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Walter F. and C. E. Marsh

Brown, Decker, Donnell, Egan, Millhollen, Montgomery, Silver, Simpson

Among the early settlers of that part of the county now know as Benton township, may be named Walter F. and C. E. Marsh, who settled there in 1855. Their mother, who accompanied them died in 1869. Anson Brown lived on Crooked Creek when the Marshes came, having located there in 1854. James Montgomery improved the farm on which Orson Brown now resides. Mr. Montgomery's son Frank was killed in Missouri during the war. A Mr. Egan improved the farm on which C. Slater now resides, in 1854, or began its improvement that year. Mr. Egan was killed in that year, by his team running off with him. In 1854 Wm. Milhollen lived where L. D. Pearson now lives. Jonathan Decker lived on the farm now occupied by Benjamin Simpson; Rensalear Silver tilled the farm that John Dill cultivates now. James B. Donnell, who died this year lived in that part of the county in 1853.

From "History of Cass County, Iowa Together With Brief Mention of Old Settlers," by Lafe Young, Atlantic, Iowa, Telegraph Steam Printing House, 1877, pg. 58.

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