The History of Appanoose County, Iowa

Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878

Transcribed by Renee Rimmert.    A complete copy of this book is available on-line at


agt - agent mach - machinist
carp - carpenter mech - mechanic
clk - clerk mar - merchant
co - company or county mfr - manufacturer
dlr - dealer mkr - maker
fmr - farmer P.O. - Post Office
gro - grower prop - proprietor
I.V.A. - Iowa Volunteer Artillery S. or Sec. - section
I.V.C. - Iowa Volunteer Cavalry st - street
I.V.I. - Iowa Volunteer Infantry supt - superintendent
lab - laborer treas - treasurer

Independence Township

M  - Z

McCloud, J.H.,far., S. 24; P.O. Griffinsville.

McCormick, J., far., S. 4; P.O. Iconium.

McDaniel, B., far., S. 1; P.O. Iconium.

McDenield, S.L., far., S. 4; P.O. Iconium.

McGuffee, W.,far., S. 31; P.O. Confidence.

Maiken, B.A., far., S. 1; P.O. Iconium.

Mansfield, J., far., S. 26; P.O. Griffinsville.

Marchbank, B.N. , far., S. 8; P.O. Milledgeville.

Morlan, B.C., far., Sec. 7; P.O. Confidence.

Morlan, N.J., far., Sec. 7; P.O. Confidence.

Miller, R.H.,far., S. 28; P.O. Milledgeville.

Moore, R.M., Rev., minister, Sec. 16; P.O. Milledgeville; born in Hampshire Co., W.Va., in September, 1832; he graduated at the Macon College, Randolph Co., Va., in 1857; took the classical course at Hillsboro, Va.; was ordained to preach in the United Brethren Church, which he followed four years, and then enlisted in the 10th W.Va. V.I. Nov. 17, 1861; was captured at the battle of Beverly, W. Va., and taken to Libby Prison in 1863; was kept in prison from July 2 to Aug. 15; served until March 17, 1865, and was discharged by reason of expiration of term of service; was in the principal battles of the Potomac army in 1863 and 1864; he held the office of Quartermaster Sergeant and Clerk.  has 110 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre.  He married Maria Myers in Loudon Co., Va., in 1857; she was born in Loudoun Co., Va., in 1831; they have eight children - Hannah, John J., Sarah Ann, Charles W., Ida M., Jemima, Benjamn F., and Thomas R.  He continues preaching in the Methodist persuasion; Democrat.

Moreland, Belinda C.,farmer, Sec. 17; P.O. Confidence; daughter of Wm. Jones, who was born in Casey co., Ky., in 1797; in 1817, married Miss Abigail Davis, native of the same county and daughter of Robert Davis; in 1819, removed to Washington Co., Ind.; thence to Putnam Co., Ind.; in 1851, to Appanoose; settled in Johns Tp.; entered 1,600 acres, on which he settled with all his children, and died in 1872; his wife died in 1870; had ten children, the eldest being Mrs. Morland; she was born in Casey Co., Ky., in 1818; with her parents came to Putnam Co., Ind.  In 1836, married Mr. Henry Moreland; his father, Elijah M., was born in 1787; married Mary Boutnan; settled in Indiana, where his son Henry was born in 1816; came to Putnam Co. in 1833; in 1852, Mr. and Mrs. Moreland came to this county and settled in Lincoln Tp.; in the spring of 1853, they moved to her present place of residence, where he owne 1,000 acres of land, most of which he had divided among his children, and to which they have added 1,500 acres.  Mr. Moreland was among the oldest settlers of the county and a prominent man.  Was a Democrat and Conservative.  Has held prominent offices both in the county and township; was an extensive stock-grower, and during the latter part of his life engaged in merchandising; he died Nov. 22, 1861, much regretted by all the county, and was attended to his last resting-place by a large concourse of the citizens; he left a wife and five children, the eldest of whom is Newton J., who was born in Putnam Co., Ind., in 1837; is now a resident of this township.  Married Miss Emily Banks, daughter of Charles B., a former resident of this county, now deceased; Mary A., born in Indiana, in the same county, Sept. 3, 1840; her husband's biography appears elsewhere; Louisa P., born in Indiana Dec. 1, 1842, died March 27, 1864; Lucinda J., born in Indiana Jan. 4, 1847, wife of P.T. Butler, whose biography appears elsewhere; William E.L., born in Indiana Nov. 9, 1849; married Miss Mary E. Freeman, daughter of W.W. Freeman, a residen of this county; they now occupy the old homestead.

