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  Deaths - 1981

Atlantic Local Chronology for 1981 - Deaths

Deaths extracted from
"Local Chronology of 1981", Atlantic News Telegraph, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 1982, pg. 5:

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2Ted Battersby, 88, died
3Mable Eichorn, 84, died
5Harry Tyler, 92, Athol Hoffman, 83, and Royal Haner, 82, died
7Detlef Sorensen, 90, died
8Martha Dreager, 82, died
9Robert Stewart, 86, died
10Duane Eckles, formerly of Atlantic died in oil refinery explosion in Texas
12Ralph Hammond, 92, and Marie Lang, 88, died
13Mal Livengood, 59, died
16Blanche Estensen, 78, died
17Fay Corbin, 85, died
19Ed Meyer, 60, and Della Winters, 88, died
23Gertrude Ellick, 76, and Colleen Schmidt, 41, died
2Mrs. Anna Waters, 93, died
9Alma Martens, 88, and Colleen Tibben, 31, died
14Raymond Anderson, 87, died
16Glenn Strittmatter, 68, died
17Mrs. Marie Johnson, 91, died
18Eugene Piittmann, 27, died
27Ronald Vargas, 18, died of accident injuries
2Ruth Daft, 85, died
9Philip Chase, 19, of Atlantic and Jeffrey Harris, 18, of Oakland killed in auto accident near Oakland
11Hannah Hoegh, 88, died
12Charles Krall, 56, died
21Sgt. Bud Brehmer, 47, of Iowa Highway Patrol died
23Mrs. Bernice Peterson, 66, died
24Sadie Christensen, 79, died
25Charles Swinehart, 87, died
30Thomas Bagley, 76, died
31Christy Fuhlendorf, 73, died
2Mrs. Edna Simon, 77, died
4Mellie Easter, 87, died
10Mrs. Anna Clausen, 102, died
11Darrell Eblen, 57, Atlantic High School principal, died
13Alice Hawes, 90, died
15John Beauchamp, 58, died
18Mrs. George Taylor, 70, died
20Caroline Sash, 94, died
22Everett Gustin, 68, died
29Ray Viether, 65, died
13Goldie Odem, 76, and Chris Christensen, 89, died
20Mabel Budd, 67, and Alice Wilkins, 61, died
21Robert Prall, 86, died
1Emil Juds, 78, and Raymond Wright, 71, died
5Don Hockenberry, 67, died
8Chauncey Heckman, 87, died
12Kate Givan, 92, died
13Glen Kreeger, 67, died
15Susan Simpson, 51, died
24Denise Ohms fatally injured in Omaha accident
2Bessie Clements, 84, died
6Mrs. Rex Toler, 69, Frank Novanty, 71, and Victor Nisson, 74, died
8Mrs. Eunice Montgomery, 75, died
13Blanche Rudy, 82, died
15Art Armentrout, 86, died
16Harry Knudsen, 67, Joseph Brooks, 75, Emma Sothman, 89, and Maye Burke, 84, died
20John Willms, 80, and Mrs. Jean Pearson, 82, died
24Mrs. Edith Hoehn, 77, died
28Lucy Foster, 92, died
30Julia Brown, 82, died
8John E. Barringer, 73, died
12Anna Holland, 87, died
13Howard Rudolph, 71, died
15Gladys Rassmussen died
17Nevada man killed on interstate 80
19Colorado man killed in interstate 80 mishap, Eric Lofgren, 81, and Max Bullock, 77, died
22Alan D. Knop, 31, killed in auto crash here
27Monsignor John J. Reynolds, 78, died
8Dagmar McDermott, 78, died
14George McCrory, 68, died in tractor mishap
21John Budd, 69, died
23Werner Blunk, 89, died
25Avoca woman died in truck accident
3Josephine Arn, 75, died
6Mr. and Mrs. James Kenworth of rural Grant and Goldia Frey killed in auto accident; Walter Knop, 89, and Clyde Hansen, 65, died
7Robert Sisler, 49, of Anita died in truck accident
12Jessie Campbell, 89, died
20Minnie Prall and Herbert Cashatt, 74, died
21Mrs. Agnes Gunderman, 82, died
26Ike Levine, 87, died
27Orange Wheatley, 85, died
30Anna Pipgrass, 96, died
4Raymond Nelson, 75, died
9Karl Kay, 74, died
11Harley Erts, 72, retired patrol officer, died
19Oliver Pelzer, 79, died
20Newton truck drived killed near Walnut
23Laurie Bornholdt, 18, of Walnut killed in auto accident; Charlie Hansen, 81, died
27Nellie Amsden, 82, and Brenda Gilbertsen, 14, died
1Frances Holtz, 61, of Exira killed in auto crash near Brayton
5Mrs. Ross Bailey, 86, died
7Minnie Fay, 93, and Jessie Brown, 81, died
14Edith Sharp, 98, died
22William Walter, 64, died
29Merrill Parkinson, 87, died

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