The following items are indexes to obituaries published in the Tripoli Leader. The dates given are the date obituaries were published in the newspaper, not the date of death. Occasionally the age of an individual is given in parentheses after his or her name.

Disclaimer - This is not meant to be a complete listing of all obits in the Tripoli Leader because often deaths were just mentioned briefly in the local news report or totally ignored. Some editors were much better about documenting deaths than others and often they were not consistent with that, depending on what other news they had to print. In transcribing and contributing these records, Elvira Hebell has done her best to include every item that might give a clue to the date of a person’s death.

Meaning of notations:

(N) - not a complete obit - similar to a death notice, usually establishing some type of tie to the local area
Obit - usually includes birth, relatives, circumstances of death
Article - usually a newsworthy item about the circumstances of death
Town/town & state - often the local area of origin and the area they died. Ex. - Frederika/Sioux Falls, SD

NOTE: Obituaries that are online will be found on the IAGenWeb Bremer County Message Board for Obituaries. German obituaries are at

My thanks to Elvira Hebell for transcribing and contributing this index. For copies ($2.00 each) please email her.




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Indexes to Obituaries in the Tripoli Leader