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This photo, taken about 1906 in Coon Rapids, IA, is of the John Frank Macke family.

Left to right in the photo, standing, are: John, Charles, Michael, Elisabeth, Mary, Anna, William and Joseph, children of John Frank and Julia Ann (Boos) Macke.

John Frank and Julia Ann Boos were married on 27 Jan 1871 in Minnesota.

Seated in the photo are: Margaretha Deitering (nee Buchheit) and John Frank Macke. Margaretha is the 2nd wife of John Frank Macke, married 24 Feb 1897.

Three of the children, Elizabeth, Michael, and Anna were born in the vicinity of St. Cloud, Minnesota. In 1875, the family moved by covered wagon and ox team to Eden Township, Carroll County, to a farm 3 miles south of Templeton, where the rest of the children, Mary, Joseph A., John A., William R., and Charles H. were born.

Julia Ann (Boos), first wife of John Francis Macke, died on 22 May 1893, and is buried in Templeton, IA Cemetery. John Francis Macke died 26 Mar 1919 in Carroll, and is buried in Templeton Cemetery, but no tombstone exists at this time.

Below is an excerpt from the Templeton Centennial Book 1882 - 1982, citing some data similar to the historical data by S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. for Carroll County, IA. The second bit of data cites the family of Mike Macke, son of Frank John and Julia (Boos) Macke.

From the article on John Frank Macke family, we know that John and Rose (Broderick) Macke lived in Oakland, California. My wife and I (Bill Macke) visited them at their home in the East Oakland hills in 1953, when I was sent to the Presidio of San Francisco courtesy of the U. S. Army. He assisted us in getting an apartment in San Francisco, where we lived for two years. Both are now deceased and interred in Alameda County, California. John and Rose had two sons, Edward and Louis.

Joseph Aloysius and Mary Margaret (Trecker) Macke [Photo above] lived in Templeton area for several years, raising seven sons. One daughter died at an early age. In 1934, they moved to a ranch southeast of Mullen, NE, and lived there until 1937, when they moved into the town of Mullen, NE.

John Francis and Julia (Boos) Macke reportedly had fifteen children, only eight surviving. This is the information we currently have on those surviving descendants:

Elizabeth Macke (b. 1872, d. 1972) married John Vollmer, (b.1865). Their children included Ellen, Mabel, Etta, Leola and Julia.

Michael Macke (b. 4 Feb 1874, d. 14 Jun 1953) married Anna Stein (b. 27 May 1882, d. 24 Sep 1960). Their children included: Chloris (b.29 Jan 1901, d. 8 Mar 1988) who married Joseph Xchoeppner (b.1900, d. 1964):

Julia Macke (b. 22 Apr 1904) who married a Witte;

Edward Macke (b. 25 Nov 1906, d. 8 Sep 1995) who married Bonnie ??;

Lawrence Macke (b. 24 Sep 1909, d. 6 Dec 1979) who married Earlene Mary Thielen (b. 1912, d 1985);

Helen Macke (b. 1919, d 1919); Leonard Macke (b. 24 Sep 1915, d. May 1980 who married Carol Heitman;

Melvin Macke (b. Apr 1919 who married Barbara Daimler;

Louis Macke (b. 1920, d. 1967) who married Bette V. (b. 1920, d 1964).

Anna Maria Macke (b. 1875, d. 1947) married (1) John Foster, and (2) Herbert Hoover. Anna and John Fosterís children included Arthur J. Foster, Arnold Joseph Foster Herbert, Hazel, Marie, Harold and Anna.

Mary Macke, b. (1876, d. 1933) married Frank Vollmer (b. 1868, d. 1959) and their children include Bertha, Florence, Maggie, Joseph, Michael, Loretta, Maria, Clara, Isabel, and Charles.

Isabel Macke (no data available at this time)

Joseph Aloysius Macke (b. 19 May 1882, d. 15 Apr 1945) married Mary Margaret Trecker (b. 26 Dec 1880, d. 14 Oct 1939). Their children included: Frank Joseph (b. 1 Jul 1904, d. 28 Oct 1976) who married Irene Rosenblad (b. 3 Sep 1910, d. Mar 1981); Joseph Edward (b. 14 Oct 1905, d. 17 Jun 1992) who married Cecile Mae Siegfried (b. 28 Dec 1906, d. 27 Feb 2002), Clara Marie (b. 1907, d. 1909);

Leo Theodore (b. 7 Jun 1909, d. Jan 1967) who married Ruby McGuire (b. 20 Oct 1918, d. 6 Mar 1995); Sylvester John (b. 29 Apr 1911, d. 3 Dec 1975) who married Dorothy Ann Connor (b. 1910, d.2002);

William Aloysius (b. 11 Jun 1913, d. 3 Apr 1999) who married Bertha Elizabeth Law (b. 31 Aug 1919, d. 1994);

Edgar John (b. 22 Oct 1915, d. 18 Jun 1997) who married Frances Pauline Boyer, Donald William, (b. 1 Nov 1917, d. 4 Aug 1993) who married Marjorie Ellen Schneider.

John A. Macke (b. 22 Mar 1887, d. 14 May 1966) married Rose Broderick (b. 1 Aug 1893, d. 4 Jan 1981). Their children included Charles and Edward.

William R. Macke (b. 18 Jul 1891, d. 1958) married Mathilda Daniels (b. 1897, d. 1992). Their children include Margaret, Richard, and Robert. (Data is not confirmed at this time)

Charles Heinrich Macke (b. 22 May 1893, d. 26 Aug 1946) married Lelia Quirk (b. 21 Jul 1895, d. Jul 1982) Their children included Mary Isabel (b. 7 Mar 1915, d. 20 Dec 1996) who married Thomas Gerald Lally. Their children include Thomas C. and Mary Ellen; Francis Joseph (b. 20 Oct 1916, d. 31 May 2003) who married Leora Reiling (b. 22 Sep 1921, d. Jun 1993). Their children include Diane, Elaine, James, Michael, Ed, and Joseph. Margaret Veronica (b. 15 Mar 1918, d. 15 Mar 1918); Charles Philip (b. 12 Jan 1919, d. 1 May 1954) who married Phyllis Jane Madden. Their children include Charles P., Dennis John, and Mary Carolyn; Shirley Anna who married Clair B. Penzhofer; Patrick Cyril (b. 8 Mar 1923, d. 10 Dec 1974), and Marilyn (b. 5 Apr 1930, d. 5 May 2001) who married a Madsen.

I believe all the information to be correct. We have census records from Minnesota and Iowa, as well as documents on most of the data, including photos of tombstones, Julia Ann (Boos) Macke death certificate, John Francis Macke death certificate, a copy of the marriage certificate of John Francis Macke and Margaretha (nee Buchheit) Deitering (Note the error in the S.J. Clarke historical document on Margaretha's name at the time of her marriage to John F. Macke), and other birth, death and marriage certificates, as well as personal confirmation of people in the above photos.

~ Contributor: William R. (Bill) Macke - 7895 Ridgely Ct., Fair Oaks, CA 95628-3611

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