Morlaun, Wm. E. L.,Sec. 18; P.O. Confidence.

Mosby, E.,far., Sec. 31; P.O. Confidence.

Murphy, J.L.,far., S. 4; P.O. Iconium.

Newell, David,far., S. 4; P.O. Milledgeville.

Owen, Owen,far., Sec. 7; P.O. Confidence.

Park, L.M.,far., S. 36; P.O. Walnut City.

Payne, George M.,farmer and fine-stock raiser, Sec. 2; P.O. Iconium; son of Benj. Payne, a fuller, who was born Aug. 4, 1772; married Catharine Harrison, born May 20, 1787; they first settled in Fayette Co., Penn.; moved to Brownsville, where his son George was born, in 1828; in 1832, his father died of the cholera; his mother removed to Fairfield Co., Ohio; there they engaged in farming for a time, removed to Pickaway Co., Ohio, where his mother died Sept. 19, 1846, a member of the M.E. Church; she left six children, only two now living - George W. and his eldest brother Jesse, of Davis Co., who came to Appanoose in 1855 and settled in Sharon Tp.  George remained in Pickaway Co., Ohio, engaged in farming; in 1851, married Miss Sarah Argo, daughter of Abijah and Mary Ann Robinson; he was born in Pennsylvania, she in Virginia; her father died in 1843, her mother in 1866; were married before receiving their license, that document being presented to the bride immediately after the ceremony; July 1856, arrived in Appanoose, settling on a rented farm; four years after, he purchased, where he now resides and owns, sixty-three acres of land, valued at $25 per acre; had eight children - John W., born in Ohio July 25, 1852, a successful teacher; Arthur E., born Nov. 2, 1853, died Oct. 4, 1871; Milton L., born June 20, 1855, died Oct. 4, 1871; William A., born Nov. 1, 1856; Ruth J., born April 18, 1858; Alexander, born Nov. 28, 1859, died Dec. 4, 1867; Henry, born March 20, 1863; Parthenia M., born Feb. 11, 1869.  Greenbacker; members of the M.E. Church.  He is a member of the Grange, a strong believer of same; says that the most profitable business he has found is growing pure Poland-China hogs; has done much toward securing a good stock of that kind in the county.

Penfield, John S.,farmer, Sec. 2; P.O. Iconium; is of New England descent; his grandfather, Seth P., was a native of Connecticut, where he married Naomi Staples; during the year 1841, the family removed to Crawford Co., Penn., there he followed the trade of blacksmith until his death in 1871, at the age of 80 years, his wife having died in 1864.  The father of John S., went to New York; there married Miss Eliza McCan, daughter of John and Elizabeth McCan, of Irish and German descent; removed to Erie co., Ohio, where her father died of cancer in 1854, and her mother in June 1874.  After their marriage, he returned ot Pennsylvania and purchased a farm on which they still reside.  Have four children, all settled in Pennsylvania except John S.; he was born in Crawford Co., Penn., April 3, 1842.  He joined the 2d Ohio Ind. Battery of Light Artillery Aug. 3, 1861; was in the battles of Pea Ridge, Port Gibson, Champion Hill, siege of Vicksburg, siege of Jackson and Middle Bayou; mustered out at Sixth Sergeant Aug. 9, 1865, at Columbus, Ohio; this Company was organized at Ashtabula Co., Ohio, July 20, 1861; mustered in at Columbus, Ohio Aug. 6, 1861, and re-organized at Plaquemine, La., Feb. 22, 1864.  Mr. Penfield returned to Pennsylvania Sept. 11, 1868.   Married Miss Helen N. Duncan, daughter of Charles and Thida D.; her father was born Aug. 6, 1818; was a miner; her mother (nee Lampson), was born in Trumbull Co., Ohio, where they were married in 1842; raised a large family of children, and still resides in that State; Mr. Penfield came to Van Buren Co., Iowa, in February 1869; Dec. 25, 1869, came to Appanoose and purchased his present property of 145 acres of well improved and cultivated land, valued at $30 per acre; they have one child - Walter W., born Aug. 17, 1869.  Republican.   Has held the office of Secretary of School Board; is Treasurer.

