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Published by the Anderson Publishing Co.
Des Moines, Iowa, 1923

Property Holders for Glidden Township

Submitted by Dale Sporleder and Suzi Miller, October 20, 2005


Andres, Bates, Beck, Beckel, Bedell, Bell, Bennett, Black, Boen, Borcherding, Brand, Briggs, Britt, Brown, Bruntlett, Bundt, Bushman, Buss, Byerly, Caywood, Copp, Davenport, Day, Dedrick, Dickson, Dierks, Dobson, Dreher, Ealy, Eaton, Esmay, Everts, Fagen, Fisher, Genter, Graves, gregory, Gridley, Guinn, Haggard, Hall, Harshberger, Heuton, Hill, Howard, Hupp, Jacobus, Janssen, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kline, Kluegel, Larkins, Lathrop, Lindahl, Loeschen, Long, Loudenback, McDonald, Markely, Merritt, Miller, Noble, Newels, Overmyer, Parker, Perkins, Peterson, Piper, Pittman, Pluemley, Powers, Prill, Rabb, Rich, Riedesel, Roach, Robson, Roworth, Sapp, Satterfield, Sexton, Sherrer, Smith, Snyder, Steigerwalt, Stricker, Subbert, Sylverster, Thede, Topp, Toune, Trafford, Truhe, Tureehck, Walling, Walker, Walters, Wenck, Whelan, Wheeler, White, Whitting, Willey, Winters, Wright, Yates

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