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Exira Quasquicentennial History Book
Index of Family Histories

From: Exira Quasquicentennial 1852-1982

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This list is an index of family history articles, not a complete list of every person mentioned in the book.

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Addington, John and Delia87
Akers, Donald and Becky83
Akers, Harold F. and Doris77
Akers, Harold L. and Sarah77
Akers, Lincoln and Mary78
Akers, Nyle Dean30
Akers, Otto and Mary167
Albertsen, Mike and Debra87
Andersen, Hans and Johannna110
Andersen, Harold and Winnifred106
Andersen, Jacob and Anna149
Andersen, Leonard156
Anderson, Raymond and Mary64
Artist, Daniel16
Asberry, Bob and Shelley45
Axelsen, Lars and Anna124
Back, Catherine75
Back, Chris and Miah128
Back, Frederick and Maren129
Baier, Alfred and Lucile58
Baier, Richard and Betty158
Ballou, Dennis and Marlene158
Bauer, Christian and Suzanne142
Bauer, George and Louise142
Bauer, John L. and Emma142
Bauer, Melvin and Fern141
Bauer, Walter and Maxine65
Baumgartner, John and Eva65
Beck, Allen R. and Nadine67
Beck, Fred and Anna79
Beck, Nels C. and Hazel78
Beck, Niels Larsen and Katherine105
Bengard, Hans51
Benton, Madge37
Bills, Millroy and Lucile33
Bintner, Anthony W. (Tony) and Margaret29
Bintner, Arnold and Lorraine134
Bintner, Douglas and Christine86
Bintner, Gregory and Charlene86
Bintner, Joe and Theresa134
Bintner, Michael and Judy111
Bintner, Nicholas and Gertrude84
Bintner, Philip and Tami84
Bintner, William28
Bowen, William Henry Harrison29
Bredahl, Julius6
Carter, Dennis and Cindy81
Carter, Douglas and Betsy81
Carter, Henry and Delphine80
Carter, Richard and Frances80
Cerks, Ora and Ida167
Channon, James and Mary Elizabeth112
Channon, Ralph and Lena112
Chase, George and Christian113
Chase, Roy and Florence113
Christensen, Bernard and Barbara40
Christensen, Dawn Josephine30
Christensen, Harvey and Silva40
Christensen, Henry E. and Elsie107
Christensen, Marius39
Christensen, Nels19
Christensen, Nels and Mary68
Christensen, Peter C. and Elsie68
Clark, Larry and Jane159
Clausen, Chris69
Clausen, Lawrence and Nina69
Coglon, Howard and Velma151
Coglon, Ray and Lena151
Coglon, T. J. and Mahala151
Crees, Everett and Martha12
Cullings, C. K. and Carolyn95
Curry, John and Ferne115
Dahl, Walter and Mary141
Davis, Ai and Lois167
Davis, Keith and Virginia45
Derby, Frank and Marlene66
Donaldson, Wesley and Bonnie1
Doner, John P. and Ella141
Dorsey, Leslie and Ola Power156
Ehrman, Vincent and Elinor96
Elwood, John18
Elwood, Willis and Alice18
Erickson, Andrew Gustaff10
Erickson, Arthur and Faye63
Erickson, Wallace and Norma57
Esbeck, Glenn and Connie1, 76
Farstrup, Arnold and Elva72, 82
Farstrup, Hans and Matilda71
Finnerty, Jerry and Ruby115, 116, 160
Finnerty, Thomas and Florence161
Foss, Wesley and Anna113
Fowler, Wayne and Gertrude84
Frederick, Lee152
Frederick, Nellie Smith Knox125, 152
Gardner, Raymond and Deborah70
Garner, Hazel107
Garnett, George and Edna44
Godwin, Harold and Beverly88
Godwin, Sidney D. and Sarah88
Green, Elmer and Ester150
Green, Richard and Margaret151
Griffin, Earl and Elizabeth70
Hackwell, Floyd and Gloria113, 130
Hackwell, George and Esther129
Hansen, Derward C.29
Hansen, Eugene and Helen95
Hansen, Kenneth and Ruth27
Hansen, Nels B. and Caroline15
Hansen, Robert and Judy12
Hansen, Ted and Donna73
Hardman Family148
Harvey, Wyman and Genevieve41
Hays, Ellsworth and Margaret63
Heath, Garner and Ruby116
Heath, Milton and elizabeth155
