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  Deaths - 1974

Atlantic Local Chronology for 1974 - Deaths

Deaths extracted from
"Local Chronology of 1974", Atlantic News Telegraph, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 1975, pg. 6:

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2Mrs. Annie Chandler, age 91, died
12Mrs. Flora Schooley, age 80, died
14Mrs. Agnes Lambertsen, age 82, and Mrs. Versa Campbell, age 77, died
15Mrs. Ione Cardio, 73, died
16Mrs. Irene Coles, 90, died
21Harry Peterson, died
23William Morgan, 81, died
25Sherryl Jones, 20, died in auto accident
28Mrs. Lola McCrory, 82, died
4Byron Judd, 78, died
8Jack Peacock, 93, died
11Mary Newman, 80, died
12Everett Shutt, 70, died
13Albert Clark, 53, died
18Mrs. Anna Rice, 91, and Gail Kay, 63, died
19Etta Wheatley, 80, died
20Ambrose Pellett, 58, died
21Donald McLaren, 56, former Cass County assessor, died
22Gerald Alexander, 70, Mrs. Ollie Preston, 80, and Mrs. Blanche Bibby, 83, died
26Mrs. Mary Thomas, 59, and Jack Miller, 85, died
28Mrs. Robert Gaines, 29, died
2Mrs. George Snow, 57, died
4Mrs. Ceatta Hicks, 78, died
5Mrs. Anna Pankow, 95, died; Andrew Sarsfield, 77, died of accident injuries
8Troy Fisher, 81, died
14Albert Morgan, 80, died
19Jens Christensen, 90, died
23Anton Steffens, 76, died
25Andrew J. Christensen, 83, died
29Charles Drake, 74, and Mrs. Vera Meredith, 81, died
1Francis Render, 85, died
5Albert Bees, 69, died
9Mrs. Helene Voggesser, 78, died
18Steve Bielema, 2 1/2, died
19Dr. A. B. Hillhouse, 52, and Charles Tilton, 78, died
22Lars Sorensen, 88, died
23Corey Williams died
26Agnes Paup, 82, and Mrs. William Savage, 84, died
29Mrs. Guylene Schwartz, 64, died
1Claude Hyndman, 69, died
6Clara Dallinger, 84, died
8Ole Justesen, 76, died
13Glenn Potter, 17, of Griswold killed in car-motorcycle accident
15Paul Smith, 61, and Albert Thomas Sr., 86, died
17Mrs. Frank Retz, 83, died
20Mrs. Sophia Peterson, 86, and Mrs. Frank Mailander, 92, died
30Mrs. William Aldrich, 85, died
3Joseph Sunberg, 20, drowned near Brayton; Mrs. Katie Jacobsen, 83, died of accident injuries
7Mr. and Mrs. James Nichols, both 77, of Cumberland killed in auto accident at Saint Joseph, Mo.; Mrs. Peter Lamberty, 74, died
14Lee Johnson, 80, and Cleo Briley, 66, died
18Leona Chaffee, 91, died
22Mrs. Gertrude Hutchinson, 87, died
1Ernest Hansen, 76, died
5Thomas Trailer, 73, died
8Mrs. Ida Nelson, 89, died
12William Hammann, 85, died
13Milo Schwenneker, 66, died
15Rose Koob, 74, died
17J. Hughes Stone, 74, died
20Mrs. Rose Justesen, 75, died
24Mrs. Rose Warner, 88, and August Cron, 98, died
2Mr. and Mrs. Roy Negly of Elliott killed in Montana auto crash
12William Laughlin, 16, of Griswold died in auto accident
16Harry Robinson, 89, died
22Mrs. Vera Hodges, 81, died
24Mathias Berger, 75, died
29Paul Creek, 66, died
3Earle Britton, 79, died
9Alfred Williams, 74, died
11Mrs. Maude Chaney, 94, died
13Harley Warren, 66, died
16Mrs. Lena Bendixen, 84, died
23Eda Christensen, 67, died
30Ted Andersen, 72, died
8Lulu Petersen, 73, died
9George Olsen, 66, died
17Mrs. Christian Jones, 78, died
21Lester Baron, 82, died
4Gladys Beckel, 34, died
7Alma Beckwith, 80, died
12Walter Schwartz, 70, died
13Hans Carstensen, 75, died
19Joe Herbert, 68, died
20Johnny Rush, 16, of Griswold died of auto accident injuries
23Donald Weber, 17 of Griswold killed in an auto accident
6Mrs. Bertha Pollock, 67, died
7Willis Henningsen, 55, of Omaha, formerly of Atlantic, found shot to death there
11Inez Sherk, 96, died
13Max Martens, 73, died
14Mary Breheny, 88, died; Larry Fichter, 35, of Griswold killed in auto crash
26Raymond Lee Rochholz, 45, former Adair resident, his wife Evelyn (Gates) Rochholz, 43, and Phillip Minton, 39, of Fontanelle killed in two-car crash near Fontanelle
26*Frank Retz, 84, died
27Lavay Chadwick, 59, died
30Jo Lee Good, 18, of Lewis killed in auto accident here

Contributed by Cheryl Siebrass, May 10, 2020.

*Death incorrectly listed in chronology on 12/27; corrected to 12/26.

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