The History of Appanoose County, Iowa

Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878

Transcribed by Renee Rimmert.    A complete copy of this book is available on-line at


agt - agent mach - machinist
carp - carpenter mech - mechanic
clk - clerk mar - merchant
co - company or county mfr - manufacturer
dlr - dealer mkr - maker
fmr - farmer P.O. - Post Office
gro - grower prop - proprietor
I.V.A. - Iowa Volunteer Artillery S. or Sec. - section
I.V.C. - Iowa Volunteer Cavalry st - street
I.V.I. - Iowa Volunteer Infantry supt - superintendent
lab - laborer treas - treasurer

Washington Township

C  -  D

Caldwell, C.B., Sec. 10; P.O. Moulton.

Caldwell, P.B., merchant, Moulton.

Caldwell, J.S., proprietor of Moulton Woolen-Mills; office and mills, foot of Fifth st.; residence, foot of Fourth street; born in Carroll Co., Ill., in 1850; removed to Des Moines, Iowa, in 1870; thence to Albia, Monroe Co., Iowa, in 1871; thence to Moulton, this county, in 1877; has a complete one-set mill, with a capacity of 350-400 yards per day, 240 spindles; the best custom roll card in Iowa; makes a specialty of jeans and yarn, with a dye house all complete and as far as their capacity extends as complete as any Eastern manufacturing company's mill; his mill and residence are valued at $10,000.   Married Miss Madeline Edwards in 1875; she was born in Ohio in 1855; they have two children - John W., born in July 1876, and Walter T., born in May 1878.   Greenbacker; members of the Presbyterian Church.   Enlisted in the 154th Ind., V.I. in 1864, and, being but 14 years of age, was installed as Company Clerk, which position he held until mustered out, in October 1865.   Mr. Caldwell wishes to mention, for the benefit of all whom it may concern, that he is breeding some fine Berkshire and Poland-China hogs, as well as buff Cochins and Brahma fowls.

Calnan, James, Sec. 12; P.O. Moulton.

Caldwell, W.J., Sec. 10; P.O. Moulton.

Callen, P.H., agent for J.W. Campbell, grain merchant; office and warehouse on depot grounds; residence Third st.; born in Knox Co., in 1829; removed to this county with his parents in 1849, who settled in Franklin Tp., in which there was not, at that date, more than four or five settlers.   His father entered 400 acres of land, on which he lived until his death, which occurred in 1862, his mother following him in 1867.   His father never made but one move, having been born and raised on the farm, which he left on coming to this county.   Mr. Callen came to this village in 1868; followed merchandising until January 1878, and after setting up his own affairs, commenced his present occupation.   Owns his residence, two vacant lots, one residence lot and one-half interest in business block.   Married Miss Susan F. Willett in 1863; she was born in Virginia in 1845; they have four children - William A., Minnie C., Ira J. ad Frank N.   Democratic.   A member of A., F. & A. M., No. 317, Moulton.   Has been member of Council.

Campbell, T.C., Principal of High School, Moulton.

Carr, John, farmer, Sec. 13; P.O. Unionville; born in County Tyrone, Ireland, in 1817; emigrated to America in 1840; landed in New York City with 50 cents only, which he gave for a passage to Albany; there met a friend who bought a loaf of bread, on which, with canal-water to drink, they lived two days, traveling West; secured a passage on Lake Erie by making himself generally useful on board the boat, and landed at Fairport, having had a purse of 50 cents made up for him on the boat before landing; walked to Columbiana Co., Ohio, where he earned his first money in America by working on the canal, which was being built then, from daylight until dark for $10 per month; wheeling dirt; after working there for five or six years, bought 140 acres of wild land, which he kept until 1854, and sold still unimproved; paid out a great portion of the money thus obtained for a team and tools, and started West; stopped on year in West Virginia, fifty miles west of Wheeling, farming; then came on to Appanoose Co., and landed her in 1855, with team, wagon and $500 in money, and notwithstanding he has always been liberal to church and public enterprises, having given at one time $400 for railroads, he now owns 553 acres of well-improved land, valued at $30 per acre, out of debt and money to loan.   He married Eliza J. Miller, Feb. 20, 1850; she was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, December 1818; have had seven children - Sarah Jane, born May 19, 1851, died Oct. 7, 1855; James, born Feb. 4, 1853, died Oct. 11, 1855; Louisa, born April 15, 1855, died Oct. 16, 1855; John H., born Sept. 24, 1856; Samuel A., born June 30, 1858; Stephen A.D., born July 31, 1860, and an infant, born and died Oct. 1, 1862.   Members of Christian Church; Greenbacker.   Has held office of Supervisor; now School Director.

