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Lawrence R. Forsyth

Lawrence R. Forsyth, who seeks the republican nomination as candidate for County Attorney at the coming June primaries, is a graduate of the law department of Drake University and was first elected to the office he now holds, Clerk of The District Court, in 1908, taking his office in January 1909. He was re-elected in 1910 and is now serving his second term in the office. Previous to his election to the office in his own right he served as deputy under C. B. Clovis, and both times he was elected to the office he received the largest majority on the republican ticket. At the time of his election he was the youngest Clerk of The District Court in the State.

Mr. Forsyth has given splendid satisfaction in the office of Clerk of the District Court, has treated the public with uniform courtesy, and has been efficient at all times in the discharge of the duties of the office.

"Lawrence", as he is known by a host of friends, is a Cass county product, having been born here, and is the son of H. K. Forsyth, the well known Griswold stock man.

Mr. Forsyth is amply qualified for the office he seeks. He practiced law in Des Moines after he graduated from school and his experience in the office he now fills has added to his fitness for the position of County Attorney.

Mr. Forsyth is married, his wife having been Miss Mazie Egbert, and they have one son, Lawrence R. Forsyth, Jr. Raised on a farm and with a thorough business training Mr. Forsyth has added to his qualifications as the years have gone by, by a broadmindedness and square toed view of life which augur well for him in the future. The memory of many in the city is still clear in regard to the incident of a few years ago when he helped on her way a poor woman about to become a mother, who with her husband had arrived here footsore and weary, after she had stolen the pocketbook of his wife. Not only did Mr. Forsyth forget the offense, but his kind heart was so filled with pity for her that he went out of his way to see that she and her husband were well cared for.

The position that Mr. Forsyth has filled so creditably has given him a clear insight in the working of all the other County offices which he feels has trained him to the extent that his knowledge will be of practical benefit to the people if intrusted with the County Attorneyship. He has also made a personal investigation of all cases brought before the court during his term of office.

Honest, kind, fearless in the discharge of duty, a republican always, Lawrence R. Forsyth, is asking for the vote of the republicans on his merit as a man and on the record he has made.

From: Industrial Edition, published by Atlantic News Telegraph, Atlantic, Iowa, 1913, pg.46. Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, March 2018.

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