The History of Appanoose County, Iowa

Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878

Transcribed by Renee Rimmert.    A complete copy of this book is available on-line at


agt - agent mach - machinist
carp - carpenter mech - mechanic
clk - clerk mar - merchant
co - company or county mfr - manufacturer
dlr - dealer mkr - maker
fmr - farmer P.O. - Post Office
gro - grower prop - proprietor
I.V.A. - Iowa Volunteer Artillery S. or Sec. - section
I.V.C. - Iowa Volunteer Cavalry st - street
I.V.I. - Iowa Volunteer Infantry supt - superintendent
lab - laborer treas - treasurer

Center Township

J  -  M

Jenks, J.D., carpenter.

Johnson, Alex, miner.

Johnson, W.S., lawyer; born in Union Co., Ind., in 1835; located in this county in May, 1851.   Married Miss Sarah B. Gibson in 1855; she was born in Putnam Co., Ind., in 1836; they have five children - James H. A., Willie E., Pleasant Lee, Mary E. and Ida B.   Members of the M.E. Church; he is a Republican.   He owns his residence and other property, valued at about $6,000.   He is senior member of the firm of Johnson & Calvert, clothing and furnishing goods; Mr. J. built the first storehouse, was the first merchant and Postmaster in the town of Cincinnati; served as Clerk of the Courts three terms.   Served three years and a half as a private and officer in the 6th and 36th I.V.I.

Johnston, R.A., blacksmith.

Joiner, B.A., carpenter.

Jones, G.W., carpenter.

Kearnwille, J., saddler.

Kellogg, H.E., , jewler.

Kindig, B.F., farmer, Sec. 35; born Dec. 15, 1837, in Preble Co., Ohio; in 1856, came to Appanoose Co.; owns seventy-four acres of land, valued at $40 per acre.   Married Mary Musser, June 1857; she was born in August, 1839, in Ohio; daughter of Michael Musser of Bartholomew Co., Ind.; have five children - Ida B., Jessie May, Iowa M., Charles W. and Barbara E.   Mr. K. has a book of examples written by his father when attending school in Lancaster Co., Penn., fifty years ago.   He was the first man who drilled for coal in Center Tp.   M.E. Church; Republican.

Kindig, J., far., Sec. 35.

Kindig, R.C.L., coal miner.

Kirkham, F.M., preacher.

Kirkham, M.H., (firm of Kirkham & McGregor), hardware merchant; is a native of this State, being born in Van Buren Co., in 1841; he located in this county in 1871.   Married Miss Ada Drake in 1862; she was born in Fort Madison, Lee Co., Iowa, in 1845; their children are Carrie, Rittie, Stella and Hattie.   Are members of the Christian Church; he is a Republican.   The members of this firm are active, energetic business men, with liberal means and a thorough knowledge of their businesses; have established themselves at the head of the hardware business in this section of the country; they purchase their stock for cash at the lowest rates and are therefore able to sell as low as any competitor; they deal in stoves, sewing machines, etc.   He owns his residence, worth $3,500, and a half-interest in the hardware store.

Lane, C.W., merchant.

Lane, I.S., bucher.

Lane, J.W.

Lane, Silas, farmer; Sec. 12.

Lane, S.W. merchant.

Land, Walden, Mrs. , (born in Jefferson Co., N.Y., in 1830; moved to Geauga Co., Ohio, with her parents, in 1831, and to Hillsdale Co., Mich., in 1849, thence to this county in 1857.   Was married to J.F. Walden in 1860; he died in 1869, of disease contracted in the army.   He organized Co. F, 17th Iowa Vols., and went into the field as Captain in 1862; was promoted to the rank of Major in April, 1863, and transferred to the Pay Department in 1864, retaining his rank as Major; was brevetted Lieutenant Colonel and mustered out in 1866.   Mrs. Lane has one child living - Jennie Florence, born in October 1865, whose education is the principal aim of her mother.   Having commenced life young herself, as a school teacher at 19 years of age, she is familiar with the difficulties encountered by a young girl thrown in a similar position, dependent upon he own resources, and, therefore, feels the deep responsibility resting upon her as the surviving parent of her orphan child; she possesses those noble principles of self-sacrifice for the welfare of others, so rarely found among the denizens of this sublunary region.   She taught school in Bellair and other places in this county in 1857.   She owns property in this city, worth $5,000, and has an income from other reliable sources.

Lankford, J., furniture.

Lee, D., far., Sec. 2.

Lindsey, J.N., , plasterer.

Long, G.W., far., Sec. 17.

Long, J.S., far., Sec. 17.