Carson, R.B., of Coffey & Carson, grain merchants; office and warehouse at depot; residence, cor. Elm and Fourth sts., born in Shelby Co., Ind., Oct. 1, 1842; removed with his parents to Davis Co., this State, where they are still living, in 1851; thence to this county in 1872; owns his residence, interest in ware and grain house and hay house and grounds.   Married Miss Lizzie D. Deeds in 1873; she was born in Greene Co., Penn., in April 1852; they have one child - Guy R., born in 1874.   Republican.   A.,F.& A.M., No. 317; Master of Lodge.   Has held the offices of Township Trustee, member of Council, member of School Board Independent District.   Enlisted in 2d Iowa V.I., from Bloomfield, Davis Co., Nov. 20, 1861 in Co. G, Capt. Baker; participated at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, siege of Corinth, Atlanta and with Sherman to the sea; enlisted as private and mustered out as color guard at Louisville, Ky., July 20, 1865.

Cary, H.G., Sec. 10; P.O. Beetrace.

Caughran, F.M., teacher, Moulton.

Cavanaugh, J., section boss, Moulton.

Clark, W.A., Sec. 34; P.O. Moulton.

Clark, W.W., Sec. 12; P.O. Moulton.

Cline, Job, Sec. 1; P.O. Moulton.

Cloud, A.P., artist, Moulton.

Coad, J.C., attorney at law, Moulton.

Caldwell, J.S. woolen factory, Moulton.

Comstock, John, lab., Moulton.

Cook, H.C.,Sec. 5; P.O. Beetrace.

Corey, J.C.,miller, Moulton.

Corey, J.H., miller, residence Second street, Moulton; born in Marietta, Ohio, in August 1844; removed with his parents to Ottumwa, Iowa in 1865; thence to Moulton, this county, in 1873.   Married Miss Fanny Wright in 1865; she was born in Harmer, Ohio, in October 1848; they have two children - Charles H., born in September 1868; Hattie, born in October 1870.   Republican in politics; members of the M.E. Church.   Enlisted in the 48th Ohio V.I., Co. C, in April 1862, doing railroad duty, until mustered out in September 1861; re-enlisted in the 36th Ohio V.I., Co. G, Capt. Palmer, in September 1861; participated in the battles of South Mountain, Antietam, Chickamauga, Chattanooga an others; mustered out at Columbus, Ohio in August 1865.

Cowell, A., blacksmith, Moulton.

Cowles, A.J., blacksmith; shop on Fifth street; residence on Oak street; born in Cleveland, Euclid ave., Ohio, in 1830; removed with his parents to Lewistown, Fulton Co., Ill., in 1835; there learned his trade, and in 1853, removed to Davis Co., Iowa, and worked at his trade in Floris, that county, until 1859, thence to Atlanta, Macon Co., Mo., where he remained two years and returned to Davis Co., and in 1865 returned to Atlanta and, in 1869, came to Moulton, this county, where he purchased the shops and residence he now owns, worked at his trade until March 1875, and returned to Macon Co., Mo., and engaged in farming 1 ½ mile east of Atlanta, and, in 1876 returned to his residence at Moulton and purchased the carriage and blacksmith-shop, and has since been industriously engaged at his calling.   Married Miss Nancy E. Atterbury in 1856; she was born in Missouri in 1838; they have two children - Mary, born in 1857, and Anna B., born in 1865.   Greenbacker.   Mr. and Mrs. C. and both their daughters are members of the M.E. Church.   He is a member of I.O.O.F., No. 2987; Treasurer of subordinate lodge and encampment.   Mr. C. says he has done business for the public for thirty-four years, and never sued but one man and never was sued, never was on a jury, never served as a witness.

Crow, J.N.,Sec. 33; P.O. Beetrace.

Cullison, E.D., groceries and provisions, Main st., Moulton; boards Moor's Hotel; born in Henry Co., Iowa, in 1851; removed to Adair Co., in November 1859, and to this county in 1875; owns a farm in Davis Co., valued at $800, and a good stock of goods, and has a fair share of the patronage of the people of Moulton and vicinity, and cordially solicits more.   Republican; member of the M.E. Church also; of I.O.O.F., No. 297, Moulton.

