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Glidden High School Class of 1960

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As Juniors

Willey, Roller, Dobson, Stuhr, Fleshner, Bundt, Fisher, Stricker, Frease, Gregory

Cornelius, Bushman, Hall, Storesund, Clausen, Lovell, Smith, Owen, Fagan, Heck, Oxenford

Willey, Vermillion, MacDonald, Hobbs, Trinkle, Weible, Burdine, Hartwigsen, Rains, Sylvester

Hayes, Stricker, Peters, Ennis, Peters, Tryon, Turner, Kerwood, Boes, Fagan


As Sophomores

Bushman, Clausen, Smith, Bundt, Dobson, Stuhr, Fleshner, Roller

Whelan, Storesund, Willey, Willey, Fagan, Lovell, Gregory, Frease, Stricker, Silbaugh, Hall, Miller

Sylvester, Burndine, Tunick, Hartwigsen, Owens, Trinkle, Weible, Heck, Hobbs, Mac Donlad

Stricker, Fagan, Peters, Peters, Kerwood, Tryron, Turner, Ennis, Boes, Rains


As Freshman

As Seventh Graders

Turner, Peters, Peters, Stricker, Ennis, Brown, Fagan, Kerwood, Owens, Tryton, Martens

Mr. Burgess, Fagan, Sanders, Hobbs, Willey, Willey, Gregory, Vermillion, Trinkle, Heck, Stricker, MacDonald

Frease, Jones, Kinney, Dobson, Fisher, Bundt, Cuddy, Stuhr, Fleshner, Coil

Smith, Storesund, Rathgeber, Hartwigsen, Tunink, Burdine, Sylvester, Hall, Bushman


As Second Graders

Brody, Stricker, Fisher, Heck, S. Fagen, Sanders, Vermillion, MacDonald, Crimmings, Frease, Wenck

Tryton, Brown, J. Fagen, Trinkle, Beverly Willey, Miss Kunze, Barbara Willey, Hobbs, Vest, Kerwood, Kerr

Thompson, Lange, Peters, Tunink, Hartwigsen, Kruger, Owens, Gute, Sylvester, Burdine, Smith, Hall


As First Graders

Wenck, Crimmings, Fisher, MacDonald, Vermillion, Heck, S. Fagan, Stricker, Frease

Tunnick, Brown, Kruger, Trinkle, Barbara Willey, Beverly Willey, Sanders, Kerwood, Tryron, Hartwigsen

Mrs. Riedesel, Thompson, Hall, Gute, Vest, J. Fagan, Burdine, Sylvester, Peters, Smith

(Not present: Gloria Hobbs)

Kindergarteners (B-F, L-R)

Marilyn S., Larry B., Larry T., Charla V., Larry D., Melvin K., Deanna F., Arlette H., Anna D.

Ronald K., Roger P., John V., Jerom G., Ronald H., John S., Beverly W., Shirley M.

Garry T., Lyle T., Sandra F., Barbara W., Beverly W., Keith S., Dian C., Mary Jane S., Diane F., Marilyn H., John H.

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