Long, Valentine,deceased; born September, 1801, in Denison Co., N.C.; died June 7, 1875.   Married Phrana Yakeley in 1824; she was born Sept. 27, 1804, in Denison Co., N.C.; in 1834, came to Indiana; in 1848, moved to Appanoose Co.; she owns 170 acres of land; had eleven children, nine living - Andrew, Joseph, Lemuel, William A., Samuel Y., Elizabeth, George W., Thomas J. and John S.; Mary A. and Matilda J. died, aged respectively twenty-five and twenty-eight years; Andrew served about one year in the late war, and was discharged on account of sickness.   Members of the Christian Church.

Hays, J.R., Cashier First Nat. Bank.

Hamilton, J.S., far., Sec. 30.

Harper, John,wagon and carriage manufacturer; born in County Down, Ireland in 1828; located in Belmont Co., Ohio, in 1850, and in this county in 1853.   Married Miss Sarah Creight in 1848; she was born in County South, Ireland, in 1831; their children are William H., Robert C., John A.   Are members of the Presbyterian Church; he is a Republican.   He owns a very comfortable residence and other property in Centerville, valued at about $9,000.   He has been at his present business since 12 years of age, having served an apprenticeship of five years in Ireland and several years journey work before commencing for himself; has been established in this city twenty-five years; is prompt to assist local enterprises.

Long, W.A., far., Sec. 18.

McAlister, Charles,farmer, Sec. 18.

McAlister, J.R., far., Sec. 30.

McClard, J.F., laborer, Sec. 31.

McCreary, W.M., far., Sec. 8.

McDaniel, W.B., far., Sec. 20.

MacGregor, Robert, (of Kirkham & MacGregor), hardware merchant; born in New York City in 1848; located in this city in 1871.   Married Miss C.S. Sedgwick in 1873; she was born in Greene Co., Penn., in 1853; have one child - Sedgwick, born September, 1877.   Mrs. MacGregor is a Methodist; he owns half-interest in the real estate and stock owned by his firm, valued at about $15,000; they have the only first-class hardware establishment in the city; they carry a large stock including stoves and sewing machines, which they buy for cash; and they are enterprising gentlemen and business men.

McKeehan, D.S., , medical student.

McKeehan, S., far., Sec. 8.

McKee, A., Continental Hotel.

McKenney, J.A., miner.

McLaughlin, R.A., farmer, Sec. 18; born in Lancaster Co. Penn., Sept. 22, 1802, and lived in that State till 1869, and then moved to this county; owns ninety acres of land, well cultivated, valued at $30 per acre, and twenty-five acres of timber land, valued at $10 per acre.   He is a Republican.   His wife, Rebecca Jones, was born in Sommerset Co., Penn., Aug. 16, 1812; they were married May 1, 1834; have eight children living - Ann Martha, Mary Jane, William H., Collin L., Louisa M., Francis W., Nancy E. and John R.   Mr. McLaughlin has a pleasant home, and his children are well educated and fond of reading, and believe in keeping themselves well posted.

McLoughlin, W.H., far., Sec. 18.

Maring, J.B., County Auditor; born in Belmont Co., Ohio, in 1833; moved to Monroe Co. in 1836, and located in this county in 1863.   He married Miss S.E. Martin in 1871; she was born in Guernsey Co., Ohio, in 1841; they have one child - Lena W.   Are members of the M.E. Church; Republican.   Owns residence in Centerville, valued at $3,000.   He has held his present office during the last five years.

Martin, B.H., brickmaker.

Martin, E.L., far., Sec. 35.

Martin, J., far., Sec. 32.

Martin, J.A., miner.

Martin, Jacob S., weigher at Watson coal-mine; born in Jackson, Jackson Co., Ohio, Jan. 19, 1850; came to this county Sept. 28, 1871; owns his residence and several town lots, valued at $1,000.   He is a Republican.   His wife, Mary Louisa Hilliker, born in Michigan in 1849; they were married Sept. 22, 1872, and have one child - Arintha.   Mr. Martin was in the Union army six months; he has held the position of weigher at the Watson coal-shaft several years, and appears to be very trustworthy man.

Huddleston, C.M., photograph artist; born in Union Co., Penn., in 1852; located in this county in 1875.   Married Miss Carrie Scott in 1858; she was born in the same county and State in 1840; they have five children - Foster G., Sherman R., Freeman, Wilford and Ralph.   Independent in politics.   Owns his own residence, valued at $1,500.   He is a thorough artist, and can product pictures equal to any in the largest cities; has been in the business fifteen years.

Martin, J.C., far., Sec. 2.

Martin, S., far., Sec. 30.

Martin, T.W., far., Sec. 19.

Martin, Willis, farmer, Sec. 2; born March 21, 1813, in Harrison Co., Ind.; in 1850, came to Appanoose Co. and to Center Tp.   He owns 100 acres of land, valued at $30 per acres.   Married Jane Woodward in 1836; she was born March 7, 1812, in Kentucky; have eight children - E.F., Adaline, Thomas W., Nancy A., Elizabeth J., William C., John C., Samuel A.   E.F. enlisted in 1862, in 17th I.V.I., and served to the end of the war.   Mr. M. has been Deputy Sheriff.