Cupp, John, far., S. 4; P.O. Moulton; born in Blount Co., Tenn., in 1811; came to Lee Co., Iowa, in 1843; thence to Appanoose Co., in 1850; has 200 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre.   Married Miss Riddle in 1834; she was born in Washington Co., Tenn., in 1808; died in 1858, leaving eleven children - Mary C., Jane, Sarah, Martha, Susan, Angelina L., Iowa, David G., Tennessee, William F., and Louisa; then married Miss Rebecca Ogle in 1859; she was born in Putnam Co., Ind., in 1831; they have seven children - Louisa, John, Theressa, Andrew, George, Franklin and Cora.   Republican.   Has held the office of School Director.   When Mr. Cupp came to this county, his worldly possessions consisted of a team, wagon, wife and six children; he now owns a farm, as mentioned above, which with respect to quality of soil, improvement, etc., having two good orchards, is much superior to the average of the county, which is clear from incumbrance, and has raised a large family, many of whom are now men and women, worthy and respected members of the community in which they live.

Daniels, JohnS. 17: P.O. Moulton.

Dougherty, John, S. 17; P.O. Moulton.

Davidson, J.G.,lab., Moulton.

Davidson, W.R., S. 8; P.O. Beetrace.

Davis, Elisha, S. 21: P.O. Moulton.

Davis, James, S. 36; P.O. Orleans.

Davis, L.B., S. 27; P.O. Moulton.

Davis, Levi, express agent and Justice of the Peace, Moulton.

Davis, Sandford, S. 27; P.O. Moulton.

Davis, Spencer, S. 4; P.O. Beetrace.

Davis, W.A., miller, foot of Main street; residence same.    Born in Wales in 1842, emigrated to America in 1848, and to Monroe Co., Iowa, in 1859; thence to Macon Co., No., where, with his father-in-law, J.A. Edwards, built a mill in 1869, which he controlled until 1872, when he came to Moulton, this county, where he is still in company with Mr. Edwards; he built the mill of which he is now sole proprietor, Mr. Edwards having since retired from the firm.   Is doing excellent work and has given such entire satisfaction to his customers that he has made it necessary for the other mill which has been running her to permanently close its doors.   Married Miss Elizabeth Edwards in 1865; she was born in Ohio in 1844.   They have three children - John A., Annie and Moses.    Is Independent in politics; member of the Presbyterian Church; also a member of the School Board.    Enlisted in 128th Iowa V.I.; soon after commencement of war was appointed Commissary Clerk, which office he held until mustered out in the fall of 1862.

Davis, W.H., S. 27; P.O. Orleans.

Day, Eli, S. 24; P.O. Orleans.

Debolt, George, wagon-maker, Moulton.

Deeds, A.C., clerk, Moulton.

Devine, James, farmer and tinplate worker, S. 20; P.O. Unionville; born in County Kerry in 1829; emigrated to America with his parents in 1836, who first settled in Framingham, Mass.   His father first worked in the woolen mills at Saxonville; they both died in that State, his father at 60, his mother at 70 years of age.   At the age of 17, he went to learn the trade of tinsmith, at Groton, Mass., that being the home of Gov. Boutwell.   To learn his trade, he served three years; then went to Cambridge, Mass., and worked at journey-work, afterward at Boston.    At the age of 21, he married Miss Hannah McFeely; she was born in Donegal, Ireland, in 1829; she, with her mother, emigrated to this county when about 4 or 5 years of age, her father having come a few years previous; had charge of a shipping office at Brooklyn, N.Y.; died there in 1835.   They settled at Lowell, Mass., where Mr. and Mrs. Devine were married in 1850.    They have four children - William F., Eusebius N., Annie A. and Adelaide.   Independent in politics; Mr. and Mrs. Devine are members of the Catholic Church.

Donald, A.N., Sec. 13; P.O. Moulton.

Donald, John, Sec. 13; P.O. Moulton.

