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Family Story of The Patten Family

I have co-authored a book about the Patten family that lived in Jasper and Sheridan Townships. The Albert and Mary Patten family included my grandfather, Floyd Patten, who married Anna Billotte from Glidden. This first child was my mother Martha, followed by seven brothers who were all born in rural Carroll County. Beginning in 1934 the Patten brothers began joining the Navy and ultimately their father and the eight brothers were recognized as the Navy's largest family. Below is a description of the book.

Dale Sporleder



The Patten brothers sailed the seven seas in the service of their country for 124 years. By choice, they performed their yeoman role in guiding the destinies of the great ships they served. The Navy's largest family of eight brothers and their father were a banner of patriotism promoting war bonds and recruiting fellow sailors…all to support the battle to achieve and maintain liberty, freedom and justice.

The Iowa Patten brothers served patriotically in World War II. Six were on the
were on the Nevada next to the Arizona when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. They served on the aircraft carrier Lexington in the Battle of the Coral Sea. This saga fuses history and genealogy in a scholarly manner using meticulous research with engaging storytelling including an account of their ancestors coming to America, orphan trains, life during the Depression, and Navy episodes and escapades. The book intertwines family lore narratives with historical battle accounts to amplify an understanding of history and the Patten family. This is a heartwarming story recounted with authority, insight and scholarship.

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