Hennick, Robert and Marilyn117
Hicks, John and Mary158
Hill Family164
Hill, Larry and Judy165
Hill, Louis and Margaret165
Hilsabeck, Duane and Lois84
Hockenberry, Samuel83
Holmes, El Nathan and Melverna154
Huff, Clair and June70
Huffman, Guy and Beverly37
Hunt, Isiah24
Jacobsen, Gary and Irene90
Jacobsen, John H. and Bertha113
Jayne, Charles and Emma99
Jayne Family97
Jayne, Norman and Harriet20
Jenkins, Charles and Winnifred106
Jenkins, John and Joyce106
Jenkins, Larry and Ruth106
Jensen, Anton8
Jensen, Bernard and Francis114
Jensen, Chris and Nina149
Jensen, Dale and Nancy14
Jensen, Emery and Viola70
Jensen, George B.140
Jensen, Greg and Christine149
Jensen, Hans and Ingeborg22
Jensen, Harold E. and Thelma53
Jensen, Harvey and Carrie149
Jensen, Jens and Hilda129, 139
Jensen, Jens B. and Oline139
Jensen, John and Vista Pearle140
Jensen, Melvin and Willa27
Jensen, Pearl140
Jensen, Randall and Virginia70, 79
Jensen, Ruth Jayne145
Jensen, Thelma94
Jensen, Walter and Carrie94
Jessen, Andrew and Katie129
Jessen, Charles and Rhodetta83
Jessen, Larry and Jane165
Jessen, Lorence and Ruth104
Jessen, Peter and Thelma83
Jessen, Henry and Lena47
Jessen, John August34
Johnson, Mrs. John August10
Johnson, Pastor and Mrs. R. Carrol111
Johnson, Raymond and Carol83
Johnston, Emmert20
Jorgensen, Peter Rasmussen108
Jorgensen, Richard and Joyce91
Kelly, Jerry and Ardell157
Kilworth, Alonzo Hollis6
Kilworth, Darrell7
Kilworth, Grandma34
Kilworth, John Hollis and Annie98
Kilworth, Walter and Nadine154, 156
Kitelinger, Corwin and Sherry151, 168
Kitelinger, Joseph168
Kline, O. Van and Myrtle76
Knox, Zerxes125
Kommes, Frank and Elizabeth82
Kommes, John and Loretta156
Kommes, Peter and Sophia157
Kraul, Norman and Becky137
Kraul, Norman C.137
Krogh, Andrew and Mary98
Krogh, Charles13
Krogh, Chris and Sena80
Krogh, Martinus (Martin)2
Kyndesen, Marvin and Alice118
Larsen, Jens and Karen Marie123
Larsen, Lyle and Joan141
Larsen, Peder Christian124
Lauridsen, Peter and Margurete94
Lauridsen, Terry and Judy72, 83
Lauritsen, Arthur and Dagney76
Lauritsen, Don Ray4
Lauritsen, Earl and Ella108
Lauritsen, Peter and Carrie102
Layland, Franklin and Darlene3
Leigan, W. E. "Bud" and Amelia102
Leist, Charles and Emma103
Littlefield, Alonzo and Sara153
Littlefield, Lonnie and Neitha Andersen156
Ludwig, Bill and Anna61, 167
Ludwig, Bill and Janice122, 159
Ludwig, Emma167
Ludwig, Wilhelm (William)166
Luft, Patrick T.168
Lund, Arlyn and Marjorie132
Lund, George and Bertha130
Lund, Ivyn and Nancy132
McAninch, Charles and Clara92
McAninch, James and Anna92
McClain, Bert22
McClain, Harold (Sandy)22
McClain, Jerry and Kristi78
Madsen, Earnest and Norma80
Mardesen, Harvey and Gwendolyn83
Martin, Ida18
May, Louis A. (Bert) and Emma108
May, Robert23
May, Tony103
Meurer, Anthony and Mary103
Meyer, George36
Meyer, Walter R. and Nettie M.158
Miller, Einar32
Molgaard, Folmer and Helen113
Munch, Darrell and Marilyn98
Nancarrow, Jim and Ailene99
Nelson, Dale and Linda117
Nelson, Danzel and Erma11
Nelson, DeWayne and Jane30
Nelson, Laverne G. and Wanda133
Nelson, Nels C. and Anna135
Nelson, Richard D. and Lois73
Nelson, Roy and Nellie140
Neuman, Al and Connie61
Nielsen, Carl and Doris16
Nielsen, Elmer and Helen68
Nielsen, Emil15
Nymand Family118
O'Neill, Mike and Rita86
Oakley, George and Lois135
Olsen, Frnaklin and Jean50
Onken Family121
Osvald, John and Susan19
Pardee, Charles and E. Cecilia122
Paulsen, Lester and Doris74
Paulsen, Mark and Jacolyn50, 74
Paulsen, Perry and Linda34, 74
Payne Family119
