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Descendents of Timothy Patrick O'Brien and Catherine. Descendents of William J. O'Brien and Anna Currie Pratt. Both submitted by Pete O'Brien.

Lola Bernice Trindle's 8th Grade Graduation 1924
submitted by her son Don Woodley

Bakker Family Tree | Barbara |
Bakker, Jansen and Tjabring are the surnames with Butler County connections

Doyle/Smith/Hagerty Website | Maureen Moore |
See also Hagerty/Hagarty Genealogy (World Connect)
Mary O'Flaherty and her two sons James and Lawrence (married Anne Doyle, daughter of Elizabeth Smith) came from Ireland and settled in Iowa. Mary and Lawrence and many of their descendants are buried in Nettleton Cemetery.

Samuel Overturf and William P. Woodworth

The Nuehring Family | Georgia Ann Carol Bruns |
Nuehring, Nearing, Nuhring Family from Husum, Germany.  This family lived in Butler County from 1881-1891. 

The Genealogy of Dennis Nicklaus | Dennis Nicklaus |
Nicklaus, Tiedeken, Cramer. Many obituaries and photos.  

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Poppinga | Carol LaRue | *Link to M/M Poppinga no longer good. KD 10/18
Allison, Iowa. Jacob G. Poppinga born June 30,1874. Family information including obituaries.

Phil and LuAnn's Genealogy Pages |  *Links no longer work, Karen Oct 2018
Folkers, Geerdes and more.

Dunlap/Simpson Family Tree  | Wendi Dunlap-Simpson | *Links no longer work, Karen Oct 2018
Includes research on the Fulton and Fourtner families who lived in Shell Rock in the 1800s. You'll find scanned original documents and maps of Shell Rock and Shell Rock Township in 1895.