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History of Brayton, Iowa 1878-1978

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ProclamationMayor G. M. Christensen1
A Word About Our Centennial Motif 2
Map of Brayton & Oakfield, Exira Twp. 3
Home Town [Poem]Lois Cannon Stene
  (Daughter of Daisy Cannon)
An Avid Historian of the County [Daisy Cannon Bio] 5
Brayton Highlights [Town History] 6-9
New Brayton Community Building 1940 10
Brayton to Dedicate New Town Hall Friday 10
Mayors of Brayton 12
Brayton City Government 12
Brayton Voters Turn Down Water District 69-68 Sept. 1951 12
City Election March 28, 1904 13
City Election March 28, 1921 13
Community Club Organized 13-14
Brayton Fire Department 14, 16
Fire Belles Organize 16
Brayton American Legion Post No. 350 16-17
American Legion Auxiliary 17
Charter Members Brayton Legion Auxiliary 1922 17
Members Brayton Legion Auxiliary 1977-78 17
Brayton Post Office 17-18
Flag and Flagpole Dedicated 18
Old Glory Park Rises From Debris at Brayton 20
Brayton Retirement Home 20
Young Mother Council Service 21
Brayton Community Nursery School 21-22
Former Businesses - Runge Blacksmithing 24
Former Businesses - The Cement Factory 24
Former Businesses - Nis and Jim Larsen Meat Market 24-25
Former Businesses - Handy John's Harness Shop 25
Former Businesses - The General Trucker 25
Former Businesses - Glen Koob - Trucker 25
Former Businesses - Harvey Hoegh 25
Former Businesses - Chris (Dray) T. Christensen 25
Former Businesses - Brayton Lumber 26, 28
Former Businesses - Guy Miller, Barber 28
Former Businesses - Frank Stager 28
Former Businesses - Frank Stager 29
Former Businesses - Nels Thompson's Picture Booth 29
Former Businesses - Kate's Beauty Shop 29
Former Businesses - Marne-Elk Horn Telephone Company 29
Former Businesses - Frank McKibben - Carpenter 29
Former Businesses - Hoegh Oil Tank Wagon Service 25
Former Businesses - Lyle's Standard Service 25
Former Businesses - Bill Koob - Painter and Paper Hanger 25
Former Businesses - Photo of Interior of Jacob Andersen Store 31
Former Businesses - Frederick Tank Wagon Service 31
Former Businesses - Clark L. Kimball - Painter and Carpenter 31
Current Businesses - Brayton Machinist (Tony Juhl) 33
Current Businesses - Brayton Oil Company 33
Current Businesses - Brayton Produce 35
Current Businesses - The Brayton Cafe 35
Current Businesses - Lewis Food Market 35
Current Businesses - Brayton Hog Market 35
Current Businesses - Andersen's Painting and Sandblasting 35
Current Businesses - Earl Hansen Plumbing 35
Current Businesses - Brayton Produce 35
Current Businesses - Gerald Martin Repair and Welding 37
Current Businesses - Ron Hansen, Sr. - Welding and Machine Shop 37
Current Businesses - Hansen Plumbing, Heating, Electrical 37
Current Businesses - Judy's Beauty Salon 37
Current Businesses - Bintner's Standard 37
Current Businesses - Brayton Tavern 37
Current Businesses - Gerald Martin Repair and WeHelson Bulldozing 37
Current Businesses - Thompson's Tiling 37
Current Businesses - Deloris's Ceramic Shop 37
Churches and Schools - First Baptist Church 39
Churches and Schools - The Brayton Union Sunday School 39, 41
Churches and Schools - Brayton Evangelical LutheranWilbert & Eva Hansen41-42
Bowen Cemetery 42
Churches and Schools - Photos: Brayton School, Oakfield Academy, Oakfield No. 7-1928 44, 45
Churches and Schools - Brayton School 1894-1959 44-45, 48
Churches and Schools - Teachers at Oakfield School [1931-32 Thru 1959 Closing] 45
Churches and Schools - Children Enrolled in the Brayton School 1907-1908 45
Churches and Schools - Brayton School 1916-1917 45-46
Churches and Schools - Christmas Program Brayton School 1944 46
Churches and Schools - Students Enrolled at Oakfield [Exira No. 5] 1950-51 46
Churches and Schools - Photo: Ninth Grade Class of Exira High School, 1932 46
Churches and Schools - Photo: Some Students at Oakfield School, 1958-59 48
A Look at Brayton History [The Song of Brayton] 50, 52
Through the Years 52-54, 56
Brayton Businesses Burn, August 8, 1929 56
Another Fire in Brayton, February 2, 1934 56, 58
Audubon Taught a Lesson (1906) 58
Dr. Samuel Ballard 58, 60
C. Mikkelsen Players Present "Poor Father" [March 23-24, 1928] 60-61
Remembrances of My Early Life in BraytonMarion L. Walker61
Brayton IOOF Hallmarks Its 100th BirthdayMrs. Daisy Cannon62, 64
Brayton Birthday Wishes - Audubon County Officials 63
Flood of 1958 64
Crooked Creek Gang 65-66
$15,000 Still Seized on Farm Near Brayton 66, 68
Brayton Big Days 69
Eliza and Charlie Britten 69
Photo - Brayton Band 70
Family Histories - Dr. W. R. Koob 72
Family Histories - W. H. H. & Eliza Watson Bowen 72,74
Family Histories - John T. Jenkins Family 74, 76
Family Histories - T. J. Essington Family 76-78
Family Histories - Daugard Family 78
Family Histories - Ide Family 80
Family Histories - Walker Family 80-81
Family Histories - Onken Family 81-82
Group Photo at A. T. Rasmussen Residence (circa 1920-1924) 82
Residents of Brayton March 1978 84
Oakfield HistoryDaisy Cannon85-86, 88-90
Oakfield CemeteryMillroy Bills90
Ed H. Stager 90-91
Photo - Audubon County Board of Supervisers [Summers, Akers, Hansen] 94
Photos - A Look At Our Past 96, 100, 104
Donations and Memorials 113-115

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Advertisement: Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company27
Advertisements: Super Bowl; Southside Welding; Thompson Tiling Service; The Pincushion30
Advertisement: Brayton Meat Market32
Advertisements: Super Bowl; Southside Welding; Thompson Tiling Service; The Pincushion30
Advertisements: Mary Ann's Stage II; Farmland Hog Buying Station; Allied Mills, Inc.34
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