Martin, W.C., far., Sec. 2.

Mechem, L.C., attorney; born in Belmont Co., Ohio, in 1843, and located in this county in 1866.   Married Miss Mary E. Wright in 1869; she was born in Warren Co., Ind., in 1849; they have one child - John S., born July 24, 1870.   They are members of the Christian Church.   He is a Republican.   Enlisted in the 15th Ohio V.I., in September 1861; was transferred to the 129th Regiment, with the rank of First Sergeant, in July 1863; was mustered out with his regiment at Cleveland, Ohio in March 1864; served in the Army of the Cumberland.   He owns his residence in this city, valued at $3,500; also other property worth $2,000.
Mitchell, A., farmer, Sec. 17.

Mells, Benjamin P., farmer; born in Lincolnshire, England, in 1827 came to this country in 1858.   Married Mrs. Sarah Shipman in 1863; she was born in Belmont Co., Ohio; they have two children - Benjamin P. and Sarah E.   Mrs. Mells has three children, being fruits of a former marriage, viz., Nora L., Charles W. and Anna R. Shipman.   They are members of the M.E. Church.   He is a member of the Christian Church; Republican.   Owns 543 ½ acres of land on Secs. 29, 31 and 32 in Bellair Tp., this county, valued at $25 per acre, and other property in this city, making in all about $25,000.   He is engaged in breeding graded stock, sheep, etc.

Merritt, T.C., merchant.

Merritt, G.W., printer.

Merritt, Moses, merchant; born in Wayne Co., Ind., in 1823; moved to Mercer Co., Ill., in 1855, and located in this county in the fall of that year.   He married Miss Lucy Ann Nugen in 1844; she was born in same county and State same year; their children are George W., James, T.C., Linnia (Ullrich).   Members of the M.E. Church; Republican.   He owns his residence, valued at $2,500.   He has been in business as a merchant since 1858.

Miller, John, farmer, Sec. 8; born in 1838, in Fayette Co., Penn.; in 1870, came to Appanoose Co.; owns 160 acres land.   Married Mary E. Catlin in 1856; she was born in 1838, in Fayette Co., Penn; have seven children - John S., Mary E., Carrie, George, Charles, Ernest and Albert.   Democrat.

Miller, Joshua, attorney at law, senior member of the law firm of Miller & Goddard; born in Stark Co., Ohio in 1822; moved to Louisville, Ky., in 1835; thence to Lawrence Co., Ind., in 1841.    He married Miss Rhoda A. Swindler in 1844; she was born in Lawrence Co., Ind., in 1827; he moved to Texas Co., Mo., in 1845; and to Lee Co., Iowa the same winter, and located in this county in 1851; their children are Arthur M., Sarah E., Frank, Charlie A., Lee L., Henry H. and Anna.   They attend the M.E. Church; he was an Old Line Whig until the party died in 1852, and has been a stanch Republican since.   He owns a very picturesque residence adjoining the city.

Miller, Peter, saloon, Centerville Depot; born in Holmes Co., Ohio, in 1835; located in this county in 1852.    Married May Riggle in 1863; she was born in Ohio; their children are Charles E., James F., John W., Robert B., Moses M. and Lillie May.   He is Independent in politics.   He enlisted in the 3d Iowa V.C. in 1861; mustered out in 1864, at Keokuk, Iowa; captured at Holly Springs and paroled on the field; sent to camp at St. Louis; was exchanged in June, 1863.

Miller, R.A., far., Sec. 35.

Mitchell, J.W., far., Sec. 23.

Mitchell, T., , far., Sec. 6.

Monroe, D.M., far., Sec. 13.

Moore, S.M., ., Judge, attorney; born in Miami Co., Ohio, in 1830; moved to Van Buren Co., Iowa, in 1844; thence to Lee Co., in 1847, and located in this city in 1859.   Married Miss M.J. Pendergast in 1852; she was born in Ripley Co., Ind., in 1831; they have five children - Alice E., Addison, William G., Irvin and Charles M.   They are members of the M.E. Church; he is a Republican.   Owns a residence and other property in the city, valued at $7,000, real estate outside of the city, valued at $1,000.   Has practiced law since 1862.   Was elected Judge of the Probate Court in 1865, which position he held till 1869; he then became Auditor, which office he held till 1870.

Morris, T.H., Recorder of Deeds; born in Monroe Co., Ohio in 1839; located in this county in 1849.   Married Miss Geraldine Griffith in 1862; she was born in the same county and State; their children are Laura J. and Lula M.; Mrs. Morris died in 1877.   He is a member of the M.E. Church; Republican.   Owns forty acres of land in this county.    He enlisted in the 6th Iowa Vols. In 1861, Co. D; he was wounded at Shiloh, April 6, 1862 from effects of which he lost a limb; was mustered out at St. Louis, Mo., in 1863.