Phillips, G.W.,far., Sec. 22; P.O. Milledgeville.

Phillips, W.H.,far., S. 19; P.O. Milledgeville.

Peppers, Wells,farmer and proprietor of Lake-Shore Mills, S. 16; P.O. Milledgeville; son of Reuben Peppers, who was born in Kentucy in 1800, where his father, Robert, was an early settler, and died when Reuben was but 18 months old; when he was 8 years of age, his mother revmoved to Ashe Co., N.C.  At the age of 23, he married Catharine Blevins, born in Ashe Co., N.C., in 1803; had one child - Wells, was born in Kentucky July 25, 1826; at 19 years of age, he received a common-school education, and, at the age of 19, he removed to Miami Co., Ohio, and lived in several counties in that State, working in the iron works until 1850, when he came to Iowa; first came to Wapello Co., where he married Miss Margaret R. Northcutt; born in Clarke Co., Ohio; her parents, Willis and Sarah N., since removed to Oregon; after marriage, they removed to Iowaville, Van Buren Co., where he purchased property and engaged at milling; in 1851, on account of the flood in that country, he removed to Davis Co., and in company with Andy Dun, built a mill at Pleasant View, also kept the post office; in 1855, removed to this county and settled where Milledgeville now stands and erected a mill for his brother and Jerry Anderson; two years after built the mill at Griffinsville; four years after, purchased a farm an one-half interest in the mill at Milledgeville; in 1868, pruchased the farm where they now reside and own 140 acres, valued at $30 per acre; have kept the post office at Milledgeville since 1875; he also has to contract for carrying the mail to and from Walnut City.  They have eight children - Winfield S., born in 1851, now a resident of Cherokee Co., Kan.; Sarah C., born in 1854, married and living in Wayne Co.; Reuben W., born in 1857, a resident of Colorado; Chloe A., born in 1860; Charles B., born in 1862; Edwin, born in 1864; Frankie M., born in 1868; Mary A., born in 1870.   Republican.  A member of the I.O.O.F., at La Grange, Monroe Co.  Members of Christian Church.   Has held the office of Justice of the Peace for sixteen years; now Notary Public.

Porter, B.,far., S. 28; P.O. Milledgeville.

Peppers, W.,far., Sec. 10; P.O. Milledgeville.

Printy, R.I.,farmer, Sec. 21; P.O. Milledgeville; son of Israel Printy, who was born in Ohio previous to 1800; in 1819, he married Margaret Cooper, who was born in Virginia in 1800, daughter of Robt. C. Cooper and Elizabeth Mead, who had three children - the youngest, R.J., was born in Vermillion Co., Ind., Nov. 5, 1826; his father died in 1827, after which his mother removed to Greenup Co., Ky., thence to Scioto Co., Ohio; in 1833, to Ripley Co., Ind., when 15, he went to Kentucky; was engaged on the river, and a portion of his time in the iron works of Southern Ohio.  Dec. 3, 1850, he married Miss Harriet J. Davis, daughter of Joshua Davis, of Jennings Co., Ind.; she was born Jan. 27, 1829; the fall of 1851, they removed to this county; reached here with but 37 1/2 in cash.  August 29, 1852, his wife died, leaving two children, twins - Israel and Harriet, born Aug, 21, 1852.  March 13, 1853 he married Miss Cynthia A. Baker, daughter of Wm. Baker, of Davis Co., from Indiana in 1848; she was born Jennings Co., Ind., in 1826; her father was born in Kentucky in March 1797; her mother in Glasgow, Nov. 24, 18-.  Mr. Printy first settled in Washington Tp.; in the fall of 1853, he came to this township, where he now owns 160 acres of well-improved land, valued at $5,000.  They have six children - William, born Aug. 8, 1855; Margaret E., March 15, 1857; Louisa Americus, Oct. 24, 1858; Samuel M., May 15, 1860; Jas. C., Jan. 30, 1863; Sarah M., March 19, 1865.  Democrat.  Trustee and school officer.

