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Glidden High School Class of 1955

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As Seniors

Geo. Steigerwalt

Henry Gross

Edward Wever

Romayne Gliem

Ronald Kasperbauer

Laverne Gute

Shirley Wenck

Joan Whitaker

David Brewer

John Petersen

Donna Rabb

Mauiel MacDonald

Michael Miller

Larry Wilcox

Shirley Heuton

Darlene Nielsen

Donald Gotsch

Bruce Pratt

Eileen Subbert

Shirley Nees

Richard Stoolman

Geo. Gregory

Mary Katheryn Halligan

Marlene Heuton

Donald Smith

Ronald Dennis

Joyce Hall

Sandra Emery

Wlm. Daivs

Gaylord Tryon

Geraldien Bundt

Beverly Bish

Leroy Fick

Duane Brant

Janice Black


As Seventh Graders

Wenck, Rose, Black, Nielsen, Vest, Whitaker, Bish, Halligan, Hall

Mr. Nystuen, Thede, Steigerwalt, Pratt, Tunink, Steininger, Smith, Sprimont, Brewer, Moore, Mozena

Gliem, Petersen, Stoolman, Wilcox, Tryon, Brant, Davis, Gross, Kasperbauer


As Sixth Graders

Hall, Black, Bish, Wooten, Nielsen, Vest, Wenck, Rose, Klinkefus, Halligan

Mr. Nysteun, Wilcox, Pratt, Mozena, B. Moore, Whitaker, MacDonald, Tryon, Gute, J. Moore, Petersen

Kasperbauer, Gliem, Brant, Thede, Smith, Tunich, Fick, Sprimont, Steigerwalt, Stoolman

Grade Five (B-F  L-R)

Donald S., Joan W., Muriel M., Jimmie M., Glenore V., Beverly B.

Gaylord T., Duane B., John P., Beverly K., Darlene N., Junior S.

Janice B., Larry W., Dean M., Roberta S., Howard T., Kenneth S., Robert S.

Joyce H., Shirley W., Billy D., LaVern G., LeRoy F., Richard S., Bruce P., Kay H.

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