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  Deaths - 1976

Atlantic Local Chronology for 1976 - Deaths

Deaths extracted from
"Local Chronology of 1976", Atlantic News Telegraph, Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1977, pg. 4:

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5Harry Simon, 70, Lela Christensen, 86, and Henry Auerbach, 91, died
7Mrs. Mel Briley, 60, died
9Cliff Conklin, 72, died; Marcella Myers, 34, of Cumberland killed in Missouri auto accident
12Martha Ulrich, 75, and Ronald Schaaf, 51, died
13Anna McMahon, 88, died
23Oscar Knop, 77, died
26Armour Martin, 75, and Agusta Dimig, 84, died
9Lulu Hagen, 96, died
10George Brawe, 88, died
17Hans Rasmussen, 70, died
20Anna Knop, 92, died
23Ida Templeman, 86, and Ted Larsen, 77, died
1Mrs. Ray Anderson, 83, died
8Louie Schaaf, 74, Mrs. Norma Tanner, 60, and Charles B. Drummond, ?5, died
9Mrs. Josephine Lang, 90, and Mrs. Anna Beekman, 88, died
18Mrs. Imo Wise, 86, died
23Blendena Salisbury, 92, died
24Lloyd Railsback, 59, of Griswold died in farm accident
25Mrs. Vivian Bills, 85, died
26Sam Gibson, 81, died
27Mrs. Ida Scybert, 91, and Mrs. Edna Knop, 77, died
3Frank Donohoe, 52, died
14Adolf Andersen, 70, died
16Leo Moyson died
22Lemuel Jipsen, 69, died
26Mrs. Clara Quist, 83, died
28Mrs. Edward Cole, 67, died
5Soren Olsen, 78, died
7Robert Porter, 19, killed in accident near Council Bluffs
10Chicago, Ill., woman killed on Interstate 80 near Anita interchange
17Bertha Morgan, 72, died
19Carl Schwartz, 79, died
21Mrs. Myrtle Heuss, 69, died
22Marvin C. Williams, 66, died
24Mrs. Ida Kuhr, 85, and Ruth Jones, 82, died
27Andrew Gunderson, 87, died
1Mrs. Grace McConnelee, 81, died
2Mae Pardee, 96, died
4Mrs. Helene Lensch, 85, died
12Clarence Zellmer, 63, died
14Rev. Harold Smith, 83, died; Lynn Klindt, 21, who was employed here, killed in auto crash near Shelby
23Mrs. Hazel Stone, 71, died
26Mrs. Vera Drehle, 66, died
6Anna Hartkopf, 86, died
10William Berlin, 24, of Cumberland killed in truck-tractor accident
12Young Audubon girl dies in blaze
15Mrs. Marie Odem, 74, died
22Mrs. Lavina Wheatley, 83, died
27Harold Blodgett, 37, died; Michigan boy died in car accident near Adair
2Fred Gustason, 77, died
9Mrs. Ethel Gaines, 60, died
10Will Ferguson, 83, died
11Two Avoca residents believed killed in Colorado flood
13Mary Kneisel, 76, died
16Mrs. Katharine Behrends, 85, died
19James Pierce, 30, died
23Anna Anthes, 87, died
26Maurice Kendall, 40, and Eda Stuetelberg, 88, died
27Harry Kay, 88, died
2Mel Mailander, 54, died
4Mrs. Eleanor Liljegren, 57, and Mrs. Lloyd Hannon, 74, died
7Mrs. Louise Chandler, 63, died
21Laurel Cooper, 58, died
27Roy Beck, 64, died
2Walter Nelson, 95, died
8Mary Ann Logue, 41, died
9Mrs. Sylvan Schwarte, 53, and daughter, Mrs. Richard Andersen, 27, killed in auto accident near Council Bluffs
10Earl Gordon, 70, died
12Louise Edwards, 61, died
15Mrs. Beula Jones, 78, died
27Peter Lamberty, 77, died
28Noreen Manke, 55, died
30Preston Luin, 26, killed in auto crash
1Sylvan Schwarte, 57, and Grace Cook, 88, died
5Mrs. Mabel Bornholdt, 79, died
19John Lancey, 84, died
22Ross Wright, 70, and Gertrude Dimig, 85, died
23Roy Comes, 68, died
2Joyce Cavin of Lewis killed in accident; Charles Kinser, 19, of Massena killed in crash
10Mrs. Harold Hanke, 55, died
22Robert Crolley, 77, and Dale Templeman, 62, died; Jeff Lamar, 24, of Des Moines killed in accident on Interstate 80
28Mrs. Bobbie Scott, 34, died
30Roy E. Jacobsen, 50, of Exira killed in pickup-train accident north of Atlantic

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