Printy, Wm. C.,far., Sec. 24; P.O. Griffinsville.

Rairdon, M.,far., Sec. 4; P.O. Milledgeville.

Reynolds, Moses,far., S. 22; P.O. Milledgeville.

Reynolds, W.E.L.,far., Sec. 27; P.O. Milledgeville.

Rider, G.W.,far., Sec. 28; P.O. Milledgeville.

Rinehard, J.S.,far., S. 31; P.O. Walnut City.

Robb, A.H.,far. , Sec. 25; P.O. Walnut City.

Rose, C.,far., S. 34; P.O. Griffinsville.

Santee, Tobais,far., Sec. 23; P.O. Griffinsville.

Scott, D.O.,far., S. 36; P.O. Griffinsville.

Scott, Harlan,far., S. 35; P.O. Griffinsville.

Sedgwick, B.F.,far., Sec. 36; P.O. Griffinsville.

Sheeks, J.T.,far., S. 3; P.O. Milledgeville.

Sheeks, Samuel,farmer and stock-grower, Sec. 2; P.O. Iconium; born in Wayne Co., Ky., in 1812; son of George Sheeks, who was born in North Carolina; married Elizabeth Canote; were early settlers of Kentucky in 1816; were among the very earlist settlers of Lawrence Co., Ind., where he died in 1843, and she in 1853.   Samuel, at the age of 21, married Miss Elizabeth Murray, born in North Carolina in 1816; they engaged in farming in that county until the spring of 1850, when they came to Appanoose Co., then in a wild state, and almost uninhabited; they went to Alexandria and Keokuk for their marketing and milling; settled where he now resides, and entered 320 acres of land, now owns 240 acres, valued at $25 per acre; have nine children - Harriet E., born Oct. 21, 1835; John T., born Oct. 6, 1837; George W., born Sept. 15, 1839; Isaac H., born Sept. 6, 1841; Alexander Q., born March 7, 1844 (died in Keokuk, Nov. 27, 1862, having enlisted in the 36th Iowa V.I., Co. F, in September 1862), Denton P., born July 21, 1846; Lydia J., born Oct. 14, 1848; Martin B., born Nov. 10, 1851 Mary S.E., born Feb. 5, 1856, Samuel G., born April 9, 1860.  Republican; members of the Missionary Baptist Church since arrival in the county.  Has held the office of Justice of the Peace two years, and school offices.

Showalter, H.,far., S. 23; P.O. Griffinsville.

Showalter, Joe,far., Sec. 24; P.O. Milledgeville.

Smith, Ely,far., Sec. 19; P.O. Milledgeville.

Standley, J.T., far., S. 21; P.O. Milledgeville.

Swan, Jesse,far., Sec. 28; P.O. Milledgeville.

Tarbell, B.A.,farmer, Sec. 11; P.O. Milledgeville.

