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  Deaths - 1979

Atlantic Local Chronology for 1979 - Deaths

Deaths extracted from
"Local Chronology of 1979", Atlantic News Telegraph, Tuesday, January 30, 1980, pg. 7:

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2John Steffens, 79, and Fred H. Baier, 83, died
3Mrs. Cora Christensen, 75, died
6Earl Guttenfelder, 75, died
10Kevin Anstey of Cumberland killed in auto accident; Clarence Petersen, 69, died
15Janie Kewin, 81, Nellie Butler, 78, and Mrs. Pearl Doolittle, 92, died
17Mrs. Margueritte Ross, 64, died
20Mrs. Minnie Watson, 91, died
25Mrs. Wilma Moon, 61, died
26Robert Dalton, 66, died
29Douglas Polkingharn, 79, died
31Mrs. Beatrice Gittens, 101, died
7Walter Kolb, 95, died
8Mrs. Charlotte Sandhorst, 85, died
10Mrs. Louise Pieken, 89, died
14Harley J. Miller, 76, died
2James Pelzer, 80, died
5Hans O. Jepsen, 84, died
6Egbert Nelson, 78, died
9Zoe Norris, 83, died
15Mrs. Anna Hart, 90, died
19Mrs. Emma Dreager, 75, died
21Glenn Weirich, 53, Lewis farmer, killed in accident
22Mrs. Towy Baxter, 77, died
2Fred Taylor, 65, died
4Mrs. Etta Craun, 93, died
7Cecil Miller, 57, died
9Martin Hansen, 76, died
25Harvey Weatherby, 75, died
30Minnie Bonnesen, 78, and Christy Knudsen, 84, died
2Wilbur Dallinger, 87, died
3Cecil Loghry, 69, died
4Glenn Coon, 67, died
14Council Bluffs woman dies of injuries received in interstate 80 accident near Wiota interchange
16Alfred Remien, 88, died
22Gustaf Schwartz, 61, died
24Loretta Jones, 80, died
25Zelia R. Waters, 86, and Ralph Anderson, 58, died
29Mark Waters, Atlantic police officer, died in accidental shooting
2Glen Porch, 84, died
7Roy Preston, 89, died
8Hart Green, 59, died; Juanita Wittmuss, 40, died from injuries in auto accident at Lincoln, Neb.
11Joseph Lawton, 86, died
13Stanley Overton, 67, died
21Harold Lane, 65, died
29Olaf Olsen, 88, died
2Mrs. Ethel M. South, 76, died
5Paul Earl, 68, died
20Paul Waldau, 89, and Fred Lauritsen, 68, died
25Myrtle Neal, 94, died; California woman killed near Anita interchange
28Truby Bell, 71, died
6Wilbur Hendrix of Griswold, 74, died in truck accident
8Vena Vawter, 80, died
9Gretchen Kuhr, 78, died
13Nell Quinlen, 88, Mrs. Mildred Nelson, 74, and Tim Saunders, 72, died
17Mrs. Irene Reese, 82, died
24Mrs. Pearl Brown, 89, died
29Perry Ward, 82, died
1William McVey, 92, died
4E. C. Henningsen, 80, and Emma Pilmer, 90, died
10Mary Saunders, 103, and Raymond Grulke, 78, died; Ralph Cockshoot, retired Atlantic attorney, died
14Mrs. Gladys Brown, 90, died
17Mrs. Martha Hansen, 85, died
21Frank Auerbach, 86, died
25John Gauvreau, 84, and Mary E. Miller, 86, died
27Lucille Vick, 50, died
29Cuba Graham, 81, died
1Roy F. Wohlenhaus, 78, died
3Ada Walter, 94, died
12John Quinn, 90, died
15Bessie Neff, 89, died
22Marie B. Jorgensen, 92, died; Jerry Dorsey, formerly of Anita and two daughters killed in Missouri auto accident
23Bertha Baxter, 94, died
26Mrs. Grace Schuler, 82, died
29Two killed in fiery crash near Casey; Donald Conroy, 61, died
30Mrs. Duane Orton, 69, died
1Mrs. Pearle Vetter, 79, and Mrs. Maxine Taylor, 66, died
2Floyd Young, 83, died
16Maude Goff, 79, died
19Michael Kirby, 21, and David Jayne, 19, of Exira killed in auto accident at Anita; Mrs. Eleanor Johnson, 62, died
26Francis Miller, 60, died
28Mrs. Irene West, 69, died
30James Tierney, 82, of Walnut killed in accident near Marne
3Mrs. Jackie Petersen, 57, died
11Mrs. Mary Andrews, 35, and D. Earl Johnson, 97, died
24Mrs. Theo Udo, 84, died
31Sophia Sanny, 88, and Mrs. Isabel Slepsky, died

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