1905 Iowa Census Register

Somers Township, Calhoun County

Page 1

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
1Miles C HendersonSomers
2Rose HendersonSomers
3Pleasant HendersonSomers
4Glenn HendersonSomers
5Margerette HendersonSomers
6Mildred HendersonSomers
7Abram W MartinSomers
8Adie F MartinSomers
9Grace MartinSomers
10Clyde MartinSomers
11Vernie MartinSomers
12Geo R HughartSomers
13Alice L HughartSomers
14Florence HughartSomers
15George L HughartSomers
16Nellie B HughartSomers
17Armstrong HughartSomers
18Homer H HughartSomers
19G A AndersonSomers
20Sarah AndersonSomers
21Marget AndersonSomers
22Gladys AndersonSomers
23Martha HansonSomers
24Gordon HulettSomers
25Loren J HurleySomers
26Lenora HurleySomers
27Andrew MontgomerySomers
28Christena MontgomerySomers
29Helen A MontgomerySomers
30W E LanningSomers
31Ida LanningSomers
32Harry LanningSomers

Page 2

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
33Pinhy LanningSomers
34George LanningSomers
35James McDonoughSomers
36Lessie McDonoughSomers
37Blanche McDonoughSomers
38Floyd McDonoughSomers
39D W LanningSomers
40Louisa LanningSomers
41Hazel LanningSomers
42Frank A OrmerSomers
43Oscar MarshallSomers
44H B FickleSomers
45S S MurphySomers
46Mrs. H W SawserSomers
47P B SawserSomers
48Floyd SawserSomers
49Maud SawserSomers
50Evans SawserSomers
51L P CrouchSomers
52Marsha CrouchSomers
53George CrouchSomers
54Ethel CrouchSomers
55Leo CrouchSomers
56Harry CrouchSomers
57Ila CrouchSomers
58Leonard CrouchSomers
59Chas MarshallSomers
60Emma MarshallSomers
61Nora MarshallSomers
62Clarence MarshallSomers
63Mary HesserSomers
64C W HesserSomers

Page 3

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
65H C HesserSomers
66J W CrouchSomers
67Rosa CrouchSomers
68Russel CrouchSomers
69Frank CrouchSomers
70Emil HansonSomers
71Maude HansonSomers
72C A TaylorSomers
73N S J M PetersonSomers
74V C HeadSomers
75Mary HeadSomers
76Gay HeadSomers
77Ethel HeadSomers
78Zella HeadSomers
79Virgil HeadSomers
80W C MartinSomers
81Nettie MartinSomers
82Clarence MartinSomers
83Clara MartinSomers
84Eveline MartinSomers
85W HabermeihlSomers
86Audrey HabermeihlSomers
87Norman HabermeihlSomers
88Zola HabermeihlSomers
89Mammie HabermeihlSomers
90Lester WilliamsSomers
91Dr. H DenmanSomers
92Frank HaverlySomers
93Dr. E H LittleSomers
94Rena LittleSomers
95Marion LittleSomers
96B L HamSomers

Page 4

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
97Minnie HamSomers
98Chas HamSomers
99Eula HamSomers
100E G WellsSomers
101Lydia WellsSomers
102Peter WellsSomers
103J S MartharSomers
104Nora MartharSomers
105Mary MartharSomers
106Henry MartharSomers
107Ida MartharSomers
108H E BrandSomers
109Edd BrandSomers
110Robert BrandSomers
111Florence SaylesSomers
112E C StephensSomers
113R D ClickSomers
114Mary ClickSomers
115Norma ClickSomers
116Ole OlesonSomers
117Estella TaylorSomers
118Lewis WingSomers
119Ella WingSomers
120Edward WingSomers
121C F SperrySomers
122Nelle SperrySomers
123Hans HansonSomers
124J C ShirkSomers
125Clara ShirkSomers
126Geo KornsSomers
127E R StensonSomers
128A F KnappSomers

Page 5

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
129Eva KnappSomers
130Edd KnappSomers
131Daro KnappSomers
132D D KellumSomers
133Mariah KellumSomers
134Al KellumSomers
135Ferral KellumSomers
136Viola KellumSomers
137Bessie KellumSomers
138Chas PierceSomers
139Anna PierceSomers
140Wanetta PierceSomers
141T F MooreSomers
142Minnie MooreSomers
143Bess MooreSomers
144F A WhitneySomers
145A A WellsSomers
146Evaline WellsSomers
147Glen WellsSomers
148Gale WellsSomers
149Nile WellsSomers
150Velma WellsSomers
151Chas ThiltgenSomers
152Sofa ThiltgenSomers
153Donald ThiltgenSomers
154Winston ThiltgenSomers
155M HoffmanSomers
156Jessie HoffmanSomers
157Bessie HoffmanSomers
158Hazel HoffmanSomers
159Maude HoffmanSomers
160Lulu HallSomers

Page 6

Card Number Name of Person Postoffice Address
161L A ShermanSomers
162Addie ShermanSomers
163Mary ShermanSomers
164John ShermanSomers
165W H FenleySomers