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Share Your LIfe With Me


Posted By: Angie (email)
Date: 1/5/2013 at 20:10:03

A small spiral-bound book called “Dad Share Your Life With Me” was found amongst some old boxes of memorabilia belonging to William H. Armstrong. This was a questionnaire book that the owner could turn to a page and answer the question based on the calendar year. This book was filled in by Harold Francis ARMSTRONG. Though it is not complete, the few pages that were answered may be of interest to someone. Here is the transcription:

What was your date of birth? 5 APR 1924

Where were you born? FORT DODGE IOWA 3RD AVE SO

Who delivered you? DR. A. E. ACHER

Name your brothers and sisters: Maneulla

Jack Lyman ‘92

What was your mother’s full name? IOLA MABIS

What was your father’s full name? GLEN ELBERT

What was your mother’s date of birth? 15 JULY 1898

Tell of any nicknames in your family. MANDY DOODLE

What did your father do for a living? COAL MINER

Did your mother work outside the home? Yes, when I was little.

Name the towns you lived in before you were 20:

Fort Dodge Iowa

Kirksvill Mo

Sioux City Iowa

Name the childhood addresses you remember:

215 SO 5

413 SO 7

908 3 N

217 SO 16

20 NO 16

NO 7

Tell a fond memory of your Grandma: Rootbeer, Easter Vac on farm, cross stich

Favorite Aunt: Aunt Bess & Kate

Favorite Uncle: Lewis

Did any relatives ever live with you? Yes

For whom did you cast your first Presidential vote?


Did you ever see a President or Vice-President in person? Yes(the) VP 1944 CARTER

Did you ever have an imaginary friend? NO

What did you and your brothers or sister fight about the most?


Tell about the worst winter storm that you can remember as a child.


What did you use to go sledding down a hill in the snow?


What extras did you use for your snowman’s face, buttons, arms, hat, etc?

CORN COBS walnuts

Share a memory about a weather-related school cancellation


Do you have any knowledge of the origins of your family name?


Who was the most famous person you ever met as a child?


Who had a big influence over your life? DR. BRADT

Tell of a nickname given to you by friends or classmates.


What was your favorite meal as a child? Fried Mush

Tell about family reunions in your childhood. 1936 Kirksville over nite on river

What do you remember as your least favorite school subject?


Did you ever pretend to be sick as an excuse to stay home from school? NO

Did people wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? YES. BLACKS I WORED WITH

Do you have any other memories of St. Patrick’s Day as a youth? YES!! (this is underlined twice)

Did you ever hitch-hike? YES

Describe some household chores you has as a child. DISHES 8 YR to 18


What bones have you broken? LEG

Did you ever need stitches? YES

Tell of a childhood illness. Chicken Pox

Have you ever hunted, or tried to capture a wild animal? YES
Tell about the best birthday present you ever received. MY WIFE 6 APRIL 1946

Did you have any superstitions? NO

How much do you remember paying for an ice cream cone? .05 cents

Did you have a treehouse? YES. NO 9 Street

Were you ever bitten by a dog? NO

Did your mother ever make a special gift for you? YES

What kind of dances did you do as a youth? NONE

Describe the military experience of someone in your family. WWI Uncle Lewis Uncle Pete



Brother JACK

6 cousins

Share a memory involving a war during your childhood or youth.




1 DEC 1942 USAAF

Did you ever go on a camp out? YES

Did you ever go on a snipe hunt? YES

What food did you learn to cook or prepare first as a youth? FRY EGG 9 YRS OLD

What was your first job? SELLING MAGAZINES 6 YS OLD

How much did you get paid? 1 PENNY FOR BOOK SOLD

Tell about any other paying jobs you held as a youth. CLEANING BASEMENT


Were you ever in a parade? YES

Share a childhood memory about a death that affected you. MY GRANDMOTHER AGE 4

How did you learn to swim? KIRT LYNNSTAD

Where did you go swimming? RIVER, WMCA, EXPO POOL

Did you ever may mud pies? MUD PILES

Did you go barefoot in the summer? If so, relate an experience about stepping on something.


Favorite hairstyle as a youth? BUTCH

Tell about a bike you had. Wood rim black 1930
Did you ever have or make a swing? YES

Describe an outside game you made up. HOPSCOTT

Do you have a special July 4th that you remember most? 7 years. 403 So Seven

Did you ever go to carnivals or amusement parks? YES

Tell about going to a circus or Chautauqua. Watering elephants, met Tom Mix

Did you go fishing in your childhood? YES

Tell about your biggest or best catch. NO. PIKE 18” LONG

Do you remember having a favorite candy? HOME MADE TAFFEY MOLASSES

Favorite birthday party? 10 YEARS OLD

Relate a memory of a tornado, hurricane, or destructive wind. 1945 INDIA

If you were to return to your youth what would you do differently?


Tell about going to a summer camp. BOY SCOUT 1941

Did your mom or dad have a favorite remedy for what ailed you? YES

Poison Ivy? NO

Stung by a bee or wasp? BEE 8 YR OLD

Did you ever stay overnight with a friend? YES

Did you ever run away from home? NO

Tell about a favorite doll, teddy bear, or other stuffed toy. Ragged am….*NUT PLUM MODE IT

Did you ever have a fire in your home? NO

Ever angry with your mom or dad? YES

Have an outhouse? YES

Do you have a memory involving V.J. Day? Yes 1945 India

What do you remember doing at recess? Socer Broken Window

Did you ever have a “good friend” who did something mean to you? YES

Tell about any extra-curricular activites. SENIOR SCOUTS

What allowance did you get? NONE

What is the strangest thing you ever saw in the sky? TRIPLE RAIN BOW

Do you remember the first move you ever saw? Going to F*RTS 5 yrs old Iowa Theater

Do you have a good school pants-wetting story? NO

Did you ever tell ghost stories? YES

Tell about how you proposed marriage to my mom. I DIDN’T SHE DID

Did you go on a honeymoon? YES

Do you have an Armistice Day memory? YES 1943

How did you choose my name? Brother Bob names you

Were you ever in a life-threatening situation? YES 1943

Do you have knowledge of how your fist name was chosen? YES

Were you ever in a church or school Christmas or Holiday pageant? 1934

Did you ever make New Year’s resolutions? NO

What was a special New Year’s Eve or New Years’ Day? 1941


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