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Glidden High School Class of 1958

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Margie Trinkle

Kenneth Spragus

John Subbert

Ann Smith

Larry Storesund

David Smith

Glenyce Everts

Lloyd Robinson

Susan Remsburg

LaVonne Slocum

Lucille Peterson

Larold Riese

Harry Nielsen

Ralph Johnston

Byron Nair

Joe Johnson

Joyce Klass

Kenneth R. Johnston

Sandra Jenkins

Russell Heck

Larry Heuton

Shirley Gross

James Heuton

Ruth Gregory

Linda Fister

Jane Danner

LaVonne Fick

Phillip Bushman

Susan Shriver

Jerry Bender

David Moorhouse Secretary-Treasurer

Betty Thelen Student Council

Frankie Nolin Vice President

Kenneth E. Johnston Presiden


As Juniors

Subbert, L. Heuton, J. Johnston, Storesund, Everts, Peterson, Gregory, Slocum, Jenkins

Mrs. Oxenford, Smith, Danner, Shriver, Thelen, Fick, Gross, Klasss, Nolin, Tinkle, Remsburg

Sprague, K. E. Johnston, Ralph Johnston, Nielsen, Robinson, K. R. Johnston, Heck, Dave Moorhouse

Mr. Eicke, J. Heuton, Bender, Riese, SMith, Nair, Bushman, Mr. Weed


As Freshman

L. Heuton, L. Storesund, L. Peterson, L. Slocum, S. Jenkins, J. Subbert, J. Heuton, M. Miller, ro Gregory, G. Everts, L. Riese, K. Sprague

J. Fagan, K. E. Johnston, S. Sanders, R. Heck, P. Bushman, J. Bender, D. Moorhouse, D. Smith, S. Shriver, H. Nielsen, K.R. Johnson, Mr. Eicke

B. Thelen, L. Fick, A. Smith, J. Kless, K. Trinkle, N. Rath, B. Nair, W. Noel, S. Remsburg, F. Nolin, S. gross, J. Danner, S. Riedesel


As Fourth Graders

Clapper, Thelen, Slocum, Riedesel, Sanders, Fick, Thompson, Lange, Everts, Peterson

Miss Iserman, Shriver, Nolin, Meister, Klaas, Smith, Remsburg, Trinkle, Jenkins

K. E. Johnston, K. R. Johnston, Moorhouse, Bender, Toms, Vest, Bushman, Janssen, Nielsen, Heuton, Sprague



As Third Graders

Peterson, Slocum, Rothmeyer, Thompson, Jenkins, Thelen, Harrison, clapper, Everts, Gross

Mrs. Lawrence, Snook, Heuton, Nielsen, Janssen, Bender, Vest, Moorhouse, K.R. Johnston, K.E. Johnston, J. Johnston, Sprague

Fick, Riedesel, Thrinkle, Remsburg, Meister, Klass, Smith, Nolin, Shriver, Sanders



Grade Two (B-F L-R)

LeRoy J., Rita T., Shirley G., Sydna R., Ellen L., Sandra S., Glen V., LaVonne S., Bob B., Kenneth S., David S., Chlay H.

LaVonne F., Susan S., Anne S., Mary Anne M. Joyce K., Daivd M., James H., Paul H., Lucile P.

Joe J., Susan R., Raymond H., Kenneth Roy J., Jerry B., Kenneth J., Sandra J., Harry N., Glenyce E., Judith C.

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