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Albert City School History

The Independent School District of Albert City was organized June 8, 1901. On June 21st, the first board of directors was elected as follows: S. E. Carter, R. G. Merrill, C. L. Marmon, G. C. Johnson, G. R. Anderson, and the erection of a school building was immediately begun. This was not completed until January 1902, but during the meantime the school occupied a building about one-half mile from town, which was included when the district was formed. This building was sold and moved into another township, when the new one was ready for occupancy.

During 1908 cement walks were laid to the value of four hundred dollars.  At the beginning of the first term under the independent district the enrollment of the school was thirty-eight ; Miss Margaret Adair was the teacher it that time. The enrollment of the schools at the present time numbers sixty-one. Mr. M. M. Miller is the superintendent, and Miss Blanche Goldsworthy the primary teacher.

The following constitute the present board of directors: B. B. Bridge, G. F. Anderson, Ephraim Carlson, A. T. Kindwall, and F. W. Wallich. (1912)