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Carroll Business Directory
Biographical and Historical Record of Carroll County, Iowa, 1887
Transcripts Prepared by William L. Smith

The only establishments that can properly be called manufactories are the sash, door and blind concern of V. Heinrich and the flouring mill of E. H. Brooks. The latter is a fine one of its kind, and is a credit to Carroll. The business firms of Carroll, in December, 1886, are here arranged alphabetically for ready reference:
C. W. Adams, butter and eggs
Anderson & CO., drugs
L. T. Anderson, harness
Arts & Manneman, general store
Becker Brothers, barbers
Nic. Beiter, meat market
Boardman Brothers, poultry
J. A. Rohner, photographer
Breese & Schatman, music hall
E. H. Brooks, flouring mill
Barney Brown, saloon
E. R. Burke, Burke House
C. C. Colclo, postoffice
Mrs. H. J. Colclo, Carroll House
W. L. Culbertson & Co, Bank of Carroll
Jacob Datcwitz, wagon shop
J. C. Delaney, National House
Demokrat Printing Association
B. H. Drees, saloon
Dunsmore & Co, restaurant
W. E. Falken, saloon
Fred. Franzwa, saloon
J. J. Fuerth, wholesale liquor
Grace & Hamilton, meat market
Hugh Gray, marble works
Green Bay Lumber Co., lumber
J. W. Hatton, drugs
V. Heinrich, sash, doors and blinds
H. C. Heoft, clothing
W. L. Hoff, photographer
Hutchinson & Co., grocer
John James, blacksmith
Mrs. M. Jenkins, Iowa House
D. Joyce, lumber
Kentner & Wattles, Farmer's Bank
Ludwig Brothers, general store
William Lynch, Lynch House
Lyons & Elliott, grocery
Maclean & Hungerford, publishers Hearld
Cyrus Marks, general store
H. J. Marnette, gunsmith
McLagen & Merchant, grocery
McPherrin Packing Co., eggs
C. R. Meldon, millinery
S. E. Micam, clothing
Micka & Co., dry goods
J. W. miles, marble works
M. Miller, publisher Sentinel
J. E. Nestle, restaurant and bakery
Charles Neu, wholesale liquor
D. P. Nicols, Singer sewing-machines
George Niggermeyer, harness
M. L. Niswonger, dry goods
John Nockles, clothing
Frank O'Brien, City Hotel
Mrs. M. Olson, laundry
Andrew Park, livery
D. H. Park, agricultural implements
E. M. Parsons, grain
Patterson Brothers, Carroll County Bank
Paxton Sisters, dressmakers
Peet & Gillette, hardware
L. A. Pohlmann, bowling alley and billiard hall
William Richard, blacksmith
A. S. Roberts, jeweler
George Rusch, general store
W. H. Scott, saloon
F. Shadel, barber
Moses Simons, clothing
I. Smutney, furniture
Staak & Armbs, meat market Steward & Schroeder, laundry
Sturgis & Co., drugs
William Teal, restaurant
Thompson & Griffith, grocery
Miss Ellen Todd, millinery
William Trowbridge, hardware
Vorhes & Junod, grain
Sabastian Walz, shoemaker
Theo. Wegner, saloon
Wetherill & Gnam, hardware
C. S. Whitman, livery
Whitney & Co, wholesale fruit
J. J. Wieland, wholesale liquor
Wilcox & Schroeder, laundry
Zembleman & Piper

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