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Linn Grove School History


The Independent District of Linn Grove was very probably organized in the summer of 1892, as the first meeting of any board of directors for an Independent district was held August 1, 1892. The board at that time consisted of O. A. Mickelson, H. E. Loe, C. L. Ward and O. L. Hesla.

The school building under the township district was situated on the site of the present one. When. the Independent district was formed, an old schoolhouse across the river was fitted up into two rooms, and to this place the larger pupils were sent, and the smaller ones to the schoolhouse situated in the town proper. H. L. Pierce was the last teacher in the township district school, and Miss Julia Brown was the first teacher under the Independent district. Twenty-seven pupils constituted the enrollment of the school at that time.

During the year 1894, a schoolhouse, thirty-six by fifty-four, was erected, costing one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine dollars. Before it was finished, however, the plans were changed somewhat whereby an addition, costing six hundred dollars, was built. In 1901 a heating and ventilating apparatus was installed. This constitutes the present building. The old buildings were both sold when the new one was erected, and one of them is still used as a residence near the site of the present building.

The present enrollment of the school is one hundred and twenty-seven. The corps of teachers is constituted as follows: Miss Ida M. Van Buskirk, principal; Elsie Lake, Theresa Loe, and Mable Rider, the grade teachers.

The present board of directors is composed of the following men: A. L. Campbell, Joseph Roberts, W. F. Batten, Lewis Johnston and H. O. Hanson.