The History of Appanoose County, Iowa

Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878

Transcribed by Renee Rimmert.    A complete copy of this book is available on-line at


agt - agent mach - machinist
carp - carpenter mech - mechanic
clk - clerk mar - merchant
co - company or county mfr - manufacturer
dlr - dealer mkr - maker
fmr - farmer P.O. - Post Office
gro - grower prop - proprietor
I.V.A. - Iowa Volunteer Artillery S. or Sec. - section
I.V.C. - Iowa Volunteer Cavalry st - street
I.V.I. - Iowa Volunteer Infantry supt - superintendent
lab - laborer treas - treasurer

Caldwell Township

G  - M

Glasburn, A., Exline.

Garven, Thomas, farmer, Sec. 33; P.O. Caldwell.

Gaughenbaugh, Moses, farmer, Sec. 19; P.O. Centerville; born in Fayette Co., Penn., June 2, 1825; located here in 1856, and owns 102 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre.  Member of the M.E. Church, and a Greenbacker.  His wife, Malsenia Jones, born in Missouri; they were married March 1859, and had seven children - Fordice, Isaac, Curtis, John, Clark, James, George and Moses - the latter was a son by a former wife.  Mr. Gaughenbaugh has his farm well cultivated.  

Gibson, A., farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Centerille.

Glasburn, S.C., Exline.

Gough, James H., farmer, Sec. 2; P.O. Caldwell; born in North Carolina in 1818; removed to Poweshiek Co., this State in 1852, thence to this county in 1854.  Has 135 acres of land valued at $11 per acre.  Married Miss Martha Sheik in December 1842; she was born North Carolina 1822.   Democratic; Mrs. Gough is a member of the M.E. Church.  Has held the office of Constable eight years; Justice of the Peace, two years; Township Trustee, several years.  A member of A., F. & A.M. Lodge, No. 42, Centerville.

Guffey, T.H., far., Sec 16; P.O. Exline.

Hartley, J., far., S. 21; P.O. Caldwell.

Harrel, William, far., Sec. 6; P.O. in dry goods and groceries, Main st., Exline; residence same; born in Rush Co., Ind., in 1833; removed with his parents when a boy to Van Buren Co., this State, where his father engaged in farming, and where he remained, assisting in the management of the farm until 1874, when he married Miss Phoebe A. Knight, who was born in Indiana in 1842; they then came to this county, and to this place, where he has opened his house for the purpose of keeping a boarding house, and also has an excellent line of the above goods, which he offers at extremely low low prices for cash.

Harris, E., far., S. 27; P.O. Caldwell.

Hartley, D.P.,far., S. 35; P.O. Caldwell.

Hartley, G.M., far., Sec. 22; P.O. Caldwell.

Hartley, P.,far., Sec. 33; P.O. Caldwell.

Harseh, A.,far., S. 1; P.O. Moulton.

Heckithon, A.,far., S. 17; P.O. Exline.

Hendershot, W.,far., S. 31; P.O. Exline.

Hissem, D.H.,far., S. 30; P.O. Exline.

Hudson, D.F.,far., Sec. 23; P.O. Dean.

Huff, John,far., Sec. 9; P.O. Exline.

Hutchinson, James,farmer, Sec. 15; P.O. Exline.

Hutchinson, William A.,farmer, Sec. 14; P.O. Exline; born in Holmes Co., Ohio, in 1845; removed to this county whith his parents in 1857; owns sixty acres of land, valued at $20 per acre.   Married Miss Nancy Caldwell in 1866; she was born in this county in 1845.   Daughter of Anderson Caldwell, who was born in Virginia; he was among the very earliest settlers in this township - the township having been named for the family; died here in 1857; her mother died in 1852.  They have five children - William S., M.M., J.C., N.M. and E.L.  Republican; Mr. and Mrs. Hutchison are members of the M.E. Church. Enlisted in the 18th Missouri Infantry, Co. I, Capt. Maxwell, private, Feb. 1862; participated at Shiloh, first and second battles at Corinth, with Sherman on his march to the sea and return to Washington; mustered out as 2nd Sergeant, at St. Louis, July 1865.

Johnson, T.,farmer, Sec. 5; P.O. Exline.

Johsnson, Alfred,far.; born in Belmont Co., Ohio in 1845; in 1855, his parents came to this county, where they still occupy the farm on which they first settled.  He married Miss Maggie Lowry in 1864; she was born in Bridgeport, Ohio, in 1844; they have three children - James E., born Feb. 24, 1865; Trissie L., born March 27, 1867, and Harry E., born Feb. 18, 1870.  Democrat.  Has held the office of Constable and school offices; now Township Clerk.  P.O. Caldwll.

Johnson, William P.,far., Sec. 4; P.O. Exline.

Jones, S.,far., Sec. 26; P.O. Centerville.

Kinkade, J.,far., S. 32; P.O. Exline.

Kirby, D.,far., S. 14; P.O. Dean.

Kirby, F.M.,far., S. 22; P.O. Exline.

Kirby, W.E.,far., S. 7; P.O. Exline.

Kirby, W.R.,far., S. 7; P.O. Exline.

Kirkendall, A.,far., S. 28; P.O. Caldwell.

Klum, H.,far., S. 20; P.O. Centerville.

