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Gray Community History 1881-1981

Family History Index

Below is an index of Family History articles found in the book. It is not a complete list of every person mentioned in the book, and does not include the Military Histories. For a lookup or further information, please contact the Audubon County Coordinator.

Aikman, Ambrose F.122
Aikman, Emma Jane126
Aikman, George R.125
Aikman, James Glenn123
Aikman, Lloyd (Ted)123
Aikman, Robert John124
Aikman, W. F.122
Albertsen, Albert P.3
Albertsen, Ernest C.79
Alt, Harley, Jr.54
Alt, Harley, Sr.54
Andersen, Anders8 & 133
Andersen, Julius Mads8
Asmus, Detlef, Henry, and Harold46
Asmus, Wm. F.47
Bakken, Herman4
Beck, Carl11
Billick, Arthur R.129
Blum, Michael Leo122
Boers, Charles F.24
Boers, Lloyd23
Bobenmoyer Family82
Bobenmoyer, Lawrence F.81
Bohlmann, David E. and Joene C.43
Book, Vincent16
Book, Harvey41
Brus, Hugo and Margaret45
Buckner, Dennis53
Buckner, Elwood55
Buckner, Hanford53
Byland, Edward L.12
Cameron, John87
Cameron, Sarah Mrs.87
Cameron, William G.22
Campbell, Floyd Crawford65
Campbell, George Warren66
Campbell, James Alex64
Cerka, August (Zierke)55
Christensen, Chris Peter108
Christensen, Dale E. Lt.109
Christensen, Lars Family21
Christensen, Marie15
Christensen, Nelson Lavern108
Christensen, Nelson20
Christensen, Raymond Dale108
Christenson, Jerry32
Clark, Robert L.17
Clemsen, Virgil40
Coppersmith, George121
Crow, Milton Denis 
Damman, Claus C.25
David, John F.57
Davis, Fern and Elaine86
Davis, George F.17
Davis, Marshall and Rose86
Davis, Ralph16
Davis, Wilson and Ena102
Dreher, Christian111
Dreher, Fredrick110
Dreher, Paul A.111
Duede, Otto106
Dustin, Charles E. and Florence89
Ehn, Betty Alt54
Ewoldt, Bob76
Elsberry Family68
Fancher, Glenn40
Fancher, Jesse and Minnie39
Fancher, O. W.38
Farrell, Edison5
Feuring, Ronald52
Fick, Roy29
Fischer, H. F.15
Forsbeck, Andrew Gustaf109
Fosnot, John55
Gavin, Frank A.77
Greenlee, Elmer and Clara126
Greenlee, John McClelland125
Gittens, LeRoy D.52
Grimm, Dennis49
Grimm, Henry H. and Curt4
Groteluschen, Louis26
Hacker, Delmus4
Hacker, William3
Hansen, Emil49
Hansen, Hans11
Hansen, Robert and Ruth24
Hansen, Wayne49
Hans, Melvin5
Hansen, Robert Dean4
Hansen, Wayne D.7
Henriksen, Clarence and Martha58
Henriksen, Norman and Dorothy58
Hepp, George111
Hepp, Hannah Dreher110
Hilsabeck, Stephen Arlington116
Hilsabeck, Douglas118
Hilsabeck, Everett117
Hilsabeck, Wilber Jackson117
Hinners, Larry131
Horning, Albert64
Horning, Fred H.63
Horning, William H.62
Holtz, Fred6
Hutchins, Jack, Hazel, and Gary91
Jensen, Chris84
Jensen, Edmund L. C.130
Jensen, Elmer85
Jensen, John Charles44
Jensen, J. C. and Katie40
Jensen, John and Irene44
Jensen, Junior85
Jensen, Michael Clair44
Jensen, Roger Carlin45
Jensen, Walter16
Joens, Jorgen115
Johnson, Glen36
Johnson, Peter37
Kenning, William D.26
Kendle, Larry69
Kendle, John69
Kendle, Paul69
Kester, Thomas80
Kester, Raymond and Fannie80
Kienast Family68
King, Charles and Victoria99
King, Charles and Maggie97
King, John76
King, Sherman and Lucille77
King, Roland and Wynona100
Kiever, Donald34
Knueven, Linda113
Kohler, Ed78
Krueger, Fred and Ruby98
Lacy, John119
Lacy, John Stephen119
Lacy, Robert H.118
Ladehoff, Robert H.33
Lahey, Emma Dreher110
Lancelot, W. J. Family75
Larsen, Holger62
Lawson, Samuel J.66
Liken, Frank and Ivah1
Liken, John F.1
Liken, Lloyd (Ted)1
Marlow, Louella May King97
Martin, Helen King98
McLaughlin, Frank71
McLaughlin, Frank Robert70
McLaughlin, Glenn and Elizabeth71
McLaughlin, Harold72
McLaughlin, Ray71
McMichael Family68
Mease, Ol16
Meislahn, Anna Dreher111
Meislahn, Chris112
Meislahn, Herman112
Messersmith, James78
Miller, Frank Charter129
Minor, Earl93
Mishler, Ora and Agnes93
Moeckle, Anton Gustave50 & 33
Moeller, Fred90
Moeller, John and Neola90
Moeller, Peter91
Moody Family14
Mortensen, Nels and Karen.87
Morrell, Dick112
Mulford Family114
Murray, William W.13
Murphy, Frank28
Musfeldt, Julius115
Musfeldt, Julius Family116
Neitzel, August60
Nissen, Gary125
Nissen, Jess124
Nissen, Milo125
Olson, Roger129
Petersen, Dianna Scott61
Petersen, Peter M.2
Porter, William50
Rice, Edward C.25
Ross, George M. I.30
Ross, George and Sam298
Rudnick, Albert11
Rudnick, Herbert32
Rudnick, Wayne Russell32
Schmidt, Carrie Albertsen80
Schmidt, Virgil J.76
Schroeder, Peter H.79
Schwab, Leon and Lucille16
Scott, Charles61
Scott, Harold61
Scott, Thomas59
Shaw, Elizabeth96
Shaw, James Taylor946
Shaw, John96
Shaw, William and Margaret91
Settlemire, George Addison Hunter22
Shingledecker, Jay120
Siepker, Geroge51
Signall, William51
Spies, Russell and Mildred101
Sporrer, Tom and Eileen19
Starck, Adolph105
Steffes, Edward115
Steen, Hans R.67
Swart Family15
Summerville, William and Isabelle100
Wanninger, John Jr.74
Wanninger, John Sr.74
Wanninger, John III131
Wanninger, Wolfgang and Mary74
Weber, James Andersen9
Wede, Ray5
Weiderstein, Edward John82
Weiderstein, Anton Family83
Weitl, Howard27
Weighton, George F.73
Zaiger, John35
Zinke, Clarence121
Zinke, Linda Family129
Zinke, Steve29

Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass, August, 2018.