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Heinrich (Henry) Sparrenberger
Heinrich (Henry) Sparrenberger was born September 3, 1834 to Johann Sparrenberger and Catherine Hetterick in Ufhofen, Hesse, Germany.

They arrived in New York on December 10, 1853 on the ship, Connecticut. They left Harve, France November 7 with merchandise and 600 passengers. There were 20 deaths from Nov. 15, to Dec 1. The Connecticut was a three decked ship, 1600 tons, built in 1849 at Essex, Connecticut.

His siblings were: Elizabeth b. 1831; Catherine Elizabeth b. 1833; Elizabeth b. 1836; Christina b. 1839 and Johann b. 1841.

Henry married Sophia Preusser in Manhattan, NY in 1864 His father followed him to Benton County, Iowa. John bought land in Eldorado Twp, 83 North and 10 West. Henry bought land near Atkins.

Henry and Sophia's children were: Kathrina b. 1866 NY; Christion b. 1867 NY; Gertrude b. 1869 Iowa; Henry b. 1871 Iowa; Nancy b. 1872; Lottie b. 1874; Charles b. 1875; Ella b. 1878; Hellen b. 1880 and Margaret b. 1882.

Henry's father, John (William) died December 19, 1887 in Fremont Twp. His mother, Catherine who stayed in Manhattan, died April 29, 1897.

Henry died November 11, 1913. Sophia died April 16, 1925.

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