Payne, Thomas Jr. and Judy165
Pedersen, Lloyd and Norma Jean131
Pedersen, Lyle E. and MarJean133
Pedersen, Nels and Edna133
Pedersen, Wayne and Betty133
Peppers, Lona, Jr. and Naomie33
Peppers, Sherman and Ruth51
Perfect, Lloyd and Clara167
Perry, Edmund and Rose109
Petersen, Allan Lee and Jeanene55
Petersen, Andrew124
Petersen, Charles Nels and Egedia31
Petersen, Chris and Lena129
Petersen, Curtis and Dixie61
Petersen, Gail and Evelyn60
Petersen, Hans K. and Rose90
Petersen, Harvey H. and Marena138
Petersen, Henry and Ethel41
Petersen, James and Sharon144
Petersen, Nels Lars124
Petersen, Peter C. and Anna, Zelma74
Petersen, Peter C. and Sophia46
Petersen, Peter Lund145
Petersen, Peter M. and Marie66
Petersen, Raymond and Ida60
Petersen, Richard L. and Marilyn72
Petersen, Ronald and Isabelle125
Petersen, Tommy and Diana155
Petersen, Verner H.9
Petersen, Vernon Lund144
Petersen, Victor and Adele21
Petersen, Wayne and Donita60
Peterson, Dr. W. G. and Ethel L.146
Phippen, Leonard and Grace90
Prugh, Henry and Bertha167
Rasmussen, Chester and Clara56
Rasmussen, Einer and Clara167
Rasmussen, Erling and Ruth104
Rasmussen, Gary and Carol Lea137
Rasmussen, R. M. (Tony)100
Rattenborg, Charles and Doris43
Rattenborg, Willads and Ruby129
Reed, Jim and Marylea25
Riesgaard, Craig and Susan59
Riesgaard, Harley N.33
Riesgaard, Merne62
Roberts, Issac and Mary91
Roberts, Jefferson C. and Janell66
Roberts, Jeffrey34
Robinson, Robert and Bernice82
Roed, Chris and Mary163
Rubel, Harold and Nettie81
Rubel, Thomas and Vicky81
Rumelhart, Marion and Amanda56
Sampson, Ernest and Thelma49
Savage, Cecil and Lillian52
Schlater, John C.162
Schlater, Leonard and Jane100
Schlater, Michael and Rebecca87
Schmidt, Emmert and Catherine75
Schroeter, Darrell and Bertha28
Schultes, David and Jean64
Schultes, Lawrence19
Schwab, George and Maude161
Schwab, Harold and Doris113, 161
Shoesmith, Howard and Mary145
Siedelmann, Paul Gustav and Minnie113
Simonsen, Ethel Hicks2
Simonsen, Marinus47
Simonsen, Samuel Otto24
Simpson, Ted48
Smaligo, John and Jeanine122, 159
Smetana, Richard and Charlotte33
Sorensen, Charles and Connie159
Sorensen, Craig and Janet159
Sorensen, Marvin and Mardell159
Sorensen, Virgil C. and Charlotte52
Stauffer, Ralph and Janell141
Stuart, Evalyn M.5
Swensen, Andrew and Emma36
Swensen, Edward and Marjorie56
Taggart, Wendell and Kathy18
Thompson, Dwain and Carol122, 159
Thompson, Michael and Judy64
Thompson, Warren and Mary121, 159
Tibben, Amos F.53
Tibben, Henry and Mary68, 75
Tibben, Ralph and Nellie99
Tibben-Hocamp Family68, 75
Toft, Donald and Donna127
Toft, Peter and Marie127
Toft, Thomas and Esther127
Van Aernam, Clarence and Elaine40
Van Aernam, Ed and Louisa39
Van Aernam, Gale and Colleen43
Van Aernam, Gary and Judy42
Van Aernam, George38
Van Aernam, Roy and Belinda112
Van Slyke Family148
Vande Brake, John K.21
Voss, Bernard and Caroline Heckman103
Wahlert, Clyde and Mary Jane105
Wahlert, Franklin G.13
Wahlert, Jerry and Cheryl26
Wahlert, Lloyd and Edna59
Wahlert, Myrtle and Florence50
Walker, Howard and Marjorie67
Walker, Marion Jr.3
Walker, Marion L. and Olive147
Walker, William126
West, C. Dwight and Hannah159
Wheeler, Colleen142
Whitmore, Romie21
Wiemann, Jack and Marie79
Williams, Deryl and Virginia71
Wilson, DeWayne and Beverly76
Wilson, Tim and Elizabeth165
Wiskus, Charles and Cleo66
Wulf, Herbert5
Wulf, John and Mary32
Young, Edgar and Clara120
Young, Floyd Arlow38
Young, Orvie and Minnie42
Young, Willis and Ruby92

Transcribed and contributed by Cheryl Siebrass September, 2018.