Teator, C.C.,farmer and stock-grower, Sec. 36; P.O. Walnut City; born in Garrard Co., Ky., June 7, 1804; in 1779, his grandfather Teator, of Maryland, settled in Lincoln, now Boyle Co., Ky., June 7, 1804; in a fort, where his father, Harris T., was born; March 1785, the family removed to Garrard Co., Ky., to the farm where his father remained until his death, in 1867, at the age of 85, having been for 49 years Pastor of the M.E. Church; at 22, he married Miss Rebecca Totten, who was born on Long Island in 1781; after the death of her father (who was murdered for his money), the family removed to Tennessee, thence to Kentucky, where she married; remained until her death at the old homestead, where his father died at the advanced age of 83 years.  C.C. received a limited education; married Miss Ellen Davis who was born in Garrad Co., Ky., in 1807; her parents, both of Southern birth, pioneers of that county from Virginia, farmed by renting, then purchased a farm; in 1845, came to Jefferson Co., Iowa, and extensively engaged in stock-farming; sent to Farmington and Keokuk the first droves of hogs butchered there.  In 1853, removed to this county, settled on present farm; owns 343 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre; had fifteen children, nine living; have sixty-five grandchildren, twenty-three great-grandchildren - Cyrus, the eldest, Pastor of M.E. Church; the youngest a farmer in Lucas Co.; four sons served three to four years in the army; Cyrus was in prison ten months at Tyler, Tex.; one died at Mapleton, Kan.; another, during a battle, jumped his horse over a stone wall and captured a rebel flag, which he still retains.  Of the descendants of his grandfather, there were seventeen in the late war; his great-grandfather Teator was in then French war, also in the Revolution; was at the battle of Ft. Duquesne, and, although wounded, was one of eight saved from a company of 200.  Members of the M.E. Church over forty years; their children, except two, members of the same church; he was a Whig, now Republican.

Teator, G.C.,far., Sec. 25; P.O. Griffinsville.

Teegarden, Calvin,far., Sec. 35; P.O. Griffinsville.

Teegarden, G.M.,far., Sec. 33; P.O. Milledgeville.

Temple, Wm. C.,far., Sec. 13; P.O. Griffinsville.

Thomas, A.,far., Sec. 35; P.O. Griffinsville.

Thomas, J.H.,far., Sec. 25; P.O. Milledgeville.

Talkington, P.,far., Sec. 9; P.O. Milledgeville.

White, Horatio Jr.,farmer, Sec. 15; P.O. Milledgeville; born in Washington Co., Penn., in 1824; son of Horatio White, Sr., who was born in Prince George's Co., Md., in 1772; in 1820, married Miss Sarah Roberts, born in Md., in 1772; in 1820, married Miss Sarah Roberts, born in Maryland in 1786, but then, a resident of Washington Co., Penn.; they had three children - the eldest, Horatio, when he was 3 years of age, with his parents, removed to Columbiana Co., Ohio.  Received a good common-school education, and, at the age of 26, with his parents, enigrated to Jefferson Co., Iowa; there his father died in 1852, aged 80 years; in 1855, he removed to this county, where he now owns eighty acres of land, valued at $3,000.  In 1860, he married Miss Ellen Wison, who was born in 1831; daughter of Andrew W., of Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa, from Indiana; born in North Carolina; a pioneer of Henry Co., Iowa; she is a member of the M.E. Church.  Mr. White has two children - Frank, born Jan. 14, 1861; Harry, born in November 1864.  He is a member of the Congregationalist Church; has been Township Clerk and Supervisor.  Greenbacker.

Woolf, Thomas,farmer, Sec. 36; P.O. Walnut City; born in Bedford Co., Penn., in 1830; acquired a common-school education; in 1851, went to Pickaway Co., Ohio; engaged in farming; in 1852, came to Illinois near Marshall; thence to Delaware Co., Iowa; engaged in farming by renting; in 1864, went to Dubuque Co.; employed in the lead mines for four years.  Married Miss Josephine Gerrard, daughter of Henry and Mary E. G., natives of Belgium, who emigrated to this country in 1849; died here, she, in 1859; he, in 1868.  Mrs. Wolf was born in Belgium, in 1843; have nine children - Sarah M., Ida M., Mary E., Laura B., Henry H., Nancy J., John M., Stella and Esther.  In 1867, came to Appanoose, settled three miles south of Centerville, renting and farming; in 1869, moved north of Centerville, renting and farming; in 1869, moved north of Centerville, and remained five years, when they purchased their present property, consisting of eighty-two acres of land, valued at $25 per acre.  Mrs. W. had four brothers in the late war; two of whom were killed; her youngest brother served one year in the latter part of the war, after which he enlisted in the regular army, and was sent to the frontier; is now a resident of Kansas.  One of her older brothers returned from the army with a ball in his neck.