receiving therefrom the degree of M. D. C. Since their association their practice has shown a healthy increase; they have two hospitals fully equipped with the latest surgical and mechanical appliances manufactured for use in this work and are fitted for the counvenience and comfort of those who entrust them with any ills that horses are afficted with.

If there is anything about the Veterinary business that these two gentlemen do not know, this paper has failed to discover it, and with pleasure we call attention to the sources they are achieving, and the News-Telegraph extends the most cordial felicitations to Drs. Uehran and Getz that they may continue to reap the rewards of many years spent in perfecting themselves in this science.

Dr. L. M. Getz


A. W. LANGE, D. V. S.

Dr. Lange has taken charge of the Veterinary Hospital and practice formerly conducted by V. J. Robinson, M. D. C. Dr. Lange has installed an automobile service that all calls may be given quick attention. He is meeting with a very cordial reception from the people of this part of Iowa. At present there is a look of business and "get there" about this institution which is in itself a trade attraction.

Dr. Lange is a native of Wisconsin and after graduation from the Chicago Veterinary College with the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine conferred upon him, returned to the Badger state and engaged in the practice of his profession for a period.

Dr. A. W. Lange


He is in love with his work and keeps abreast of every movement that is made in this science. At his hospital there is every known surgical instrument for the treatment or alleviation of pain to which the animal kingdom is heir.

It has only been a brief time since most any man thought he possessed the knowledge to treat afflicted animals. The fallacy of this view is now universally acknowledged. To treat domestic animals is as great a science as to treat human beings. Not long since the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals issued a very timely article on this topic. The preparation and study that is necessary before one masters this science is long and requires an extraordinary effort.

Dr. Lange has enjoyed a good practice from the start and is busy most of the time. He has been very successful with his cases and enjoys the confidence of his clientell to a high degree.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 65. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass March, 2018.

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