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The publishers of this great special edition of the News-Telegraph would consider that a part of its duties in connection with the compilation of the work was left undone did they fail to give a place in it to Hon. Lafayette Young, who was the founder and publisher for years of the Telegraph part of the News-Telegraph. Recently the writer devoted considerable time to reading over the files of the old Telegraph in the days when Mr. Young was directing its destinies, and though that paper was not the news institution that the News-Telegraph is and the space devoted to local affairs was much less than is now devoted to them, the significant thing we discovered in our search if [of] the files was that scarcely an issue was published that did not contain some flattering comment on the State of Iowa, and the city of Atlantic.

Mr. Young is a candidate for a place in the Senate of the United States to succeed Senator Kenyon. The people will be asked to determine between them at the republican primary on June 3rd. The News-Telegraph is "for" Lafe Young for Senator because it believes that he is the best equipped man for the place to be found in the State of Iowa. His fund of information, his ability to tell it or write it, his application of the things he has learned, to the laws of his country, his grip of public affairs and above all the fact that he is a business man--a successful business man--who has been meeting pay-rolls every week for about forty years, and knows the business side of questions as a practical business man and as distinguished from the theoretical politician, constitute some of the reasons why this paper wish him successful [success] in his campaign for the Senate.

Lafayette Young

This county is his old home county; this city is his old home city. Here he came when a young man to hew out for himself a place in the affairs of state. Here his children were born. He is bound to the people of this city and county by a hundred ties and the affection he has for his old home and his old friends should be reciprocated by them on the third day of June. He is entitled to and should receive a practically unanimous vote here.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg. 47. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, March 2018.

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