Korn, S.,far., S. 13; P.O. Dean.

Larue, G.W.,farmer, Sec. 8; P.O. Exline.

Leonard, J.,far., S. 18; P.O. Cincinnati.

Lesly, J.C.,far., S. 20; P.O. Centerville.

Lowry, J.A.,far., Sec. 33; P.O. Caldwell.

McClaskey, Robert,farmer, Sec. 2; P.O. Caldwell.

McClaskey, T.,far., S. 2; P.O. Caldwell.

McConnell, R.,farmer, Sec. 26; P.O. Caldwell.

McConnell, W.,far., Sec. 1; P.O. Caldwell.

McCoy, W.M.,far., S. 26; P.O. Caldwell.

McCoy, Mitchel,farmer, Sec. 22; P.O. Centerville; born May 24, 1840, in Monroe Co., Ohio, in 1849, came to Appanoose Co.; owns eighty acres of land.  Married Serena Eddy Aug. 15, 1867; she was born Sept. 29, 1847, in Monroe Co., Ohio; her parents came to this county in 1866; they have four children - Gilbert A., Ida, Ellda and Malvina.  Democrat; she is member of the Christian Church.

McCoy, T.,far., S. 21; P.O. Centerville.

McCoy, W.A.,far., S. 34; P.O. Caldwell.

McGuire, Charles,farmer, Sec. 32; P.O. Exline; born in Clarke Co., Ind., in 1832; in 1845, his father removed to Jefferson, Ind., where he engaged in farming until his death, which occurred in 1855; his mother died in 1876, on the home farm, where his brother still resides; his mother's mother died at the same place May 1877.  Mr. McGuire crossed the plains to California in 1853; settled in the Medego Valley, near Petaluma, where he engaged in dairying and farming during his sojourn there.  He became acquainted with Miss Amanda Johnson, whom he married in 1856; she was born in Fulton Co., Ill., in 1837; her parents removed to California in 1852, where they died; her father in August 1857; her mother in September 1854; in 1860, they came to this county, where he now owns a well improved farm of 150 acres, valued at $20 per acre; their children are Oscar, Margaret M., James W., Rolland E., Frank, Mary V., Charley, Cerula and Ellen; died November 1873 - William and Lily.  Democrat.  Has held the offices of Township Trustee, Constable and school offices.

Maberly, C.A.,farmer, Sec. 21; P.O. Centerville.

Maring, T.B.,farmer, Sec. 32; P.O. Exline; born May 17, 1833, in Belmont, Ohio; in October 1855, came to Appanoose Co.; he owns 120 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre.  Married Hannah M. Marshall April 11, 1861; she was born March 15, 1844, in Harrison Co., Ohio; had six children, three living - Jacob B., William F. and Luella; lost three children in infancy.  Has been a Directory in the Agricultural Society several years, also Justice of the Peace, School Director, etc.  Republican; Member of M.E. Church.

Marlo, Eli,far., Sec. 28; P.O. Caldwell.

Meeher, C.E.,far., Sec. 4; P.O. Exline.

Meeher, Henry,far., S. 4; P.O. Exline.

Merring, B.,farmer, Sec. 31; P.O. Centerville.

Maring, Jacob,farmer, Sec. 32; P.O. Exline.

Maring, S.,far., Sec. 4; P.O. Exline.

Maring, S.F.,far., Sec. 5; P.O. Exline.

Maring, William,far., S. 4; P.O. Caldwell.

Metcalf, Uriah,far., Sec. 17; P.O. Dean.

Michaels, Isaac,far., Sec. 16; P.O. Exline.

Michael, L.D.,far., Sec. 16; P.O. Exline.

Miller, Peter,far., Sec. 23; P.O. Centerville.

Mitchell, A.E.,far., Sec. 19; P.O. Centerville.

Mitchell, J.W.,far., Sec. 32; P.O. Exline.

Moore, Mansfield,far., Sec. 36; P.O. Caldwell.

Moore, William R.,far., Sec. 13; P.O. Dean.

Morgan, Samuel,farmer and stock-grower, Sec. 29; P.O. Exline; born in Green Co., Ohio in 1815; at the age of 14, he removed with his father to Tippecanoe Co., Ind., where he engaged in his usual occupation - that of farming.  His father died in 1843; still occupying the same farm on which he first located.  After the death of his father, his mother removed with two of her sons to Pulaski Co., Northern Indiana, where she died in 1846.  The subject of this sketch came to Davis Co., this State, in 1845, bought a farm and remained for eight years, or until 1853, when he came to this county, this township, where he owns 412 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre.  He married Miss Susan Morgan, in Indiana, same county; she was born in Greene Co., Ohio, in 1818.  They have eight children, all doing for themselves except two - Martha, Andrew H., Samuel W., Daniel C., Francis M., Louisa, Susanna and Artemisha.  Raised a Whig, now a Democrat.  Has held the office of Township Trustee, school offices, etc.  Mr. Morgan has a fine stock farm, to which he devotes the most of his time and attention.  A spring occupies a very prominent position upon his farm, watering seven large fields of fine pasture lands; his farm, being well fenced, with fine groves, orcharding and good buildings, will rank with the best in the county.

Mount, W.,far., Sec. 24; P.O. Dean.