Doom, M.L., physician and surgeon; office and residence, cor. Elm and Broadway; born in Posey Co., Ind., in 1834; removed with his parents to Lee Co., Iowa in 1836; thence to Davis Co., Iowa in 1845, and crossed the plains to California in 1852; returning in 1858, but made the journey again in 1859, partially locating in Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Washington Territory and Idaho; returning to this county in 1873, since which time he has been practicing his profession at Moulton, where he has erected a fine residence at a cost of $2,500; he also owns lands and stock in Idaho Territory, valued at $5,000.   Married Miss Mary A. Ethell in 1859; she was born in Columbia, Boone Co., Mo., in 1834; they have one daughter, Jessie Lee, adopted from John Boyer of Moulton.   Greenbacker; members of the M.E. Church.   The Doctor is a member of the A.,F.& A.M., No. 317, in which he holds the office of Treasurer; also a member of the I.O.O.F., No. 317; Trustee of that Lodge.   Enlisted in Co. G, 5th Cal. Cav. Militia, in 1862; kept under regular organization and ready for service until mustered out in 1865.

Downs, Albert, S., wagon an carriage maker, Fifth st.; residence Sixth st.; born in Boone Co., Ill., in 1843; removed to Ozaukee Co., Wis., in 1848; thence to Chicago in 1865; thence to Beloit, Wis., in 1866; there learned his trade, and in 1868, removed to Belvidere, Ill.; thence to Albia, Monroe Co., Iowa, 1871, where his parents now reside; and to Ottumwa, Iowa, in 1875; thence to this county in August 1877; owns his residence.   Married Miss Mary Keeler in 1869; she was born in Virginia in 1847; died at Albia, Iowa in 1871, leaving two children - Arty W., born in May 1870, and Charles K., born in October 1871; then married Miss Sue M. Shields in 1875; she was born in Pennsylvania, Dec. 25, 1843.   A straight Republican.   Mr. and Mrs. D. are members of the M.E. Church.   Enlisted as private in Co. G, Capt. Payne, 1st Wis. V.C. in 1862; participated at Dandridge, Tenn., Chickamauga and others, and mustered out as Orderly Sergeant, although holding commission as Captain, and had had charge of company for some time previous to being mustered out at Nashville, Tenn., in July 1865.

Doyle, Mike, section boss, Moulton.

Drake, E.A., farmer; P.O. Moulton; residence, First st; born in Marshall Co., Tenn., December 1828; removed to this county in 1847; owns eighty acres at and adjoining Moulton, costing $14,000; two town lots, with 240 acres in this (Wells Tp.); 60 acres in Union Tp., with 160 acres in Taylor Co., and 120 acres in Page Co.   Married Miss M.E. Miller in 1846; she was born in Marshall Co., Tenn. In 1823; they have seven children - William D.W., John N., Mary A., Harbard B., Ettie, Hattie and Romeo B.    Democratic; he is a member of the M.E. Church; she is a Presbyterian.   Belongs to A., F.& A.M., No. 119, Unionville.   Mr. D. was among the early settlers, purchasing his first land from the Government; made farming his sole business until 1860, when he commenced handing stock, to which he soon added merchandising, opening a store at Unionville, then at Albia, and soon after, one here (Moulton) still dealing heavily in stock.   When Mr. Drake came to this county, a wife and a baby, with $300 in money were his sole possessions, and he was but a few months past 18 years of age, and, up to the spring of 1868, had accumulated 1,300 acres of land, which, at the census of 1870, was appraised at $40,000.   At the time of entering into business at Albia, he had $15,000 in good paper, and did not owe one dollar in the world.   In 1872, commenced banking at Moulton.   During 1868-69, he furnished money for handling over $100,000 of stock.   In the summer of 1873, he failed, his indebtedness being $25,000, caused by the financial irregularity of a partner, and by the strictest economy and close attention to business, has paid 100 cents on the dollar on all except $4,000, which he hopes to soon pay as well.

Dugan, A., laborer, Moulton.

Dunbar, J.N., far., Sec. 36; P.O. Orleans; born in Russell Co., Ky., in 1824; removed to Davis Co., Ind., in 1846; thence to this county in 1848; owns 110 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre.   Married Margaret Woldrege in 1845; she was born in Russell Co., Ky., in 1822; died in 1869, leaving eight children - Elizabeth, Samuel C. (a conductor on the railroad), Eliza A., James M., Fidelia, Oliver C., Julia and Lewis Baxter; he then married Mrs. Lucy Taylor, widow of the late Holland Taylor, in 1871; she had one daughter - Allie - by her former husband.   They are members of the Christian Church at Orleans.